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Olive Oil and Essential Fatty Acids Can Work Wonders For Your Mane!

Olive Oil and Essential Fatty Acids Can Work Wonders For Your Mane!

by Kirthy Shetty

Olive oil is a fruit based oil which is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. It has monounsaturated fatty acids which is vital for your shiny locks.

If you are suffering from dry locks or frizzy hair, you need extra care to moisturize them. They may be lacking moisturization and proper treatment will help you set right the texture of your mane.

Do you experience split ends? It must be due to lack of proper nutrient supply to your body which is required by your follicles as well.

You must eat healthy food which contains green leafy vegetables such as spinach which has anti oxidants in them and water should also be consumed in good quantity. It needs to be well hydrated and nourished too.

Your mane might be weak and needs extra nourishment in order to stay firm in its roots. If not thinning hair is a common symptom. Eat well and keep your locks nourished with proper treatment. You must make use of olive oil and massage your scalp well. If possible you can warm it up a little bit and massage your scalp well.

It can add life to your dull locks and repair the possible shaft breakage if any.  It is always better to use warm oil than cool oil as it will be absorbed well than merely applying it.

The next best tip is to wash your mane as usual, followed by a conditioner. But this time, you can use few drops of olive oil rub it over your palms and then apply them all over your hair. Use it when it is still damp and spread them across.

When it dries up naturally, you can find them well nourished and easily manageable locks. You can style them as you want and don't need any additional leave in conditioner too.

Advantages of using this fruit oil are:


-Adds shine to dull locks

-Repairs split ends

-Makes life less locks full of life

-Prevents hair fall

-Strengthens follicles from its root to tips

-Can be used post straightening to repair the damages

Its benefits when it is consumed as food are:

- Regulates cholesterol regulation

- Reduction in coronary heart disease

- Regulates Low-density lipo-protein cholesterol oxidation

- Increased arterial elasticity, therefore reduces vascular stress and consequentially the risk of two common causes of death.

Heart Attack and Stroke

- Able to displace omega-6 fats, while not having any impact on omega-3 fats

-Exerts anti-inflamatory, anti-thrombotic, anti-hypertensive as well as vasodilatory effects both in animals and in humans.

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