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Waterfall Water is one of the symbols of prosperity in Feng Shui.

In October of 2000 my life was changed forever with the introduction of "real" Feng Shui. Yes, in the years leading up to 2000 I had read all the pop culture books from Barnes & Noble and Borders about Feng Shui. I tried several of the recommended techniques in many of the books with no obvious results.

When moved into our current offices in Richardson, Texas in July of 2000 I was determined to do whatever it took to make the business a success.

During our initial move I was contacted by a Feng Shui consultant who practiced a type of Feng Shui known as "Black Hat".

Black Hat Feng Shui

The consultant who shall remain nameless, convinced me to paint some of the office doors red and select walls were required to be covered with purple paint.

After making all the required changes (yes, even the purple paint) I was convinced the fortunes of would magically change.

How wrong I was.

Waterfall Water is one of the symbols of prosperity in Feng Shui.

Instant gratification is one of my favorite experiences. I am not known for my patience and want results. When there were no obvious results after spending time, money and energy on Black Hat Feng Shui, I was very frustrated.

Feng Shui With Master In Taiwan

My Black Hat consultant was replaced with a "Chinese master" who lived in Taiwan and ran his business through a local United States translator. He did not practice black hat but practiced "compass Feng Shui".

After a series of long phone conversations between Dallas and Taiwan the Chinese master told me that I had to remove an outside wall of the building. Yeah right. I was convinced my landlord would not take kindly to removing a major wall because the Chinese master told me to do it.

Indeed, my landlord thought I was a crackpot for even asking about the wall, which was ultimately never changed.

Putting my faith in pop Feng Shui, Black Hat and Chinese compass traditions came with zero results, a big bill for red doors and a newly suspicious landlord. I was fed up. No more Feng Shui for me. It obviously didn't work. Or so I thought.

Flying Star Feng Shui

Feng Shui Compass Luo Pan/Lou Pan Compass Tool

In October of 2000 through a series of odd circumstances I was introduced to another Feng Shui teacher/practioner who was touted as a very successful and widely admired Master in Feng Shui. When I heard this news I rolled my eyes and proceeded to dismiss her completely. I was resistent to work with her.

After much talk, it was finally agreed that the new Feng Shui Master would do a Feng Shui consultation on the business, suggest necessary "cures" and if I didn't see any results in 48 hours, she wouldn't bill me for her time. She would go away and we would never see each other again. If I did see changes, I agreed I would pay her for her time.

The Feng Shui Master arrived at the building and provided a list of her credentials. They were very impressive.

She had studied for many years with some of the most esteemed Feng Shui masters in the world passing mind blowing exams to become certified. Her client list was head turning. She had performed major studies for some of the most prestigious hotel chains in the world.

Compass Readings

Fireplace Fire is one of the symbols in Feng Shui.

After walking around the outside of the building with a very large compass written completely in Chinese, The Feng Shui Master took copious notes with suggested cures including the addition of salt tanks, small metal chimes, lights and music. She promised if I added the recommended cures I would see results in short order.

Not only was she correct, the results were astounding. Sales suddenly increased with measurable results. They continued to increase. Customer care challenges vanished overnight. The press appeared out of nowhere and wanted to feature the company.

It all seemed like a miracle. I was amazed but still a little skeptical. How could Feng Shui create such amazing results in such a short period of time?

Not only did I pay The Feng Shui Master for the original consultation, I immediately signed up for her Feng Shui classes.

I also continued to pay her for consultations on everything related to both of my companies - and my software company - T&S Software. The Feng Shui Master has worked for both companies nonstop for the past seven years with tremendous results.

Since 2000 I have taken so many Feng Shui classes that I became certified as a Feng Shui consultant like The Feng Shui Master. I also learned to do all the weekly, monthly and annual cures for my home and my businesses. With each new class I completed over the past eight years, I learned volumes about this ancient study which is actually taught in colleges in Malaysia.

Learning To Do Consultations

Wooden Door Wood is one of the symbols in Feng Shui.

At The Feng Shui Master's urging I started doing professional Feng Shui consultations in my spare time. I actually had to turn down requests because I could only do a few consultations because of my busy schedule. Yet the requests continue to come in through word of mouth.

Feng Shui has changed my personal and professional life to such an extent that whenever business is not going the way I feel it should be going, I stop and study all the Feng Shui charts for myself, my home and the business.

Then I make a few tweaks to all the cures and more often than not see measurable results in a matter of hours. and my other company are both living testaments to the successful practice of "real" Feng Shui.

There are some down sides to practicing Feng Shui. It requires ongoing discipline and a tremendous amount of time to calculate all the required maps. It also requires ongoing classes to continue to evolve in the craft.

Another major challenge is dealing with skeptics. Having been one myself I can easily show anyone the history of's growth and success and link it to the years of Feng Shui work performed on my two companies. Over the years the employees have all been witness to the results and any former skeptics lose their opinions when they see constant results.

Graduating To A New Feng Shui Teacher In Early 2008

Steel Building is one of the symbols in Feng Shui.

In early 2008 I decided to push myself to new levels of Feng Shui understanding and signed on with a new Feng Shui Master who had even more knowledge than the previous Master. I have taken several classes with the latest Master and have found even more understanding of this ancient art.

Over the years through my classes and ongoing association with my Feng Shui studies I have had the great honor to meet billionaires and millionaires who told me that Feng Shui consultations and work had significantly helped their company. One billionaire told me that he felt a major part of his success was tied to all the Feng Shui consultations he had utilized over the years.

Once I received my Feng Shui consulting certifications I offered Feng Shui consultations to other entrepreneurs and business people that wanted the opportunity to utilize this ancient discipline for their own advantage.


Recently has decided to offer expanded Feng Shui consultation options for any type of Feng Shui needs with a proven expertise in the fields of fashion, hair, beauty and related industries.

Earth is one of the symbols in Feng Shui.

We can also offer extensive knowledge in the area of business creation, development and growth.

If you would like to know more about "real" Feng Shui and how it can bring new opportunities into your life in many areas from prosperity, business success, wealth, harmony in relationship and health, please email me at [email protected].

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