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Celebrity Hair: Bangs & Fringes


Amy Smart w/SideSwept Bangs at Heal The Bay 20th Anniversary Annual Dinner June 2, 2005

One hair look that constantly cycles in and out of fashion has been the "fringe" which is British for the American term "bang".

Throughout recent hair history bangs have been seen in large numbers on the fashion walkways from time to time.

Whether you call it a "fringe" or a "bang", this hairstyle has once again become popular with many of the top supermodels, fashionistas and celebrities.

Some people, myself included, just prefer to have bangs all the time. Although I have never managed to be plagued by those traditional 60s style "mall bangs"

I have always preferred some sort of fringe for my face shape. Other people detest and despise a forehead fringe of any kind. With everything hair related, not every type of fringe is right for every type of hair.

Why do bangs continue to cycle in and out of favor? The simple act of adding a new forehead fringe and skillfully applying some face framing highlights can create an instantaneous awe inspiring transformation.

Ken Paves - Creation Of Celebrity Bangs

Lara Flynn Boyle w/Choppy Side Bangs at 9th Annual Family Matters Benefit & Celebration June 3, 2005

Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Lara Flynn Boyle, Kim Cattrall and Jennifer Lopez have used forehead fringes to instantly create brand new sizzling looks.

Many celebrity hairdressers like Ken Paves uses custom hair extension pieces to create perfectly matched bangs for their famous client.

Ken has often told me in our frequent cell phone chats that he "loves bangs because they are such a great way to provide an instant tune-up for just about any hairstyle or look".

And Kenny knows all about celebrity bangs because he has personally created them for Jessica, Lara Flynn, Kim and Jennifer.

Ken created custom add-on bangs for Ashlee Simpson when she appeared on TV's 7th Heaven and created a fabulous set of bang extensions for the gorgeous Marley Shelton when her hair was cut in a very short pixie style.

Looking ahead for 2005 Ken loves "bangs that are fresh, fun and sizzling. He particularly is fond of side swept and blunt bangs which he has created with great panache for all of his "girls" as he calls his famous group of female celebrity clients.

(Image of Nicole Richie with long highlighted & side swept bangs at the Girlz In The Hood "Women of Achievement" Luncheon, June 2, 2005 - Photo by Chris Wolf - - all rights reserved).

Selecting The Proper Fringe Style

Bangs have recently been spotted on the fashion runways showcasing 2005 designs which are still being heavily influenced by the 2004 trend of "anything goes".

Fringe endowed models have been spotted wearing angled bangs, eyebrow skimming peek-a-boo fringes and an array of romantic mixed texture bangs.

(Image of Jessica Simpson with full side swept bangs at the Clive Davis Annual Pre Grammy Party Achievement" Luncheon, February 2, 2005 - Photo by David Edwards - - all rights reserved).

Ashlee Simpson w/ Short Choppy Bangs at 2004 MTV Video Awards August 29, 2004

It seems that 2005 is going to be another banner year for customized forehead bangs.

Whether you blend in highlights, lowlights, colored tips or even partial colors enjoy the freedom to mix and match your bangs with hair flips, chips, layers, shaggy pieces, choppy pieces and panel strands.

Since fringe possibilities are mind-blowing endless, how do you select a bang style that is best for you?

If you are interested in having a new fringe but are unsure of the best type that would work with your current hair style and face shape, read on.

Listed below is a summary of some of the more popular and basic bang types along with compatible face shapes, hair texture and styles.

Keep in mind that ultimately you have the option to work with your hairdresser to create whatever type of bangs work best for you.

Classic Blunt Bangs

Kelly Ripa as Faith ABC's Hope & Faith w/Classic Blunt Cut Bangs 2005

A basic blunt fringe draws fantastic attention to your eyes. It adds instant drama and works well if you love to crank up your eye makeup.

The blunt bang coupled with the right amount of makeup will produce big beautiful eyes.

Blunt bangs are usually very flattering for face shapes like some heart shaped and inverted triangular face shapes that feature wide or full foreheads.

Blunt cut fringes will help to balance a large forehead and soften facial features including a pointy or prominent chin.

While blunt bangs will usually work with oval face shapes, they may need to be modified to flatter square or round face shapes.

Blunt bangs can be updated for 2005 by mixing in a small amount of choppy or layered texture that gives you the option to play with different looks. Experiment with carefully applied highlights and lowlights to really open up your face and make your eyes pop.

