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Cote de Pablo - Hairstyle Photos And Hair Tips


Cote de Pablo TCA 2007 CBS Summer Press Tour 07-19-07 All rights reserved

Cote de Pablo was born Maria José on November 12, 1979 in Santiago, Chile but grew up in Miami, Florida.

In 1994 she co-hosted a Latin talk show known as Control. Obviously she had her eye on a professional career in the performing arts studying music theater at Carnegie Mellon where she graduated in 2000. While in college Cote appeared in several theater productions.

In 2000 she nabbed a guest appearance on The $treet. In 2001 she had a guest spot on TV's The Education of Max Bickford.

Cote de Pablo TCA 2007 CBS Summer Press Tour 07-19-07 All rights reserved

Her big break came in 2005 when she was selected to co-star on the hit CBS show, NCIS. Replacing popular actress Sasha Alexander on the TV drama, Cote had to win over legions of fans unhappy with the killing off of Sasha's character Kate right before her arrival.

It should be noted it was Sasha's choice to leave NCIS due to the intense shooting schedule. She also asked the producers to kill Kate, guaranteeing she would not be returning.

As of this point, Cote has actually logged more performances on the show, which recently celebrated it's 100th episode, than Sasha (who has since had a child and married Sophia Loren's son).

Cote has turned out to be the perfect "replacement" and has won over the hearts of many of her original detractors.

Maybe because Zhiva David (DaaVd), the multilingual Israeli super agent she plays, is such a drastic contrast to Kate, or because she brings her own sizzling chemistry to the NCIS team, Cote has become a fan favorite in her own right.

Cote's Glamourous Hair

Cote de Pablo NCIS 10/19/07

Monty Brinton/CBS. ©2007 All rights reserved

As a hard working, NCIS team member, Zhiva is a non-nonsense professional wearing her hair blown straight and pulled up into a pony or wrapped into a bun.

When she is out in the field she wears her NCIS cap, which is part of the official uniform. During times in the office, Zhiva's hair alternates between pulled back or up and worn cascading down around her shoulders bursting with texture.

Lauren Holley, Cote de Pablo Michael Weatherly 2004 Radio Music Awards 10/23/06

Cliff Lipson/CBS All rights reserved

Cote was featured in the December 2006 issue of OK Magazine and was shot in a series of high fashion poses including glamorous gowns from Dolce & Gabbanna, Celine and Gucci with matching lush hairstyles crafted on her naturally dark brunette tresses.

When the beautiful brunette appears at Red Carpet events her hair is most often worn down with soft waves, worn with a side sweep and lots of volume or pulled back in a partial updo. she also has been known to appear with bountiful ringlets.

She was quoted in OK Magazine as saying "I've always been aware of my body and pretty fine with it. I have small boobs and I love them."

While she was very forthcoming about the size of her chest, she didn't share about her hair although based on the interview, Cote explained she is a "naturally athletic person." Which of course helps her sustain the grueling physical part of her acting job on NCIS.

To steal Cote's Straight Dressy Style completely the following steps:

Cote de Pablo CBS's TCA Press Tour 07-15-06 All rights reserved

If you look closely at Cote's hairline, which she regularly wears without bangs, you will notice she has a Widow's peak at the center. She also appears to have a heart shaped face with beautiful cheekbones great eyes and skin.

Over the past few years Cote has been photographed with her hair in a variety of textures from straight to wavy to intensely curled.

The actress appeared at CBS's TCA Press Tour in 2006 with her rich chocolate tresses coiffed in sleek shiny panels with a whisper of waves at the ends.

If you would like to re-create the sleek hairstyle Cote wore on the CBS TCA Press Tour follow the steps below:

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair with hair care products designed for your current hair type, texture and condition.

Remember that it is important to use products that honor the special needs of chemically processed strands.

Shampoo & Conditioner to try for naturally curly and/or chemically treated strands: PhytoSpecific Vital Force Shampoo and PhytoSpecific - Vital Force Creme Bath

Step 2: Gently towel blot your hair with a thick towel designed to help absorb moisture. Avoid rubbing hair vigorously to avoid frizz. Continue to gently blot hair until all excess moisture is removed.

Step 3: Mix a cocktail of leave-in conditioner and frizz buster in the palms of your hands. Apply to damp strands to help keep hair soft and frizz free.

Frizz Fighters to try for naturally curly strands: Phytodefrisant - Relaxing Baum - 3.3 fl oz (100ml) and John Frieda - Frizz Ease - Original Formula Hair Serum Dropper .

Step 4: Apply a tennis ball size of mousse to the palms of your hands. Distribute well through damps strands in order to provide just the right balance of moisture and sheen.

Cote de Pablo CBS's TCA Press Tour 07-15-06

NBC Photo: Tommy BaynardAll rights reserved

Note: Avoid using gels or similar styling products which will make hair stick and tacky. For a softer, more natural look, stick with mousse or very light cream.

Step 5: Use a wide toothed comb to detangle gently and make sure that the applied styling products are well distributed. Take your time detangling. Work from the bottom of the strands up towards the roots.

