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Meet Karim Abdellaoui who is one of's featured stylists. Read Karim's philosophy of hair care and styling and how he works.

Karim Abdellaoui (KA-REEM)(AB-DEL-O-WE) is 31 years old. He was born in Morocco and was raised in Rouon, France. Karim received his education at the Jacques Dessange School in Paris, France. Jacques Dessange is a worldwide leader of hair styling with schools in Europe, Japan and the United States. With his exceptional training at the Dessange School, Karim began his first stylist position at the Meridian Hotel's beauty salon in Nice, France. After spending a year at the Meridian, Karim moved on to Spain where he worked in Barcelona. Karim's next move was to the exotic destination of Morocco where he continued his work until he moved to the United States in 1990. Upon his arrival in the States he began working at the beauty salon of Carson, Pirie and Scott in downtown Chicago. Karim worked for several years in Chicago before his move to Michigan where he joined the award winning team at the EP Salon. In all of his travels Karim has worked with people of many different cultures. This has taught him to deal with a variety of hair textures and types. (All photos displayed in this article are the strict copyright of

No client that sits before Karim has hair that he has not dealt with before. He also understands that hairstyles are a reflection of the culture they come from and he is able to give a client a style that fits that unique perspective.


One of Karim's current favorites is a medium length cut with a lot of texture and multi-dimensional colors. Karim helps his clients to achieve this look with gel mousse products.

Gel Mousse gives the hair a textured look that this style requires. Karim says; "The Gel Mousse makes the hair flirtier and sexier in a snap."

A finishing touch of shaping spray seals in the style. A light shaping spray ends the days of choosing how much hair spray to use. Its unique formula maintains the shape of the hair without adding extra weight."


Karim sees the future of hair taking new directions. "People will be more experimental and we will begin to see styles taking on a more cultural perspective." says Karim.

"There will be a greater acceptance of more vibrant colors and tones that will enable people to make a more personal statement with their hair." Karim's multi-cultural background and the products he uses make for a winning combination.

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