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Christina Applegate: Great Hair, Friends & Celeb Hairdresser


Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy Married With Children 1987 - 1997

ABC All Rights Reserved

Christina Applegate has paid her dues in Hollywood. She has also established herself as a fabulous comedian in the same league as Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore and Marlo Thomas.

Off-screen the famous vegetarian has the reputation of being an animal lover, humanitarian and supportive loving friend.

Although many serious talents like Christina may shudder at being identified by their external appearance, the reality is that Christina's first major big break was tied to her role on Fox TV's Married....With Children with big over-bleached blonde hair decorated with dark roots. As Kelly Bundy her hair had to match the horribly dysfunctional Bundy family dynamic.

To telegraph a completely different personality in her second TV series, Jesse, the mega talented star adopted a much softer hairstyle that you might find on the nice girl next door.

In her current role as the memory challenged Sam on ABC's Samantha Who the star sports a series of soft, sassy hairstyles which would mostly likely be worn by a successful executive like Sam. Regardless whether she remembers her job or how she got there.

Christina sported stereotypical ditzy long blonde hair for her Emmy award winning appearance as Rachel Green's (Jennifer Aniston) troublemaking sister.

Christina's Good Friends

Christina Applegate Samantha Who 2007

ABC/BOB D'AMICO All Rights Reserved

Don't ask the actress if it was hard ditching Kelly's image after Married ended. She has only been asked the same question about a gadzillion times and it is guaranteed to result in an eye rolling response.

The basic answer? Everything happens for a reason. Even though the sitcom was beyond obnoxious and at times embarrassing, it opened doors for Christina including long standing friendships with other Fox stars of the era including Johnny Depp, Jason Priestley and Brad Pitt.

As one of the only female teen stars on Fox she confessed to hanging with the boys and being "a tomboy". Gibby Haynes wrote a song about her as did hip hopper P.M. Dawn and her own mother. On the flip side, Christina co-wrote The Penis Song for The Sweetest Thing film.

During her days as the Hollywood tomboy, she also hung out with Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Anthrax. Definitely an odd but fascinating group of celebrity friends.

Christina is also known to hang with award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow whom she appeared with in A View From The Top. She is also one of Paves' famous "girls" and socializes with some of his other celebrity clients including Jessica Simpson. She counts Gwen Stefani as a good friend as well.

Working For A Living

What is generally kept on the down low it the fact the actress and her co-stars on Married didn't receive much in the way of residuals from the show. Sadly the actress reported she must continue to work to support herself. This info is ironic since the Married With Children show was the first major hit for the Fox TV Network.

Although quite successful in everything she does, Christina is still required to audition for her roles - or least this was the case back in 2004. Apparently unless you are a 20 Million+ actress, you are required to continue to convince the Hollywood powers of your acting excellence on an ongoing basis.

Christina's Hair Does Not Define Her

Does Christina's hair define her? Absolutely not. According to her long time celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves, Christina is a very spiritual person and fabulous to work with. Not only did Ken design and coif her hair for her wedding to Johnathan Schaech (now legally divorced as of 2007), he has worked with her off and on for many red carpet events.

Of course I'm a huge fan, loving Christina's performances in a wide range of films and TV appearances. Also, I am an even bigger fan of Ken Paves. As a result, I follow Christina's media travels closely.

Jane Magazine Interview In November 2004

Christina Applegate Samantha Who 2007

ABC/BOB D'AMICO All Rights Reserved

In the November 2004 issue of the now defunct Jane Magazine (boo hoo) Christina was featured for an interview by Jeff Johnson (I was so jealous) which she conducted in the comfort of her Hollywood Hills while holding her beloved tiny dog - Tallulah. Christina was promoting her movie with Ben Affleck, Surviving Christmas, which IMO was hilarious.

During the course of his Jane Magazine interview Jeff got Christina to spill a lot of great personal information which I have duly noted below:

1. Christina loves Nikka organic cabbage which was a gift from Johnson. 2. The actress loves the movie Harold & Maude. 3. She played Hermia in A Midsummer's Night Dream 4. Christina is a Coffee Bean gal 5. It was known she loved to go fishing with the Married With Children crew. 6. A sometime emcee of the Pussycat dolls burlesque troupe, she helped the group get started. 7. The actress enjoys really good dirty jokes. 8. She confessed to Jeff Johnson she was quitting smoking for her role in Sweet Charity on Broadway. 9. Ken Paves was the hairdresser who created all Christina's hairstyles for the Jane cover that accompanied Johnson's brilliant, compassionate and wildly informative interview.

A Peek Into The Spiritual Side

As I mentioned above, celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves told me the actress is very spiritual. Indeed, she follows Agape, a blend of Easter and Western religions. She believes "if things aren't going your way" in your life, "you can usually trace it back to some through process you had at some time".

Christina's Fabulous Fashions

For her cover shot of the November Jane the lovely star rocked a Michael Kors sweater and sequined skirt, Bulgari white-gold-and-diamond cross necklace. She was styled for the shoot by Eric Nicholson and of course Ken Paves worked her natural waves into a gorgeous chin length ringlet infused bob with a sexy side-swept part. She was a true vision indeed.

Christina's Cosmo Interview

At one point way back when I had a copy of Christina's interview in Cosmopolitan Magazine but along with the gadzillion other magazines that are clogging the shelves of my library, I can't seem to locate it. However, before the issue appeared I talked to Ken Paves about what it actually took to create Christina's "big hair" which is a signature look for a Cosmo cover girl.

He told me "he would be using hair extensions to provide the volume and fullness required. Of course it is a well-known fact that many of the Cosmo cover girls get a little help from some big fans that elevate the tresses.

Christina's Hair Secrets

Christina Applegate Samantha Who 2007

ABC/BOB D'AMICO All Rights Reserved

When it comes to hair, Christina has a lot of great things going for her. Besides having one of Hollywood's best hairdressers, Ken Paves, on her team for years, she has naturally great hair.

Off-camera, Christina often opts for a more windblown bed head look that allows her to simply tousle her slightly layered hairstyle with her fingers. Whether she wears her hair carefully coiffed or simply tousled, her hairstyles work beautifully with her face shape, gorgeous skin and stunning eyes.

Christina has highlighted tresses and with her busy acting schedules, her strands take some styling abuse.

If your hair is colored, highlighted or naturally dry, consider using a color enhancing shampoo formula or a product designed to counter dry or damaged hair.


A few years ago when I wrote an article about Christina Applegate's performance on Broadway I predicted she would continue to succeed in any role she decided to undertake.

Now the very talented performer is wowing the world as Samantha Newly on Samantha Who. This truly funny comedy which airs on Mondays at 9:30 am on ABC recently scored its best rating to date 4.9/11 amongst adult viewers aged 18-49.

Samantha Newly may have lost her memory on Samantha Who but when it comes to shining in a comedy role, Christina Applegate has not skipped a beat. She is stunning in her new role. Expect those awards to start rolling in. In the meantime set your recorder or TIVO so that you don't miss this very funny show.

Note: Samantha Who was cancelled at the end of the 2008-2009 Season.

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