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Celebrity Hairstylist Laurent D


Laurent D & Brooke Burke "Cut For A Cure" to benefit Expedition Inspiration For Breast Cancer Research Prive Salon, Los Angeles, California 10-15-05 All Rights Reserved.

There is no celebrity hairdresser who is more fun to write about than hair master Laurent Dufourg.

The fabulous Frenchman is one of the most charming men on the planet. He is warm, friendly and incredibly funny, not to mention a true genius with hair.

Laurent D, as he is fondly called by all who know him, boasts a stable of some of the most celebrated clients (Uma Thurman, Teri Hatcher, Debra Messing, Jewel, Teá Leoni, David Duchoveny) on the planet.

Whether the constantly interviewed hair maestro really remembers me or not, he always acts as if we are the best of friends who are chatting about getting together for lunch. He never fails to invite me to stop by and say hello the next time I am in LA or New York.

Laurent always greets me for every interview with an effusive hello and some little antidote that instantly generates a giggle. In fact, when I'm interviewing Laurent, people around me think I am on a chatty personal call with a long lost friend rather than working on a real article assignment.

This time was no different than the past. Even though the interview got off to a rocky start because Laurent was stuck in traffic, when he finally made it to the phone at his famous Los Angeles Privé Salon he cracked a joke and had me instantly laughing.

It's no surprise people around the world are willing to pay any price and wait for weeks to get into his coveted appointment book. I would pay just to hang out with this awesome man.

If this man is as much fun in person as he is on the phone it's no wonder he is one of the most sought after hairdressers on the planet. He always makes me feel important and interesting even when we are just doing a phone interview.

I can only imagine how he makes his clients feel when they are sitting in his chairs at his LA and New York locations. Which may explain how devoted his legions of clients are to his work with their tresses.

Eva Longoria's French Wedding

Teri Hatcher Badgley Mischka Party Celebrating The Teri Hatcher Campaign 08-27-07 All Rights Reserved.

Having recently returned from France where he mixed business and pleasure with Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher, Laurent had lots of great stories to share. His stories are always compelling and he shares lots of fascinating tidbits while remaining completely discreet and respective of his famous client's ultimate privacy.

Laurent explained he had promised "to escort Teri, one of his favorite long time clients, and her lovely daughter Emerson, to France for Eva Longoria's July wedding".

The timing of the trip was perfect since Laurent travels to France every year in the Summer to visit his Dad and brother in his native homeland.

After escorting Teri and her daughter, as well as creating a gorgeous series of hairstyles for the various parties and weddings, Laurent jetted off to visit his dad and his brother where he "had lots of fun".

Since Laurent often travels with Teri (as well as many of his famous clients) for both business and pleasure, the trip for Eva's wedding and related nuptial parties was a normal event for Laurent.

The famed celeb hairdresser promised to act as the trip tour guide showing Teri and Emerson around Paris, which is his old stomping ground. He also promised to act as her escort for the wedding. Of course it was also understood he would create his famous hair magic on Teri's tresses for the various bridal parties and the nuptials.

As Laurent described it, the actual wedding was "a spectacular event held at the Church of Saint Germain l'Auxerrois which just happens to be right across from the Louvre Museum". The reception was an exclusive bash held at the storied Chateau of Vaux le Vicomte on the outskirts of Paris. The entire affair was a lavish event complete with fireworks and an imported wedding cake.

Laurent provided lots of details about the "fun filled pre-wedding party he attended with Teri" which was attended by a glittering array of celebrities "held on a barge on the Thursday night before the wedding".

Because Teri did not want to outshine the bride or her party in any way, she chose a series of simple but glamorous gowns for the wedding and various celebrations. The beautiful Housewife chose to wear her hair down in simple styles that were soft, shiny and pretty.

Laurent, who doesn't do Teri's hair for her celebrated role on TV's Desperate Housewives explained Teri "is currently enjoying having her hair longer with layers that create beautiful movement and fullness". For the current Desperate Housewives season she is focused on wearing her dark brunette tresses "soft, shiny, healthy and pretty".

Teri wants her hair to look like hair, natural, sexy and beautiful."

Swarming Paparazzi

Terry Hatcher and daughter Emerson All Rights Reserved.

While providing Teri and Emerson with a tour of Paris on the Friday before the wedding, the trio became unexpectedly trapped in a Paparazzi (Paps) frenzy. Laurent noted he and Teri "saw swarms of at least 70 photographers across the street at the Chanel Boutique waiting for Eva to come outside".

Hoping to avoid detection, Laurent, Teri and Emerson tried to sneak away. To their dismay the Paparazzi who were stalking Eva at Chanel spied Teri and suddenly screamed her name.

