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Debbi Morgan Hair Snippets: Ever Changing Hairstyles


Debbi Morgan

Actress Debbi Morgan (born Deborah Morgan on September 20, 1956) is known to many for her longtime role as Angie Hubbard on the ABC soap, All My Children (AMC).

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Although best known as Angie Hubbard she also won many fans when she played the role of The Seer in the fourth and fifth seasons of Charmed in 2002 and 2003. She played District Attorney Jennifer Tartaro on the CBS soap opera"The Bold and the Beautiful" from 2006 to 2007.

Playing Angie Hubbard On Three Different Soaps

Morgan joined the cast of AMC in 1982 and left nine years later in 1991. She then reprised her role as Angie Hubbard on ABC's Loving from 1993 until 1995.

In 1995 she brought the same character to The City (a retooled version of Loving), making Morgan the first actor to portray the same character as a regular cast member on three different soap operas. She remained on The City until the show ended in 1997.

She rejoined the cast as Angie Hubbard in 2008 and signed a long term contract. Morgan was last seen on an episode of the popular soap on December 27, 2010.

Leave Of Absence Due To Illness

Debbi Morgan

The 54 year old actress recently made headlines because she announced on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that she had taken a leave of absence from the daytime soap due to her fight against Lyme disease. She said she will return to the show in early March of 2011.

Morgan said "I had to take a leave of absence because I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It's nothing fatal. Lyme disease is an infection caused by the Borrelia bacteria from a tick. It's a chronic condition, and I've had it in my system for over 15 years."

Debbi added she may have contracted the disease from ticks her two pit bulls may have carried.

An infected tick can spread lyme disease to both dogs and humans. Symptoms of the ailment include fever, fatigue and a rash.

Infections can be combated with antibiotics, but can spread to joints, the heart and the nervous system if it is left untreated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hair Styles:

Although Debbi is known for her gorgeous hair she is almost as famous for her stunning smile and dimples. She is a beautiful women whose hairstyles have evolved over the years in the many roles she has played.

Debbi Morgan

Debbi's hair has been diverse throughout her career. When she played a young Angie on "All My Children" she wore her hair in long individual braids that were stunning.

She also has worn locs, bantu knots, weaves, extensions and lace front wigs. She wore her hair naturally free in the film, Eve's Bayou.

Debbi is currently wearing a wig on "All My Children" but insiders have speculated she is still wearing her own hair natural, but wearing a wig for the role of Angie.

Debbi's many different hairstyles have always been very flattering to her face working in harmony with her predominately square face shape, beautiful skin tone, sparkling eyes and lush lips.

Both on screen and Debbi tends to wear her beautifully coiffed tresses several inches below her shoulders.

Hair Secrets:

The biggest secret to Debbi's well groomed silky locks are regular deep conditioning treatments combined with regular trims to keep ends in tip top shape.

Debbi Morgan

Debbi also utilizes a variety of hair accessories from headbands, hair clips and an array of plain and decorative bobby pins to pull the front of her hair up and off her face.

Afterall, when you're on a soap opera you have to be ready for anything.

More About Debbi Morgan

In the 1980s and 1990s, Morgan became a de facto symbol for the possibilities for black women as all of her soap opera roles involved her playing a successful doctor.

In the late 1990s, she garnered much acclaim from movie critics for her portrayal of clairvoyant Mozelle Batiste Delacroix in director Kasi Lemmons' Eve's Bayou.

For her portrayal, she won a Chicago Film Critics Association Award and an Independent Spirit Award and was nominated for an Image Award.

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