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Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several trees. It's used in both sweet and savory foods. Cinnamon trees are native to South East Asia.

Cinnamon bark is widely used as a spice. It is principally employed in cookery as a condiment and flavoring material. It is used in the preparation of chocolate, especially in Mexico, which is the main importer of true cinnamon.

It is also used in many dessert recipes, such as apple pie, donuts, and cinnamon buns as well as spicy candies, tea, hot cocoa, and liqueurs. True cinnamon, rather than cassia, is more suitable for use in sweet dishes. In the Middle East, it is often used in savory dishes of chicken and lamb.

In the United States, cinnamon and sugar are often used to flavor cereals, bread-based dishes, and fruits, especially apples; a cinnamon-sugar mixture is even sold separately for such purposes. Cinnamon can also be used in pickling. Cinnamon bark is one of the few spices that can be consumed directly.

Cinnamon powder has long been an important spice in Persian cuisine, used in a variety of thick soups, drinks, and sweets. It is often mixed with rosewater or other spices to make a cinnamon-based curry powder for stews or just sprinkled on sweet treats (most notably Shole-zard, Persian شله زرد).

It is also used in sambar powder or BisiBelebath powder in Karnataka, which gives it a rich aroma and tastes unique. It is also used in Turkish cuisine for both sweet and savory dishes.

Cinnamon has been proposed for use as an insect repellent, although it remains untested. Cinnamon leaf oil has been found to be very effective in killing mosquito larvae.

The compounds cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, eugenol, and anethole, that are contained in cinnamon leaf oil, were found to have the highest effectiveness against mosquito larvae.

Also cinnamon aromas have some health benefits although these are not guaranteed.

Cinnamon bark, a component of the traditional Japanese medicine Mao-to, has been shown in a 2008 study published in the Journal of General Virology to have an antiviral therapeutic effect.

What Is A Cinnamon Hair Treatment?

This treatment combines the richness of protein packed eggs with conditioning oils. It can be applied to any type, texture or condition of hair.

It can be a long process and is fairly involved so it is best done on weekends on when you have a lot of extra time and you can air dry your hair.

Have dark hair and wish it was lighter? Well, there's finally a solution, and it doesn't dry out your hair. Plus, it will smell great! Just grab some cinnamon and away we go.

Step 1

Make sure hair is moderately damp. Put a small amount of conditioner through your hair (for the cinnamon to stick) and grab your cinnamon. Mix water together with the cinnamon and evenly spread throughout your hair.

Step 2

If you are using a brush, make sure to get the brush nice and wet so the cinnamon will glide through your hair better.

Step 3

Rub or paste the cinnamon in the desired areas or all over your hair. Make sure to get underneath and to rub your hair together to spread the cinnamon all over the hair. Rubbing it helps to evenly cover the desired areas.

Step 4

If desired, place a plastic bag over the head to assure full protection and secure it tightly. This helps if you are planning to sleep with the mixture in your hair, which happens to work the best.

Step 5

Leave the mixture in your hair overnight for best results, or for 6-8 hours depending on the shade of your hair. 4 hours work as well but might not give you the shade that you want, so try to have it on for as long as you can. Remember, you might feel some tingling sensation!

Step 6

Rinse out your hair. If you have curly hair, use shampoo to get the cinnamon out. When dry, your hair will smell amazing! (Add a bit of honey if you want a lighter look to your hair.)


- 2 (organic) eggs with the whites separated out and set aside - 2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) or Sweet Almond oil - 4-8 drops of Essential Oil (Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang or similar)


Whip the egg yolks until completely mixed. Add EVOO or Sweet Almond Oil to the egg yolk mixture. Finish by adding the drops of essential oil.


Gorgeous Brunette Curls Goldwell All Rights Reserved

Apply the egg treatment to dry hair. Apply a shower cap or plastic cap to trap heat from your body to the hair. Leave treatment on for one hour.

After one hour remove the plastic cap, rinse hair completely in lukewarm or slightly cool water (in the shower if possible).

After all the egg has been rinse out apply a rinse-out conditioner from the ends of the ears to the ends of your hair.

Leave the conditioner on the middle to ends sections and use a diluted shampoo formula (shampoo mixed with lukewarm water and shaken to form a suds) on the top section. Allow the suds to flow down over the conditioner treated strands.

Rinse diluted shampoo and the conditioner from the strands. Make sure to get all the diluted shampoo from the hair.

Rinse well with luke warm water. Apply second layer of rinse-out conditioner from the ears to the ends.

Hair Treatment Area

Use fingers or a wide tooth comb to carefully detangle from the ends up to the roots working in small horizontal sections. Work slowly to avoid ripping or pulling fragile hair.

After detangling is completely finished, rinse with luke warm water and finishing with a cool or cold water rinse.

Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

Apply leave-in conditioner and desired styling cocktail. You may wish to oil your ends with a very light application of oil if that's your normal process. This is optional and may or may not be included in the conditioning process.

Wrap hair into a wet bun and clip with a hair friendly clip. Allow hair to air-dry for best results.

Use the left over egg white for an egg white omelet or as a face mask to smooth out wrinkles.

Most people report that after hair is 100% air dry their strands are silky, feels thicker (from the egg protein) and is full of shine. Some say their hair feels like silk with a really wonderful feel to it.


It's possible to have amazing waves without using a lot of chemicals, heat or other tools which will damage strands.

Original Publication Date: 12/28/10 - Revised Publication Date: 01/05/12

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