In an instant Laurent said they "were completely swarmed by a mob of screaming pushing reporters and photographers". The frenzied group pursued Teri, Emerson and Laurent "down the streets" as they tried to escape the throngs of raucous photographers and media.

The Paps mistakenly thought Laurent was Teri's new boyfriend and reported it in the French press. He became an instant French celebrity as "Teri's new man", which Laurent and Teri found quite humorous.

During the mad chase down the Paris streets one photographer singled out Laurent and "tried to pick a fight with him". He told the pushy Pap he was there "to do hair and not fight". Laurent was horrified by the new experience which he found "incredibly scary and frightening".

After 20 minutes of trying to elude the mob Teri, Emerson and Laurent "escaped into the famous Ritz which blocked the Paparazzi from following them into the hotel". Laurent and Teri were relieved to find refuge in the hotel and proceeded to hang out there. They had lunch and did some shopping in the hotel shops until it was safe to try and leave.

When they were finally ready to leave the Ritz, the staff helped them sneak out the back where they completely escaped from the crazed throngs of papparrazzi.

Johnny Depp

I asked Laurent if he had the chance to visit with long time client Johnny Depp while he was in France where Johnny is now living.

Laurent noted "he is still in touch with Johnny" but his schedule did not permit him to see Johnny during his trip". However, he does expects to work with Johnny again in the future. I asked about Johnny's hair and Laurent noted "he still has his hair very long".

Emmy Awards For 2007

Alyson Hannigan TCA 2007 CBS Summer Press Tour 07-19-07 All Rights Reserved.

In the past when I talked with Laurent he explained his rules for booking his celebrity clients for special award shows. It's quite simple, whomever books first, wins Laurent's time slot.

I reminded Laurent of this fact and asked if anyone had booked him for the upcoming Emmy Awards. He laughed and reported "both Teri Hatcher and Debra Messing had booked him for the Emmy awards at just about the same time".

He felt he would probably "do Debra's hair for the Emmy awards" since she was nominated for an award for her work in The Starter Wife.

Laurent explained that his celebrity clients are all very gracious and willing to share his time. They also understand when he feels the need to work with a client who is in the spotlight for an award.

Will Laurent do both Teri and Debra? While he confessed that no final decision had been made on whose hair he will do, it is unlikely that he would be able to do both stars for the Emmy event.

As Laurent and I have discussed in the past, timing is everything and it is very difficult to co-ordinate the creation of Red Carpet hair for two celebrities at one time.

Alyson Hannigan

David Duchovny Californication Premiere Screening 08-01-07 All Rights Reserved.

I asked Laurent if he had been working with any new celebrity clients lately and he reported that he had recently started working with Alyson Hannigan of TV's How I Met Your Mother, formerly of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Laurent reported that Alyson "is just lovely" and is "wearing her hair longer and darker" with long layers. She is going for a hair look that is "healthy, pretty and shiny".

Teá Leoni & David Duchoveny

Laurent has been working with Teá Leoni, her husband and their two kids for many years. When I inquired about Teá and David's hair happenings, Laurent informed me that he had just finished designing Teá's hairstyles for her latest movie.

He also told me "he cut and styled David's hair for his new USA cable show, Californication". Laurent reported Californication is "very funny" and a "great role for David".

In fact, Laurent cut and styled David's hair on the beach while he was in Mexico where he is building his brand new house.

Like he does every year, Laurent is partnering with Teá for his breast cancer charity drive known as Cut For A Cure. In honor of his support of the fight against breast cancer Laurent has developed a new hairspray for his hair care line.

I mentioned to Laurent that Spanglish was my all time favorite movie with Teá. Laurent laughed and confessed "he designed all of Tea's hairstyles for the popular Adam Sandler movie. In fact, he noted he designs all of her hairstyles for all the movies she does. Of course he also does her hair for special premieres and related events.


I reminded Laurent the last time we chatted he was gallivanting around the country with singer Jewel for American Idol tryouts. I asked if he was doing that again this year. No, he replied, "not this year" Due to prior commitments in Las Vegas and won't be working with Jewel personally. However, he has a highly skilled team of hair experts that are always available to travel with his regular celebrity clients like Jewel when Laurent is not available.

He noted that someone from the Privé Team would be working with Jewel on some upcoming events. I asked him for the latest on Jewel's hair and he reported she is growing her hair much longer and going with a more natural look. He also said she is going "a little darker" especially in the underneath layers. Laurent also noted "he's still work with the beautiful songstress on a regular basis although not for American Idol".

Victoria Beckham Los Angeles Galaxy Introduces David Beckham 07-13-07 All Rights Reserved.

Posh Spice

The conversation slowly turned to his Hollywood home which has recently become the new neighborhood of celebrities David and Victoria "Posh" Beckham.

