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Gigi Reviews KMS


One of the first things I can tell you about Gigi is that she loves to write. She currently has a budding career as a free lance writer.

Gigi has described her hair as "the perfect test case for moisturizing and de-frizzing products." While her hair is essentially straight, it is so dry and fine it tends to break, split and "puff" up without the right products. That is why Gigi knew she was perfect to do this KMS review.

Since Gigi has a little gray, she colors it. Gigi has been doing her own color for years and is quite the expert at it. She explained to me that she started doing her own color because she was never happy with the way the salon did it.

Gigi took some time doing the KMS review because she confessed that she was very busy trying other products. It is lucky for us at Hair Boutique she was able to focus her attention on KMS and report her findings on this popular hair care line.

Gigi currently lives in Puyallup, Washington and is a regular visitor to the Hair Talk Board. Feel free to leave Gigi a post on Hair Talk.

Thanks Gigi.

KMS Product Review

A stylist first used KMS products on my hair a few months ago.

She shampooed my hair with KMS Moisturizing Shampoo and followed up with KMS Silkier Reconstructor.

She put a bit of styling gel on my roots but nothing else on the rest of my hair before blowing it out straight. As she was drying my hair I glanced at the ends falling over my shoulder and was surprised to see that they were literally sparkling in the salon lights.

She was getting annoyed with me because I kept staring down at my shoulder and picking up the hair to stare at it. I just could not believe my eyes. After the blow-out my hair looked fabulous.

Sleek, shiny, straight and swingy. Just the way I like it! Weirdly, I decided not to buy the KMS products on the spot, because I thought the results might have been due to the lights or her special blow drying technique (or both.)

Instead I bought the Aveda Shampure that so many people love, and Curessence conditioner. It was not until several weeks later that I tried the complete KMS system.

KMS Silkier Reconstructor

The first KMS product I tested at home was the KMS Silkier Reconstructor. So that I could get a good idea of how the conditioner itself worked, I used it with the Aveda Shampure that I had already been using for several weeks.

KMSSpecial.jpg (9885 bytes)

KMS Silkier Reconstructor has a nice cherry scent and good consistency, not too runny, not too thick and goopy. It is advertised as an instant reconstructor and detangler, which enhances strength, shine and manageability.

This is a conditioner for all hair types. I applied it after shampooing and left it on for 3 minutes, according to the bottle's 3 to 5 minute directions. It rinsed out easily, taking the tangles in my hair with it as I gently finger combed under the shower spray.

Out of the shower I was able to comb through very easily, without resorting to my usual de-tangling spray. I then blew my hair out straight, with no other styling products.

I was very pleased with the results, although I did not get the same incredible shine that I had in the salon. It was, however, very well conditioned, soft and silky and bouncy with no puffiness.

KMS Silkier Reconstructor, price- 13.95 USD for 16.9 oz. (Tax not included)

NEFA Shampoo

KMSShampoo.jpg (11707 bytes)

Next I chose a KMS shampoo to add to my test. I decided on the NEFA shampoo which is nutrient-enriched for chemically treated hair. This shampoo is designed to reconstruct brittle splitting hair with nutrient-rich oils that add pliability and shine.

It contains vegetable proteins with permeate the hair's cuticle to add strength. This really did wonders for my fine, dry, color-treated hair. It seemed to give it the moisture it was craving.

Although I like Aveda's Shampure, it did not give my hair the moisture that the NEFA did. When I followed with the Silkier Reconstructor, I finally achieved the wonderful shiny results that I had seen in the salon. Loved it! This is my new shampoo.

KMS NEFA Shampoo, Estimated Retail Price- 10.00 USD for 16 oz. (Tax not included)

KMS Replace Conditioner

I also tried KMS Replace Conditioner, a wonderful lemon-lime scented moisturizing reconstructor for Dry Hair. This also contains the famous KMS "Prolimin-49" which is an extract of pollen.

Reconst.jpg (13063 bytes)

It is formulated to restore body, elasticity, smooth texture and shine using essential nutrients, vitamins and vegetable proteins.

This is actually another "3 to 5 minutes" instant conditioner, like the Silkier, but I used it as a deep conditioner, leaving it on under a plastic shower cap and hot towel for 1 hour.

I was very happy with the results. It left my hair very soft and moisturized with no tackiness or residue.

KMS Replace Conditioner, Estimated Retail Price-10.00 USD for 8 oz. (Tax not included)

KMS Thermastat Thermal Styling Spray

The next product I tried was KMS Thermastat Thermal Styling Spray.

This product provides long-lasting curl retention, texture and shine. It is made for use with Velcro rollers, hot rollers and curling irons, to provide moisture with

KMSFinish2.jpg (13568 bytes)
hold. I normally blow my hair straight, but as that can be a little hard on it, sometimes I just put it in velcro rollers when damp, or in those old- fashioned pink foam rollers until it dries naturally.

The Thermastat Styling Spray seemed to help hold the curl in my very hard to curl hair without the stiffness that one would normally associate with a hair spray.

I sprayed this on prior to rolling my hair, or putting it in a damp, loose bun on the top of my head.

Even without heat, it provided nice natural hold and a little extra shine. I would definitely buy this product again.

KMS Thermastat Thermal Styling Spray, Estimated Retail Price- $7.50 for 8 oz. USD (Tax not included).

KMS Flat Out Stay Smooth Spray

flatline.jpg (49058 bytes)

My favorite. I prefer the spray products as finishers because I feel they are easier to control and they give a better shine than the products designed to be multi-functional.

Cosmopolitan magazine (February 1998) recommends the blush brush trick with this product as well, if you are leery of overdoing it.

This kept my hair sleek and smooth all day, despite the humidity. It even provided a little hold although I don't normally like hair spray. This one is a keeper

KMS Flat Out Retail Price- 10.50 USD for a 4.5 oz. Bottle.


I am very impressed with the products so far and intend to try several more, such as the deep and leave-in conditioners. I'll keep you posted with the results on Hair Talk.

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