Step 6: Separate strands into 2" sections in order to achieve uniform drying. Use a blow dryer along with a flat, paddle or round brush and direct air flow down the hair shaft using the brush to anchor for a straight finish.

Step 7: Work in small sections around the entire perimeter of your head until all of the hair has been completely dried.

Step 8: When hair is 100% dry, use a brush to finish. If you want a straighter look, you can use a flat iron to touch up the hairstyle.

Note: If desired, use a curling iron to spot curl random sections along the perimeter.

Step 9: Apply a shine serum and carefully brush over the top of the bun.

Step 10: Spray well with soft hold hairspray.

Step 11: Optionally you may wish to attach an elegant hair flower, jeweled barrette or other chic hair accessory to jazz up the look.

Steal Cote's Star Hairstyle Instantly

Jessica Simpson HairDo 22" Clip-in Straight Extension 2008

Transform your hair into Cote's sleek straight hairstyle in 10 minutes or less with Jessica Simpson's 22" Clip-in Straight Extensions in a wide range of color options.

All HairDo™ Clip-in Extension Systems, synthetic or human hair, instantly transforms short hair into luxurious below-the-shoulder long hair.

The system consists of one multi-level contoured piece that creates an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of working with individual weft (hair) sections.

Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable extensions can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes.

How To Add HairDo Hair Extensions

Cote de Pablo NCIS CBS 10/10/06

Monty Brinton/CBS ©2005 All rights reserved

Follow the directions below to easily add one of the HairDo Clip-in Extensions:

1. Wash, dry and style hair into stick straight tresses to match the HairDo clip-in hair texture.

2. Create a short center part to match Cote's hairstyle and add a forehead fringe which can be worn straight across or brushed to one side.

3. Using a comb with a long rat tail, create a vertical part just below the crown (at the back of the head) which extends from temple to temple. Pin the top section of hair up on top of the head with a large salon style clip.

4. Wrap the bottom strands of hair into a secure circular bun. Pin well to hold hair in place.

5. Unclip a few pieces of hair from the top of the head along the section where the hairpiece will clip into the natural hair. Lightly backcomb tresses where the extension is to be clipped into place.

Jessica Simpson HairDo 21" Human Hair Clip-in Extension 2008

6. Add any of the desired clip-in styles or opt for the 21" long Human Hair extension from the HairDo Collection attaching it right at the newly created part.

Note: The advantage to the Human Hair extension system is that it can be washed and heat styled straight, curly or wavy. It can also be chemically treated with hair color or highlights. This is not the case for the synthetic clip-ins.

7. After the color matched hair extension piece is clipped into place release the hair clipped on top of the head and allow all of the pinned up hair to cascade down over the top of the clip-in HairDo hairpieces.

8. Use your fingers to carefully arrange and finish the newly created style. Wear the add-on hair cascading down past your shoulders ala either Cote's straight or wavy hair styles.

Note: The Synthetic HairDo™ Clip-in Extension Systems are available in a variety of color levels. These extensions have been specially processed so that they hold the gorgeous waves. The entire HairDo line is available at

HairDo Options

POP 14" Extensions in Palest Blonde

If you prefer to go with individual wefts but still wish to create either of Cote's hairstyles - straight or wavy - without spending years growing your hair you may prefer the POP - Put On Pieces System.

The POP systems consist of several different wefts which can be quickly and easily integrated with your natural hair.

The disadvantage to POP is that unless you have applied POP in the past you may need assistance from a friend, family member or your hairdresser to achieve a consistent result.

Steal Cote's Straight Hair Style With Styling Products

If you already have long hair and wish to get stick straight strands just like Cote you can also achieve the results with hair styling products, hot tools and the proper brush.

Cote's gorgeous straight hairstyle can be customized to work with just about any face shape, hair type or texture although it is much easier to create on hair that is medium to thick tresses that is naturally straight.

Additional Styling Options

Cote de Pablo NCIS CBS 10/10/06

Monty Brinton/CBS ©2005 All rights reserved

You can play with a variety of styling options ranging from a wide range of parts, fringe designs or tousled up styles. Changing up the texture also makes an instant difference. Instead of adding just a few waves along the perimeter, use electric rollers, hot curling irons or similar curling tools to create masses of texture.

Another hair style changer is the option to pull one side of hair up and behind one ear. Pin with a sparkly hair clip or barrette.

Slide on a gorgeous headband or smooth hair into a high pony or add some edgy accent braids.


With the right hair care products and either naturally straight or relaxed hair, anyone can easily re-create Cote's sleek hairstyles. This style can also be created on naturally wavy tresses or straight strands which have been flat ironed.

Mix up the style a little and add softly waved tresses. Dress the style up or down by using a wide range of accessories.

Cote de Pablo has found a sweet spot on the NCIS investigative team. She told OK Magazine "Mark Harmon, who has been in the business for a long time, tells me it's not often you work with people who get along this well."

Not only does she love her job and her co-workers, Cote's hard work is winning her a ticket to fame, fortune and more photo shoots like the one with OK Magazine where she was draped in gorgeous designer fashions. Not bad from wrap in her luxury and

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