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Celebrity Hair Makeover: Channelling Katharine McPhee


Katharine McPhee

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In April 2007 Ken and his stellar Paves Salon team opened their doors to six lucky Celebrity Makeover winners who had been selected by Multi Media International (MMI) for the opportunity to transform into versions of their celebrity idols.

Makeover winner Chenoa specifically wanted to be transformed into a version of the lovely Katharine McPhee. As part of her celebrity makeover process Chenoa received an initial consultation for hair color and style with Team Paves at the Beverly Hills Salon.

The celebrity make-up artists with Benefit Cosmetics were also on hand along with the MMI photographer to record Chenoa's step-by-step transformation into a bona fide celebrity look-a-like.

Before Photo Chenoa Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Katharine McPhee Makeover April 2007

Katharine McPhee's Style

American Idol finalist Katharine McPhee is living her dreams Somewhere Over The Rainbow. While her many fans were over the moon because of her voice, talent and incredible beauty, when the final vote was tallied, she came in second to silver hair fox, Taylor Hicks.

Many of her Idol fans were outspoken about Katharine's long and luscious rich brunette tresses which she wore long, full and with beautiful waves.

Celebrity Makeover Magic

At first glance it it's crystal clear why Model Chenoa (shown to the side) wanted her celebrity makeover at the famous Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon to transform her into fabulous version of stunning American Idol star Katharine McPhee.

Who could blame her? Katharine is gorgeous and is adored by legions of fans.

Getting Started Notes

Before her celebrity makeover, Chenoa wore her fine slightly wavy strands swept completely off her face. Her hair was parted on one side and the length extended to the tops of her shoulders.

Chenoa has oval shaped face that is more rounded along the cheeks. Her chin has a very slight point to it. Chenoa has beautiful wide set eyes framed by well shaped brows and lips.

Chenoa has a mixture of face shape elements. Although her jaws and cheeks are part of a classic square, her chin tapers to a point that normally is typical of a heart shape. The top of her face appears to be more oval.


During Photo Chenoa Receiving Highlights Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Katharine McPhee Makeover April 2007

Talented celebrity hairdresser Denise Bolanowski (at Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon in California - (310) 499-7122) focused on making minimal changes to Chenoa’s hairstyle and shape while enhancing her natural beautiful skin and hair.

After studying Chenoa's hair and deciding that her Katharine McPhee look would be created by extending her hair length with HairDo clip-in extensions, it was decided not to cut Chenoa's hair at all.

It was also agreed not to touch the front of the hair or create any type of fringe or bangs.


Denise focused on making the necessary changes to Chenoa’s current copper brunette hair color which was punctuated by a series of contrasting white blonde chunks.

Chenoa's base color combined with the brassy white blonde chunky highlights required a complete redo.

During Photo Chenoa Getting Hair Clipped at Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Katharine McPhee Makeover April 2007

MMI Mags All Rights Reserved.

Chenoa agree that Denise could completely eliminate the white blonde streaks by covering them with a copper hue which worked in harmony with subtle highlights and lowlights.

When all the new colors were merged the resulting base color was a warm chocolate truffle with hints of copper and soft glowing light chocolate.

The newly created hues added beautiful dimension, movement and shine.


To maximize the beauty of Chenoa’s gorgeous highlights and lowlights, Denise washed her hair with a color enhancing shampoo that would protect the gorgeous new hues.

She coated Chenoa’s freshly washed and towel dried strands Kerastase Double Force Volumactive Mousse and specifically avoided using heavy styling products that might weigh down Chenoa's fine strands.

During Photo Chenoa In Make-up Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Katharine McPhee Makeover April 2007

MMI Mags All Rights Reserved.

After letting her freshly washed tresses air dry for a few minutes to remove excess moisture, Denise used a blow dryer and a round boar's bristle brush and blew dried Chenoa's hair.

Separating her hair into individual sections, Denise used the round brush to build in extra volume and body along the face and the crown.

Once Chenoa's hair was completely dry Denise separated her strands into individual sections. She spritzed each section with Kerastase Double Force before wrapping the strands around a medium barrel curling iron. Denise's goal was to create soft sexy curls throughout Chenoa's strands.

After releasing the newly curled strand from the curling iron, Denise used her fingers and clipped the newly formed curls against Kelsey's scalp to cool and set.

Adding HairDo Hair Extensions

Once Chenoa's hair was completely set, but still clipped into place, Denise released the bottom curls. To prepare for adding the hair extension piece Denise first lightly backcombed strategically placed sections of Chenoa's hair to help the natural and extension blend seamlessly.

She then applied Kerastase Double Force to the roots to help secure the clip-in extension firmly in place. Denise created a part just below the crown which extended vertically from temple to temple. She twisted and pinned the bottom strands of the hair into a secure bun.

Denise carefully positioned a 23" long and wavy synthetic hair extension from the HairDo Collection attaching it at the newly created back part. The clip-in extension is part of the fabulous collection which was designed by Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson.

During Photo Kelsey Receiving HairDo Extensions Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Julianne Moore Makeover April 2007

MMI Mags All Rights Reserved.

After the color matched hair extension piece was clipped into Chenoa's hair Denise released the remaining clips which allowed the newly created curls to cascade down over the top of the piece.

Picking up a few pieces of hair, she lightly backcombed to completely cover the hair line where the extension was clipped into place. She then used her fingers to carefully arrange, tousle and finish Chenoa's style. She used a curling iron to fine tune curls along the bottom and top of Chenoa's style.

Note: The Synthetic HairDo™ Clip-in Extension Systems are available in a variety of color levels. These extensions have been specially processed so that they hold the gorgeous waves. The entire HairDo line is available at

All HairDo™ Clip-in Extension Systems consist of one multi-level, contoured piece that creates an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of working with several individual wefts.

Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable extensions can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes.


Once Denise was finished creating a masterpiece of style and color the celebrity makeup artist from Benefit Cosmetics applied a beautiful palette of hues to compliment Chenoa's sensual new look.


After Photo Chenoa Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Katherine McPhee Makeover April 2007

MMI Mags All Rights Reserved.

Chenoa’s amazing celebrity makeover transformed her into her own version of an American Idol complete with luscious long curls and waves in a rich cherry chocolate truffle hue.

Her newly created brunette color reflects brilliant shine and shimmer giving her eyes and skin a spectacular glow. The long side swept fringe that falls past one eye adds a touch of extra sass. The cascade of long luscious curls completes the look hinting at playfulness.

Call the world famous Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon at (310) 499-7122) for your own eye-popping, jaw-dropping transformation. Please tell Denise and the rest of the Ken Paves team that Karen at and Cheryl at MultiMedia sent you

Story Credits

Styles: Denise Bolanowski for Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon in Beverly Hills, California - (310) 499-7122) Editor: Cheryl Crosby - Multi Media International Makeup: Arianne Dubose And Benefit Cosmetics Team Photographer: Georgia Cobb Editorials: Karen Marie Shelton

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