Laurent confessed "I really like Posh Spice". Unfortunately Posh and with her famous husband David, have inadvertently turned the formerly quiet neighborhood into a major traffic jam.

According to Laurent "some of David's soccer fans hang around outside David's house for days on end" hoping for a glimpse of the "king of soccer". The fans make a lot of noise causing a constant ruckus and chaos right outside of Laurent's home.

Although he watched "and really enjoyed her reality TV show" Laurent actually met the famous fashionista at a Hollywood party thrown by Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise to welcome the British couple to America. Laurent found Victoria to be "charming and fun and well as very chic and beautiful".

Privé Formule Aux Herbes Hair Care Line

Laurent's Privé Formule Aux Herbes hair care collection includes 22 products for cleansing, conditioning, treating, styling and finishing the hair.

Jewel Rock The Kasbah Presented by Virgin Unite 07-02-07 All Rights Reserved.

Each product in the Privé collection contains herbal blends specifically developed personally by Laurent.

Making a significant commitment to education and training, Laurent scheduled a major training session in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand for the 500+ salons and stylists on the Privé styling team of stylist currently utilizing the Privé hair care line with their hair clients.

Putting together a major team of product educators, Laurent is working hard to provide advanced training. He confessed to having so many great ideas of how he can motivate and educate at the same time. He also mentioned that the training will not be just about work.

There will also be fun events. Laurent was very excited about the new training program he has created. He also confessed it is "his dream to eventually open a hair training academy in Las Vegas".

Fighting The Cancer Fight

The fight against cancer is an important issue for Laurent and the Privé family. Laurent has been closely touched by this disease and co-owner Jackie Applebaum is a survivor.

It's their commitment to the fight against cancer that has led them to create a two-tier approach to aid in finding a cure and promoting early detection.

For an entire year, from October 2007 to October 2008, Privé will be donating $1 from the sale of every Firm Hold Hair Spray #55 to the Expedition Inspiration Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In addition, Privé is embarking on a truly innovative initiative by holding a nationwide promotion in salons that carry the Privé line to raise awareness of the importance of mammograms.

Every woman who gets a mammogram can go online and register. She will then receive a gift certificate that she can print out and take to participating salons to receive a select complementary service (cut, blow dry or conditioning). It’s a great way to promote early detection among women which has the potential to save thousands of lives.

What's Next For Laurent D?

Debra Messing Los Angeles Premiere of "Open Season" 09-25-06 All Rights Reserved.

As always, this workaholic celebrity hair icon works around the clock on his many projects. Besides jetting back and forth every two weeks between his two world famous Privé salons in New York and LA, Laurent continues to work on developing new products and ideas for his fabulous hair care line. He is also investigating the development of additional salons and a possible studio where photo shoots could be held.

Laurent is always on call for his many celebrity clients for Red Carpet events or for designing their hair looks for various movie and TV roles. In his precious spare time this elegant and charming man serves as an image consultant to television, film and political personalities.

He also noted he is very excited about the new house he is building in Mexico where he and his family can take vacations and relax. Laurent is very devoted to his wife and family and spends as much time with them as his busy schedule allows.


Laurent D is best known as the brilliant hands behind some of the most gorgeous hairstyles worn by celebrities showcased on Red Carpets around the world. But celebrity hairdresser is just one of the many hats the mega talented man wears.

The charming celebrity hair maestro is also a brilliant businessman who has built two world renowned salons in Hollywood and New York. The Hollywood Privé salon location also includes a full spa that is visited by big name stars including Drew Barrymore.

He also lovingly created the Privé Formule Aux Herbes hair care line which he personally promotes by conducting training events for the hairdressers and salons who use the fabulous line.

This man whose amazing talent with hair transforms celebrities and non-celebrities alike also selflessly devotes his time and money to many charities working tirelessly to educate about cancer which has touched his family and friends.

Can I say anything more about this fantastic hairdresser, humanitarian and brilliant man? Only that I would trust him completely with my hair and if I ever have the chance to walk a Red Carpet, he will be my mane man.

Privé Salons

Apart from tending to hair, Privé in Los Angeles serves healthy snacks and teas and has a tranquil Buddha Garden Cafe. Located directly upstairs is the Ona Spa, an oasis providing massages, facials and body scrubs.

Privé Salon 7373 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles 90036 323- 931-5559

This large, popular salon is located in the SoHo Grand hotel. This fabulous salon entices customers with its relaxed Mediterranean feel and terrific haircuts. No surprise that it draws a celebrity-heavy clientele. Cuts are $90 to $300.

For Laurent's rates please call for details.

Privé Salon 310 W Broadway New York, New York 212-274-8888

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