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Hair Boutique's Hair Link of the Week - 8/24/1998

The Beauty Shoppe Archives

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The Hair Boutique has selected The Beauty Shoppe Archives (BSA) as our Hair Link of the Week. This great site invites you to take a step back into the past where you can relive classic hairstyles such as the bouffant, the flip, the pixie and the pageboy. I enjoyed every minute that I spent looking at all the great styles which triggered lots of warm and happy memories for me.

If you love to look at classic hair styles from the past, the Beauty Shoppe Archives is a great place to visit.

The Beauty Shoppe Archives is dedicated to the preservation of yesteryears coiffures.

This wonderful web site is dedicated to hair memorabilia dating as far back as the 1920s. Michael Warner, creator of this site, has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1986. He has been an avid collector of all kinds of hair collectibles including hair goods, toiletries, and beauty/barber shop equipment. He owns a vintage salon in his home that is furnished with antique beauty/barber shop collectibles dating back to the 1920's.

Michael sent me email where he explained that he grew up in the 60s and that "growing up in the 60's means I got to see some exciting trends in hair fashion I was particularly inspired my Vidal Sassoon and his geometric hairstyles. I credit much of his work for my interest in hairstyling."

"As far as my interest in "hairdressing," one day I stumbled across a 1951 trade magazine on hair and I became hooked. From that day on, I became an avid collector of hair memorabilia. I realized that the styles created in these magazines were now a lost art. I knew from that point on, this stuff had to be preserved. So I decided to get my hands on as much stuff as I could, knowing that these magazines are being carelessly destroyed all the time."

"Over the years I have collected literally hundreds of books and magazines on hairdressing. I thought it might be fun to write a book about the industry one day when things slow down in my life. In the mean time, I started the BSA as a tribute to the hairdressers from the past. I thought it would be fun to show some of their work and maybe inspire other people to be creative. And finally, yes I do retro styles! "

Michael sent Hair Boutique some incredible scans from his salon which show some of his wonderful collectibles. He has given Hair Boutique permission to post his photos.

CLICK HERE to see Michael's photos.

Through the Beauty Shoppe Archives site, Michael graciously shares his library of Archives with all his visitors. He has compiled a unique and extensive library of hair-styling books and magazines, mostly from the 60's through the 80's. Michael's stated goal, which I have loosely paraphrased, is to "honor the hairstyles of the past, from the Bob's of the twenties to the bouffants of the sixties" along with "the hairdressers who created these wonderful looks". Michael hopes his site "will help preserve the hair creations of the past for generations to come".

The current edition of Beauty Shoppe Archives features the original Pixie hairstyle. The wonderful pixie is displayed in all its glory in six different black and white views from all angles (front, back and side).

Open Sign

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The Beauty Shoppe site is well designed and easy to travel through. Click on the very cool retro Beauty Parlor Open sign to go to the following sections:

News, Glamour, Classic, Hairstyle how-to, the Pink Room, Miscellany, Hair Goods, Whose 'Do?, and the Archives.

It is interesting to note that the cool Beauty Parlor Open sign is a copy of an actual sign that Michael scanned from a1926 Barber/Beauty Supply Magazine. He added color just to enhance it a little.


The news section has information about the current edition of the site updated June 14th) which is devoted to Summer styles. The current edition is dedicated to the real pixie which is one of the original classic short summer dos.

BS_pixie.jpg (17676 bytes)


The Glamour page includes styles from 1961 and it was deja vu for me. The first photo of the blonde at the top of the Glamour page is the hairstyle I wore during sophomore year of high school when I played keyboards in an all girl band. All the band members wore either the flip, a version of the pixie or a style similar to my style.

Hairstyle How-To

The Hairstyle How-To page has detailed steps on how to use hair rollers to create the classic 60s flip. I remember wearing my hair like this in some old photographs from grade school. The instructions tell you how to layer the rollers and gives you the proper hair lengths.

BS_flip1.jpg (18998 bytes)


Previous special features can be found in the Archives section. If you adore hairstyles from years of the past, you must check out the current Archives page which includes photos of the flip, beehive and pageboy. The flip and the beehive pages also include detailed setting instructions so you can reproduce the look at home on your own hair.

Pink Room

This section of the site contains several wonderful hairstyles from the past from Mr. Ray. The first style looks like it has been teased and sprayed for hours. I love it. Each one of the styles includes detailed setting instructions so that you can recreate the look at home. The Pink Room is one of my favorite parts of this great site.

Hair Goods, Whose Do, Miscellany & Classics

The site also includes a great old 1920s hair care catalog photo on the Hair Goods page, three photos of hairstyles made popular by three celebrities on the Whose Do page and a photo of the 1964 "Bouffant Belles" girls track team from Abilene Texas on the Miscellany page. Be sure to check out the classic hair look from 1967 in the Classics section.

Additional Features

The links section includes 13 different links to some hair and beauty sites with special mention of some retro sites like Marci's Retro Site. The guest book has some great comments from people who remember these hairstyles of long ago. It is enjoyable to read their recollections.

Future Editions

If you love the current photos of all the retro styles, be sure to visit this site on a regular basis. Michael promises that future editions of the site will feature the bouffant, asymmetric looks, poodle cuts and prom looks. I personally can't wait. I love this site and I think you will too.

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