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Hair As It Ages


Science and history have both proven that age definitely impacts and affects the ultimate behavior of hair.

While the hair of a newborn infant is soft and downy, it differs greatly from hair for children and adults at different points in their life.

During the first year of life a child's hair may change in color, texture and type. Babies will full heads of blonde curls may transition to straight hair that gradually turns darker.

For most babies, their hair makes major changes just about the time they lose their baby teeth and as permanent teeth grow in. This generally happens between the ages of four to six.

Not only does the type and texture change, the hair may become more difficult to manage.

It is generally not recommended that children under the age of 12 have chemical hair treatments. This is because the chemicals can be harsh for the sensitive scalps.

It is also known by many hairdressers that chemical curl and straightening treatments do not hold effectively or for extended periods when applied to younger children.

During teen years the hair will change again. During this period it will often lose its resiliency and become softer. It is often reported that as teen hair matures it becomes easier to manage which also tracks with the fact that teens become more interested in dealing with their hair during this point.

Hair may change for women during pregnancy and childbirth and due to illness. Men may start to experience hair loss challenges due to heredity, health challenges or other life experiences.

Hair makes its final change at the onset of old age. Hair may again change texture moving from coarse to fine or fine to coarse.

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