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Hair Snoods

I've had a lot of experience with hair snoods spanning from my college days until the current time.

In fact, over the past few years I have actually designed a limited collection of snoods under the Karen Marie Label. Why? Although some people with medium to long hair love snoods, they are not worn as frequently as they used to be at their height of popularity.

Popular Since The Middle Ages

The snood and its relatives (cauls, bun covers) have been very popular since the Middle Ages and continues to be popular even today. Snoods are a cross between a soft bag, a hairnet and a hat of sorts.

Snoods, cauls, balzos and Italian coifs were made from a wide range of materials such as netting, cloth, cotton, muslin, lace, silk, velvet or ribbon.

In days past cauls and snoods would sometimes be paired with a hat or other head covering to help hold the snood in place. Hats would be worn over the cauls. The snoods would often be attached to the bottom of the hair.

Snoods can be made for any length of hair, although they are more popular for people with medium, long or very long hair.

Modern Day Snoods Attached With Barrettes

Snoods worn in the Middle Ages were attached to the hair with pins or by being sewn into the hair.

Modern day snoods are held in place with a combination of elasticized edges and a spring clasp barrette to position the snood on the head.

Snoods can be bobby pinned in place but have a tendency to slip off over time. The barrette helps to tightly anchor the snood in place.

Consider A Snood As A Gorgeous Hair Accessory

In just about any type of fabric and can be worn in a variety of styles. Anyone wanting a gorgeous unusual hair accessory should consider wearing a fabulous snood.

Snoods are relatively easy to attach, especially with the spring clasp barrette centered along the bridge of the Snood to hold it in the hair securely. Snoods often are lined by netting.

Snoods can be purchased at the Ma rketplace.

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