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Dean Cain: Celebrities Loves Phyto


Have you ever dreamed of being on a movie set? Like a spy or an undercover detective, you watch as the scenes unfold over and over, taking them in greedily, as you relish every never-before-seen moment. As you know, your chances of fulfilling this dream are slim to none. But why not fantasize a little more?

Imagine standing in the shoes of this month's Phytoperson, for just a moment. Gianna Sparacino is hairstylist to Dean Cain on the set of Out of Time, a psychological thriller, to be released in about a year. Not only does Gianna get to watch, behind the scenes, as the movie comes to life; she is paid to run her fingers through Dean's darling do on a daily basis. Don't get too jealous until you hear the rest. Gianna gives us the inside scoop along with some juicy details about her role contributing to the look of Out of Time.

Forget Superman...PHYTO to the Rescue!

Gianna describes Out of Time as a "sleepy thriller". However, with a cast including Denzel Washington and Dean Cain, sleeping is the last thing we'd be doing on this set. Denzel plays a cop from the Florida keys as Dean steps up to the plate as a "smarmy bad guy" - a marked departure from his universe saving days of old. With the help of PHYTO, Gianna takes Dean from Clark Kent cute to devilishly handsome. In order to create a "slick look", Gianna uses Phytovolume Actif as she blow dries Dean's hair in the front. The thickening spray "helps lock in a straighter more controlled look." Gianna then finishes up the transformation with a dab of Phyto Pro Sculpting Gel #8, which gives Dean the right sleek look for the part. Voil! Gianna has created a menacing masterpiece. Our only question: how does Dean play the villain after years as everyone's hero?!?

A Very Fine Villain

Not to fear, Gianna reports that Mr. Cain does fabulously as a bad guy despite his ever "sunny" disposition when out of the camera's eye. However, all those years of playing Superman clearly rubbed off in Dean's bed-side manner. Not only is he "charming, handsome, and super out going", Gianna attests that Dean is "always in a good mood…very generous and starts the day with a big hug and kiss to all the ladies." He also brings along Gianna's favorite "trade papers" when the new issues come out including Star, Enquirer, Us, and People; and he's a great story-teller as well.

Ok, lets take a moment to breathe. Take Gianna's enviable position which has her listening to tales told by one of Hollywood's finest, add an adorable actor who relies on her impeccable styling sense - what's the result? A symbiotic relationship involving one of the most desirable products out there - PHYTO. There you have it - all the ingredients in a recipe for success. Its no wonder that when Dean is in the trailer, Gianna says "it's a whole other energy".

Guinea Pig to Guru - A Stylist in the Making

So how did Gianna earn this privileged position as a stylist to the stars? For starters, Gianna's mother was a stylist who often experimented on her as a child. Her mother's enthusiasm instilled Gianna with an appreciation for hairstyling at a very young age. Clearly, the talent runs in the family; as Gianna's two aunts have become stylists as well. Since standing in as mom's guinea pig, Gianna has worked with top hair stylists around the world. She traveled for a few years after her basic training and became an educator in make up and skin care internationally. With the help of her good friend Elaine Offers, whom she met on a project a few years ago, Gianna landed her current job working on the set of Out of Time.

Gianna and Dean: Its Natural!

Clearly, Gianna practices a labor of love; yet what impresses us the most is her natural approach to styling - a truly PHYTO-esque attitude. Gianna's selfless philosophy when it comes to good hair revolves around "the actor feeling comfortable and organic in the role. We have to account for the normal state of the hair. Its best to work with what the actor has naturally and not fight it; otherwise the maintenance is too much and no one is happy." With this frame of mind, its no surprise that PHYTO plays a central role in Gianna's styling repertoire. PHYTO's botanical all-natural concoctions are specifically formulated to work with the make up of the hair. Each shampoo, treatment, and styling product is meant to complement specific hair types, so that creating a look that radiates with pure health and beauty is easy and, well…natural.

After all this taunting information, we're waiting in suspense for the movie debut. With the combined efforts of Gianna, Dean, and PHYTO, Out of Time (or at least Monsieur Cain's stellar coif) is sure to be out of this world.

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