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Hair styles come and go but the new century has ushered in the "Era Of Hair Independence". This translates to mean that many hair consumers are newly empowered with Net infused hair knowledge and a budding need to "do their own hair thing".

While the hot new 2000 shag is popular and long, sleek straight locks are hanging in there, many hair consumers are asking for styles that maximize their own hair's potential.

One ongoing hair challenge is learning to find the best products that work to maximize your hair's natural texture. Life is never fair and people with thick hair want thinner hair while people with fine thin hair want lots of fullness and "big" hair.

Fine thin hair can be instantly helped with hair care products from shampoos and conditioners to gels and creams designed to instantly fatten up the hair by causing the hair shaft to swell.

As always, the key is to identify a line of products that can provide help with a hair challenge and then find one that works best with your individual hair.

Do You Have Thin/Fine Hair Than Needs Volume?

Hair is either thin, medium or thick. How do you tell the difference? If you can basically see your scalp when your hair is wet your hair is probably thin.

Hair experts suggest that a good way to measure whether hair is thick or thin is to pull it into a ponytail. Thick hair is very full and requires both hands to hold it. Thin hair is about the size of a Naya water cap. Anything in the middle is medium in thickness, which is what most people have.

Don't despair if you have thin hair. Both Uma Thurman and Gwenyth Paltrow have thin hair and this has not stopped them from fame and fortune.

Besides being small in diameter, thin hair is often stick straight and will not easily hold a curl or waves. It also can be so soft and thin that is can be hard to control. While the good news is that thin hair is silky, it can also be prone to static electricity and weightlessness.

Fat Hair Products

Although many hair specialists recommend color and perming as good "hair fattening" options, thin hair may be damaged if chemicals are not applied with extreme care. This is because thin hair is more delicate and fragile than other types of hair.

Volume enhancing products that bolster and reinforce hair come in all forms from shampoo and rinse out conditioners to leave in creams, gels, lotions, sprays and foams.

Some of the products, like Matrix Essential's Vavoom Volumizing Foam are lightweight but deliver maximum volume, lift and body to any style. Many of the maximizing products are designed to be brushable with a lasting memory and many contain thermal protectants and PABA-free sunscreen.

If your hair is color or chemically treated the volumizers may swell the hair cuticle so that the color or chemical treatments fades faster than normal.

Before you purchase one of the volume building hair care products discuss this potential problem with your stylist or one of the consultants at the beauty store where you buy the product.

When in doubt write to the manufacturer and inquire if there is any potential lose of chemical color or other treatments.

Most of the volume products are light and will create a wonderful swelling and fullness. However, not all products work as well as others and some volume enhancing products are known to create stickiness, stiffness or a tacky sensation.

If you want to try a volume product but are unsure or the outcome, buy the smallest amount you can for a trial.

Volumizing Shampoos & Conditioners

  • Matrix Essentials Vavoom shampoo or styling shampoo. and Vavoom conditioner.
  • Matrix Essentials Amplify shampoo and conditioner.
  • Natural Styling Gel Volume Plus by Schwarzkopf
  • Vital Nutrients BodyFusion Volumizer by Matrix Essentials
  • ARTec Volume shampoo & conditioner.

Volume Enhancing Leave-In Products

  • Umberto Giannin's Big & Beautiful Extra Body Mousse
  • Matrix Essentials Vavoom Volumizing Foam, Spritzing Spray Extra, Freezing Spray
  • Body Styling Cream by Robert De L'anza
  • AMP VOLUME Leave In Thickening Cream by KMS Hair Care
  • Natural Styling Gel Volume Plus by Schwarzkopf
  • FAT CAT Thickening Lotion by Redken
  • Matrix Amplify Liquid Gel, Root Lifter, Hair Spray
  • Volume Gel by ARTec

Styling Hair To Maximize Volume

When applying volumizing gels, creams, spray or lotions it is important to remember to apply more of the product at the hair roots than on the ends.

The best approach for using any of the volumizing products is to first apply the product at the roots and then carefully comb it or work it through the ends. By applying the product at the roots you can give the hair more lift and separation which helps build in the volume.

Another important tip is to apply volume enhancing products to damp, not wet hair. When the hair is still dripping, any product you apply will be diluted or drip off your hair. Carefully towel blot your hair until all excess moisture is removed before you apply the gel, cream, spray or volumizing lotions.

Blow dry your hair on a hot setting until almost dry. Use a round or thermal brush to shape the hair and hold it in place. When the hair is almost dry, blow dry on the coldest setting to help hold the set. When your hair is completely dry carefully use your fingers to arrange the style as you would like and then spray with a hairspray that provides a strong hold. Do not brush or comb your hair unless necessary after you have finished setting and spraying your hair.

If you want more lift and volume you may want to use a curling iron or heated rollers. Let the hair cool off from the blow dryer and then before you apply the hair spray, use a curling iron to create additional fullness. Use a medium to larger sized barrel to create body without lots of curls. The smaller the curling iron, the smaller the curls.

Let the hair cool after you have finished with the curling iron. Use your fingers to arrange your hair. Spray with a good hairspray.

If you prefer you can apply heated curlers. When they are cool, carefully pick or brush the hair and then apply a hairspray.

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