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ghd 1 Inch Flat Iron Review


{{asin=B003FTSB6S,text=ghd Professional Original 1 Inch Styler}}

Imagine how much buzz your flat iron would generate if the celebrity behind it was none other than Katy Perry.

The {{asin=B003FTSB6S,text=ghd Professional Original 1 Inch Styler}} is not only famous for how fast it heats up and how sizzling hot it gets, it's also famous for having Katy Perry as it's official celebrity behind the iron.

Even people who don't care what a ghd 1 Inch Flat Iron is stop and pay attention. After all, who is more sizzling hot right now than Katy Perry? Oh right, the ghd 1 Inch Flat Iron is also sizzling hot.

The {{asin=B003FTSB6S,text=ghd Professional Original 1 Inch Styler}} which is considered the classic flat iron is not only renowned for it's ties to Katy Perry, it's sizzling high heat (210ºc) and how fast it heats up, the iconic flat iron is famous for it's big price tag.

Depending upon where you buy the iron it can range in cost from $99 up to $185 plus tax. The hefty price tag makes the {{asin=B003FTSB6S,text=ghd Professional Original 1 Inch Styler}} one of the highest priced flat irons on the hair market today.

The big question is whether or not the iron is worth all those hard earned dollars?

What It Is

Katy Perry With Long Plum S Wave Hairstyle

Katy Perry With Long Plum S Wave Hairstyle

The {{asin=B003FTSB6S,text=ghd Professional Original 1 Inch Styler}} is a hot styler designed for straightening and smoothing hair.

Even though it's a flat iron it's described as versatile and equally able to create curls and related texture. Plates are 1" and product comes with 1-year warranty.

What It's Designed To Do

The ghd Classic 1" Styler is the perfect tool for all of your hairstyling needs. With its universal voltage, you are able to look your glamorous best wherever you go, and the automatic shutoff is great for peace of mind.

ghd Advantages

Most ghd users agree with the following list of advantages: - Heats quickly. The iron heats up in approximately 14 seconds. - It may take up to 1 minute to reach it's full heat of 210ºc - Very light iron in terms of weight. - Has a thin and sleek curved design. - The iron's unique design offers styling versatility. - Iron can be used to create straight, curly or mixed textures hairstyles. - Many satisfied users claim iron achieves straighter results than any other model on market. - Plates are specficially coated to glide effortlessly down strands. - Due to the iron's thin design it's easier to reach the roots and areas around hairline. - Functions well in tight areas around the head and helps eliminate problem whorls or cowlicks - Most users claim the ghd will help their hair remain straight and frizz free for 1-3 days. - Adds shine to hair. - Minimal hair snagging, pulling or ripping.

{{asin=B003FTSB6S,text=ghd Professional Original 1 Inch Styler}}

Additional ghd Advantages

- When ironed properly the ghd makes good curls without standard dents - Iron is easy to clean - Doesn't stain easily - Plates don't bleed colors - Doesn't seem to work equally well for all types, textures and lengths of hair - Universal adapter tells users whether it's safe to use the iron with the available outlets - Comes equipped with iron guard, heat resistant case and 2 clips

Although the ghd claims to adjust heat according to hair type being ironed, this generates some user doubts.

ghd Disadvantages

- Very expensive for a flat iron. Although it's possible to find the irons for much less than the suggested retail price of $185 + tax, the iron still generally costs much more than comparable brands. - Due to the iron's design the plates don't meet perfectly unless additional force is applied. This is a drawback to some iron users. - The iron has no temperature control. - Some users find the iron is hard to grip or feels slippery due to the iron's covering or the curved design. - While the iron's design makes it's easier to get closer to the roots and hairline, it's also much easier to get burnt than with other irons which can't get as close. - The back sides of the plates may be too hot to touch comfortably. - Because the plates are only 1" in width, it can take much more time to straighten very thick, extra long or highly textured hair. - Even after the iron is turned off it's still very hot. It needs to be stowed away carefully to avoid burning countertops or the bottom of the heat resistant case which with the iron. - Some users have lodged complaints about a strong plastic smell coming from the heat resistant case. - Ongoing concern by some long term iron users of accumulative heat damage to tresses. - Although some users claim the ghd is gentle for bleached, colored or chemically processed strands, this can only be evaluated on an individual basis.

Katy Perry With Short Raven Black Fringe

Katy Perry With Short Raven Black Fringe

Warning: Never touch the ceramic plates of the iron when it's on. There have been reports of serious burns requiring trips to the emergency room of local hospitals. In some cases burns can cause large blisters which may become infected if not treated promptly and properly.

