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Hair Boutique's Hair Link Of The Week - 1/24/99

Mining For Great Beauty & Health Information

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The Mining Company consists of a network of over 500 different expert guides that specialize in providing a vast range of topics and information "mined" directly from the Net.

The first time I discovered the Mining Company I immediately did a topic search on "hair". I was delighted when I found Shirley Bragg's Beauty & Health pages. While her area is organized around beauty and health topics, it also contains lots of great information on hair.

Meet Shirley

If you pop into Shirley's bio at the Beauty & Health location you will discover that she is a is a licensed, registered cosmetician and that she really enjoys helping people bring out their true inner beauty.

Shirley's experience as a cosmetician "has taught her that the key to beauty is improving the way you feel, and she strives to help others feel great."

Shirley's stated goal with the Beauty & Health pages is to make beauty as much fun as possible. Based on what I have seen with Shirley's site, you would have to be Scrooge to not have fun and learn lots of new beauty, health and hair tips.

Mining For Information

In keeping with the goals of the Mining Company to mine for information Shirley's Beauty and Health section includes a wide range of topic areas devoted to information on some of the following topics:

  • Aging Gracefully
  • Beauty Books, Contests, Faqs & Beauty Recipes
  • Body Image, Diet & Nutrition & Exercise
  • Color
  • Contests/Free Samples
  • Eye Make-Up, Cosmetics, Surgery & Cosmetic Alerts
  • Fashion
  • Modeling
  • For Men Only
  • Women's Health & Women's Stuff
  • Fragrances
  • Nails & Teeth & Lips
  • Skin Care & Problem Skin
  • Hair Care & Hair Removal

Shirley updates the various topic sections each week with new links to related articles, topics or information. It is amazing at how much information she adds on a constant basis to such a wide range of heath, beauty, hair and related topics.

Hair Care & More

If you decide to go exploring in the Hair Care topic area you will find four main categories of hair care information. These topics are divided into the following sections:

  • Hair Care
  • Hair Styles
  • Hair Coloring
  • Hair Products

Each of the 4 hair categories are overflowing with great information "mined" from many of my personal favorite hair sites. I must confess that my favorite section is the Hair Coloring section. There are over 20 great articles on everything from dealing with gray hair to how the Duchess of York colors her hair.

Reading (especially about hair and beauty) is one of my famous addictions. So I have to tell you all that I read every article in all four sections of Shirley's Hair Care pages.

I also have to say that Shirley's Hair Coloring area has reminded me that the Hair Boutique needs to add more articles on this vast hair topic area. I am very impressed with the excellent information that Shirley has provided for visitors searching for hair coloring help and advice.

Other Golden Nuggets

While this site has great hair information "finds" there is other discoveries stashed in all the other topic areas just waiting for you to find them. Here are a few that I found buried, but worth the dig.

Plastic Surgery

No I haven't had any major cosmetic surgery. Yes I have done gycolic facial peels. Last year I was turned into a 7 day bright blue smurf with the "blue peel" (yes it hurt, yes it was worth it, yes you turn bright blue). OK, I confess. I have a fascination with this magic world.

There are some great common sense articles that provide excellent info for anyone who survives a blue peel and decides to proceed to the nipping and tucking phase. I was glued to my screen reading Dr. Paul Cenac's tips on how to find a qualified plastic surgeon. While I am not seriously shopping, anyone who is, would find this info helpful.

Besides Dr. Cenac's tips there are several other informative articles and links to some good plastic surgery sites. I didn't find my own personal "surviving a blue peel" tip (suck on ice cubes as a distraction) but I did find lots of other helpful tips.

Women's Health

A few years ago I lost a close friend to breast cancer. My friend Judy was a beautiful, vibrant redhead who bravely fought the battle of her life. I am always very impressed with any site that takes the time to provide information on this killer.

Shirley's section on Women's Health has a range of excellent articles on breast cancer including information on mammograms, self examination and symptoms. This entire section should not be missed.


This January and everyone who made a New Year's resolution to lost weight or exercise will love this section where you can learn to burn fat, firm up lots of different body parts and keep your resolution.

Contests/Free Stuff

This section turns me into "kid in candyland" mode while I plot how to order all the great samples and win all the cool contests. Even if you don't want to enter any of the contests or send away for the samples this is a fun place to check out the goodies.


If you get a chance, check out all of the topics at Beauty & Health. Shirley has done a great job of "mining" the Net for Beauty & Health information. Her topics are timely, informative and well balanced. I guarantee that you will find lots of gold in the Beauty & Health pages and you don't need a pick or a shovel. Enjoy!

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