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Do It Yourself Hair Extensions: Jon Renau Clip-in Strands


Matt Trimble DIY Hair Extensions After Blackberry Human Hair Clip In Applications 09-05-07 All Rights Reserved.

Everyone at is serious about testing new hair related products that becomes available on both the professional and consumer hair markets.

Lately everyone has been on a hair extension craze. Maybe it's because we sell the Jessica Simpson HairDo line of clip-in hair extensions or because we also carry Jon Renau.

Or maybe it's because our CEO/Founder Karen Shelton and our VP of operations, Brigid O'Connor are always trying on different extensions options using themselves as guinea pigs.

Recently Brigid and Billy Johnson, our resident hairdresser, installed individual human hair strands on Brigid's hair. The experience was rewarding and fun and everyone learned a lot about individual strand installs.

After Brigid's DIY extensions turned out to be a hit, it was decided to continue to test and try out all the various DIY hair extension options on the market.

Recently a rep from Jon Renau stopped by with some new samples of their individual strand clip-ins that come in all kinds of fun hues like Blackberry, Red Hots, Blueberry, Bubblegum Pink, Grape Jelly, Hot Fudge, Fudgesicle, Persimmon, Fire 'n Ice, Honey Glaze and White Chocolate.

The Jon Renau product is called Easilites and consist of one 16" Clip-in Highlight that is made from 100% human hair. They are very affordable (suggested retail $12.00) and come attached to a clip that can be easily popped open and shut. Before deciding whether to carry the product or not, it was agreed that volunteers would try the product on their own hair to see if they liked it.

Matt Trimble DIY Hair Extensions After Blackberry Human Hair Clip In Applications 09-05-07 All Rights Reserved.

To our surprise and delight, Matt, one of the phone order team members volunteered to try the Blackberry Easilites.

The Easilite hair comes precurled but because it is 100% human hair it can be easily flat ironed. Since Matt's hair is naturally curly and wavy, it was agreed that the Jon Renau clip-ins would be slightly curled to match Matt's natural texture. Using a Conair flat iron, Billy curled the Easilite strands to match the loose curl/wave texture of Matt's natural strands.

The installation literally took less than 5 minutes. Matt's hair was brushed into his normal style and then he suggested adding two of the Blackberry strands to one side of his head.

Matt's hair was sectioned off on one side and then the clips holding the individual extensions were easily "unpopped" and positioned against the pre-selected part area. The clip was popped shut and the clip-in arranged to flow with Matt's natural curls and waves.

Matt loved it and decided that he could pop them in and out all by himself. Indeed, they clip-ins could be installed by anyone with very little time and effort.

The downside of the clip-ins are that they are definitely temporary which means they only last during the day. These clip-ins definitely should not be worn while sleeping. However, they can be reapplied over and over again.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Matt Trimble DIY Hair Extensions After Blackberry Human Hair Clip In Applications 09-05-07 All Rights Reserved.

These Jon Renau Temporary strand clip-ins have the following advantages:

1. They are fast and very easy to attach. 2. Because they are Human Hair (HH), they can be curled or straightened with hot irons or rollers. 3. They can be trimmed to fit the current length of the hair. 4. They are versatile and can be clipped in any possible position on the head. 5. They offer a instant fun new look without the commitment of hair color. 6. It is easy to mix and match multiple colors for an ever changing look. 7. They do not damage the hair in any way. 8. They are very affordable. 9. You can scale a wide range of looks from classic to punk to wild. 10. They can be re-worn over and over.

These clip-ins do not necessarily have to be washed or styled, but if you do decide to use hair styling products on them, you may want to wash them after repeated use to prevent any product build-up.

These Jon Renau Temporary strand clip-ins have the following disadvantages:

1. They are not permanent. 2. It is best to remove them before sleeping. 3. They can look out of place if the texture is not matched to your own. However, this can be easily accomplished with a hot iron (flat or curling)4. They may need to be trimmed to match current hair length.


The Jon Renau Temporary strand clip-ins come in 11 colors ranging from classic white chocolate to wild bubblegum. Each strand is 16" long and can be easily trimmed. You can collect as many single clip-in as you desire, or purchase a convenient 6 packs with assorted colors.

The Jon Renau Clip-in Color easilites are available at

Note: All of the products listed in this article are available at in the Marketplace.

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