Why The ghd 1 Inch Flat Iron May Not Work For You

Listed below are the most common reasons the ghd iron may not be great for everyone:

Although the iron works for many types, textures, lengths and conditions of hair, it definitely does not work uniformly for everyone. While some users rave about the results they achieve with the iron, others are less complimentary.

The most common feedback about the ghd 1 Inch Flat iron is that it really works well on thick, wavy or naturally textured hair which tend to be dry and frizzy. A counter claim is that the downside to the results achieved on thick hair is that it takes a lot of time to use the iron on the entire head.

Tips For Buying ghd Irons

Katy Perry With Long Raven Black Hair

Katy Perry With Long Raven Black Hair

1. Look for the authentic product, beware of styling irons listed as ghd style, or ghd like. These simply are not of the same high quality as the ghd and do not have the ghd warranty. 2. Always check the seller’s feedback and reputation before buying. 3. If you have any questions about the product email the seller before you buy and get the answers in a written response. 4. Be aware of postage costs as well as the sellers' terms and conditions of payment. It's a great idea to ask for insurance during postage for high value items. 5. PayPal and credit cards are the safest ways to pay for items on the web.

Note: Credit card companies such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover will often accept chargeback requests for items you receive that are not as they are advertised. The same is true with PayPa.

How To Create Waves Or Curls With The ghd

1. Be sure to use hydrating cleansing products on strands which are frequently hot ironed. 2. When possible opt for a Diluted Shampoo (DS), Low Poo, No Poo or Conditioner Only Wash (Co-Wash). 3. Wash properly detangled hair in lukewarm water. Finish shampoo with a rinse out moisturizing conditioner designed for your hair type, texture and condition. 4. Finish with a cool/cold rinse. 5. Towel blot 6. Apply a leave-in styling cocktail which includes, but it not limited to a defrisant, leave-in conditioner, straightening product and a heat protection product. 7. Separate hair in individual sections. Blow dry each section with a boar bristle style round brush. 8. When hair is 100% dry apply a secondary heat protection product. 9. Separate hair into 1-2" sections. Carefully position the heated ghd iron at the roots. Gently twist the iron in a spiral direction while gently gliding the iron down the length to the hair. You may need to repeat this process a few times until the desired wave or curl is formed. Make sure not to clamp the iron too tightly in order for the hair to flow easily.

Warning: Be careful to avoid making contact with the ears, the hairline or the face to avoid burns.

10. Carefully re-roll the finished curl or wave into position with your fingers and pin to your scalp to cool and set. 11. Continue to work around the rest of your head until you have achieved all the curls and waves you desire. 12. When curls are cool and set unpin and spray with hairspray or similar. 13. If desired us a tiny amount of shine product to add shimmer.

Katy Perry With Short Raven Black Fringe

Other Notes

If you see steam coming from the hair this means that there is a little moisture still present on your hair from washing.

Remember to keep the iron moving and don't leave it static on any one spot to avoid burning hair.

When hot ironing hair on a regular basis it's important to schedule deep conditioning treatments to the hair.


Many users around the world believe the {{asin=B003FTSB6S,text=ghd Professional Original 1 Inch Styler}} is one of the best hair straightening irons available on the hair market today. These are bold claims since there are so many competitive irons available today.

Should you purchase the {{asin=B003FTSB6S,text=ghd Professional Original 1 Inch Styler}} or opt for a less expensive iron? It depends on a variety of factors including:

1. How often will you be using the iron? If you'll be using it at least twice a week, the investment in the ghd will pay off over time compared to less expensive irons. 2. If you have a type or texture of hair which requires an industrial strength iron, the ghd is considered to be one of the very best irons for getting bone straight hair on highly textured or generally challenging strands. 3. The {{asin=B003FTSB6S,text=ghd Professional Original 1 Inch Styler}} allows you to create a poker straight, smooth and sleek hair style or create a variety of waves, curls or mixed textures or even the most iron resistant tresses. 4. The iron's combination of ceramic coatings and infrared heat technology is touted as especially beneficial for bleached, colored or chemically treated tresses. These claims must be made on a case by case basis over time. 5. The iron is especially light weight making it a perfect hot tool for travel or for use at the health club.

The consensus amongst users is the {{asin=B003FTSB6S,text=ghd Professional Original 1 Inch Styler}} is an expensive investment but the results are definitely worth the money, especially is you'll use the iron frequently, have highly textured, frizzy or hard-to-straighten strands and want a fast heating, sizzling hot iron.

- Revised Publication Date: 08/29/12

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