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Curly Hairstyle For Straight Hair


Hair: Janine Jarman Photography: Roberto Ligresti Make-up: David Maderich Fashionstyling: Sharice Massehians

Janine Jarman All Rights Reserved

Celebrities and their high paid staff of hairstylists and publicists know that changing a celeb's hair color or texture or style can instantly generate major media and a new fan buzz.

Sometimes one of the fastest ways to transform hair, besides changing the color, style or length, is to alter the texture. Taking someone with bone straight hair to a head full of cascading curls is a big hair game changer.

This article shows how to create a gorgeous curly hairstyle on bone straight hair.

Hair Transformation Steps

Listed below are the steps taken by celebrity hair guru Janine Jarman who was the fan favorite in Bravo/TV's Season 3 to transform her model from shoulder length fine hair to a beautiful big haired goddess with tons of curls.

Janine started by adding color to the hair to make it pop. Afterall, if you're going to create a gorgeous new hairstyle you want to start with hair which has amazing color.

Just think how many times Katy Perry and Lady Gaga changed their hair hues, textures and styles in 2011 alone?

Hair: Janine Jarman Janine Jarman All Rights Reserved

Not only does coloring your hair offer a fabulous way to instantly jazz up your look, it allows you the option to change the way others perceive you.

Hair Color Steps

1. She sectioned the hair into standard color sectioning patterns.

Janine applied color to the half closest to root: equal parts Koleston 55/44 and 44/65 with 20-volume developer to make a Level 4 ½ vibrant copper red.

Note: If you wish to copy this look, don't color your hair at home but ask a professional hair colorist to follow Janine's formulas.

2. Janine backcombed the hair from the color into the rest of the section.

3. She applied 77/43 with 10-volume to mid shaft which creates a vibrant copper hue on this base of hair color.

Red is the ultimate sexy shade and it cries out for attention. Most hair grabs onto red-toned pigments well, so going copper-top can be easy for most people.

If you're blonde you may be required to go two or three shades darker than your natural color to achieve a rich red and when you go darker red on blonde it's not as easy to reverse the color.

Hair: Janine Jarman Janine Jarman All Rights Reserved

4. Janine added Blondor Cream Bleach on top of the first hair color formula from mid to ends with 10-volume developer, overlapping a little.

The Blondor Cream works in harmony with the rest of the hair color.

5. She let all the color process for 20–30 minutes.

6. Janine toned with Color Touch Relights (deposit only demi) Equal parts /34 and /03 (To make an electric gold). She toned at the shampoo bowl for five minutes.

Once she achieved the color she wished for, Janine completely rinsed out all the colors.

Blow Out & Curling Steps

7. After all the color was rinsed out she blew the hair out using ½-inch vertical sections.

8. She polished hair with an iron in 1-inch horizontal sections.

Hair: Janine Jarman

9. Using a medium curling iron, she took 1-inch horizontal sections and wrapped the hair around the iron.

Creating Invisible Hair Rollers

10. She positioned the newly formed curls into invisible rollers which she pinned to the scalp and then allowed all of the hair to completely cool.

Invisible hair rollers is one of Janine's signature styling techniques which works very well for all types of hair.

The idea behind the invisible rollers is to encourage newly iron hair to cool down and then set more firmly into the desired shape.

One of the challenges many people have with curling their hair with irons is that if the newly formed curl or straightened strand isn't rolled after it's created, the shape falls flat quickly.

Instead of rolling a section of hair and allowing it to just hang, pin it into an invisible roller like Janine or actually roll it around a traditional roller.

Hair: Janine Jarman

The advantage of the invisible roller is that it is quick and easy to create with your fingers and a bobby pin.

When you're ready to start styling, instead of using a brush or comb which will pull out the newly formed texture use your fingers to arrange or pick through for a more tousled look.

Finger Raking For Ultimately Sexy Hair

11. Janine unpinned all of the invisible rollers. She had her model lean over at the waist. Janine finger raked the hair.

Another mistake hair consumers make is that after they iron their hair they brush or comb it which further encourages the loss of the new texture.

12. After Janine completely finger picked through the model's hair she had her bend back up at the waist.

Back Combing

She separated the hair into individual 1-inch sections and proceeded to back comb the roots using a boar bristle brush.

Hair: Janine Jarman

The reason to back comb is to build a solid base to hold the curls and add fullness to the finished hairstyle.

13. Using her fingers Janine shaped the hair into the desired texture. She gently pulled and fluffed the sections until she was completely satisfied with the finished look.

Janine is a hair artist with a unique eye for balance, flow and ultimate profile.

Finishing Touches

14. Once the hairstyle was styled to her desire Janine added a vibrant blue feathered hair clip to one side to showcase her work.

The hair clip also offers the advantage of allowing Janine the option to direct the hair over to one side. The hair clip pinned on one side created additional balance to the finished hairstyle and worked in harmony with the airy feathery strands.

The wrong hair accessory could have completely detracted from the finished hairstyle but the one Janine chose was a perfect combination of size, color and texture.

Final Makeover Results

Hair: Janine Jarman

When you look at the Before Makeover photos and then look at the After of this model it's almost hard to believe it's the same person.

It's also hard not to believe that lots of hair extensions were used to take the model from flat to big and beautiful strands.

It's no surprise to see this stunning transformation. Janine Jarman is a master at hair makeovers and has a history of creating eye popping, mouth dropping results.

More About Janine Jarman

Janine Jarman is well-known for her role on Bravo's Shear Genius where she vowed fans and judges alike with her amazing hair designs.

She is also a part of the Sebastian Professional Stylist Design Team.

Janine is a true hair artist in every sense of the word. She's daring, provocative, edgy, innovative and knows how to think outside the box. She creates some of the most amazing, exciting and fearless hair styles in the world of hair and fashion.

- Revised Publication Date: 01/03/2012

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