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Dallas Stars Grant Marshall Goes For Platinum


Just when I had gotten used to the concept of hockey players as new hair trendsetters, I discovered that Dallas Stars Right Wing player, Grant Marshall, had embraced his own version of a blonde superstar.

While Stars team player Darryl Sydor recently adopted a golden blonde hue, Grant pushed the hair fashion envelope a little further emerging with the hottest of hot shades around - platinum.

To add to the smashing new color, Grant went the distance by first having his normally conservative hockey player do transformed into a very chic spike. When you see Grant on the ice you may mistake him for a major hair trendsetter with his GQ spike and his platinum hue.

The only bad news about Grant's chic new style is that his pesky Stars helmet (I know, I know, he needs it) blocks the view. Hopefully the camera will help us all out and give us some coverage of Grant -sans helmet -so we can check out his white hot locks.

Although I have not personally seen them, my fashion spies at the Morton's in Addison, Texas tells me that Grant looks absolutely fabulous. Never better.

Note: The Morton's Restaurant in Addison closed.

I apologize. Although I have looked all over, I have not been able to find a good photo of Grant with his platinum strands and his new sporty spike.

All the search engines want to only tell me about Grant's recent injury (sorry about that Grant) and his impressive playing stats. If you live in Dallas like I do, you already know that he recovered OK from his injury and that he is a great player. So lets get on to more important things.

What I really want to know is how he likes his new look. Don't you?

I do have a few scoops about Grant's transformation. I know that he submitted his head for redo to the famous Dallas Jose Eber salon. No, Jose did not work on Grant, but only because Jose was probably off buying a new hat somewhere. I am sure that if Jose had known that Grant was going to be popping in to "do the blonde thing", Jose would have personally been available (right Jose?).

My Morton's spies also tell me that Grant likes his new spiked platinum do. Although he did keep his beard brown, according to my sources, Grant looks really awesome.

I am a little miffed at the sports news media. Where are they when we have a hockey star with gorgeous new platinum locks? While it is nice that the press cares about the fact that the Stars currently have the Edmonton Oilers on the ropes...don't they realize that the world is witnessing a major hair happening?

First Darryl Sydor and now Grant. What next? Eddie the Eagle goes strawberry blonde?

It could happen. The Stars are a team to be recommended with. Not only by kicking the Edmonton Oiler's hockey butts, but by having the chutzpah to become hair gods in their own right. Watch out St. Louis Blues, the Stars may out-blonde you yet

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