Super Short Bangs

Alyssa Milano w/Classic Baby Bangs at Grand Opening PlayStation 2 Hotel May 21, 2002

If you want to be really bold and show off your face as well as your peepers, you can wear the teeny tiny short little bangs that are the reason they have been nicknamed "the fringe". True fringes are exactly that.

The classic baby bangs work great for oval and some round face shapes, since short bangs tend to add instant face length and slimness.

Long, angular, thin or oblong faces should stay away from face lengthening mini bangs.

Keep in mind the shorter your bangs, the longer your face will appear.

The good news with the shortest fringe is that it will take a lot longer to grow out than longer bangs. The bad news?

If you hate them, you will have to deal with them for some time.

Straight Hair Fringes

Stick straight hair usually looks great with shorter, blunter styled bangs which tend to soften the overall effect of straight tresses.

If you want to jazz up straight bangs for special can add a little gel to slick them back. You can also add a light hair spray and a hint of glitter.

(Image of Mena Suvari wearing straight bangs at "Denim, Diamonds and a Do" May 22, 2005 - David Edwards - - all rights reserved).

The layered highlights and lowlights as well as baylage work nicely on straight bangs as well. when adding hair color you can be outrageous or subtle. You can match your current hair color or go wild and use the contrasting lighter or darker hues.

Angled Bangs

Jennifer Lopez w/angled bangs at Monster In Law April 29, 2005

Angled bangs can take on a lot of different forms with just a few longer hairs coupled with a lot of other hairs at different lengths.

You can just let your natural curls and waves take over...or you can gel the bangs to achieve a tousled look.

Some round and diamond face shapes can instantly benefit from angled bangs which would help to add new angles and soften too-wide cheeks.

Bangs that are squared off also will add new angles to a too-round face shape.

Graduated angled bangs tend to be the best bet for curly or wavy hair. Longer bangs have the opposite effect of baby bangs. They will shorten your face.

Wavy Hair & Curly Hair

Minnie Driver w/Curly Bangs at Launch Conscious Commerce Clothing March 25, 2003

Unfortunately angled or any type of bangs may not work on some types of naturally curly or super wavy hair without a lot of styling time.

If the hair above your forehead has a whirl or prominent cowlick or easily curls up, bangs may not be a wise choice since they may be uncontrollable and definitely time consuming to deal with.

Although Minnie Driver (shown to the side) is cool and confident wearing ringlet bangs, many people with naturally curly hair would prefer to either straighten their fringe or wear none at all.

Strong Facial Features

Side swept bangs may offer instant magic for long or thin face shapes with sharp angular or pointy features. Have your bangs cut to just one side if you want to downplay or sharpen your facial features.

Ashlee Simpson w/ long eyebrow skimming bangs at Mean Magazine CD Party July 23, 2003

Traditional square and heart face shapes may definitely benefit from angled bangs which would help to slim too-wide cheeks and jaw lines.

A carefully created side swept bang can create new angles and overall facial softness.

Texturizing of just the area around the bangs is also a good softening option. Feathered bangs will create a fluffy look that immediately softens and lengthens.

Long Eyebrow Style Bangs

Ashlee Simpson shown to the side is a classic case of having great eyebrow skimming or eyebrow bangs. These bangs are typically cut to hang past the eyebrow by anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

Long eyebrow style bangs are thought to be very sexy and can be cut to hang long into the actual eyes or may be the result of bangs that are growing out.

Throughout the history of bang wearing long eyebrow skimming bangs have cycled in and out of popularity.

Although some hair and beauty experts recommend that only some types of face shapes should wear the long sassy bang style, other experts believe that every face shape can benefit from the look.

Whether the long eyebrow style bang is the result of growing out bangs or cut on purpose, they have the benefit of directing immediate attention upon the eyes.

Many wearers report that the below-the-eyebrow bangs are annoying and hard to wear. Indeed, if the natural texture of the hair is wavy the long eyebrow bangs may require special styling products to straighten.

Long Hair

Properly designed and created bangs may work well with any type of long hair.

Some long hair experts like the world renowned long hair expert Dr. George Michael do not believe in any type of bangs.

However, if you are tired of the same style, bangs can add a new look without requiring you to lose any length in your overall hair. Choose bangs to match your hair texture and facial structure.

Highlighted Bangs

Lisa Rina Layered side-swept bangs 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Creative Arts Awards May 14, 2005

If your hair is very dark, you may want to experiment with tiny highlighted stripes in a lighter color to draw attention to your eyes or face.

The good news if that if you like the look, it is easy to maintain. If you don't, bangs will grow out in a matter of weeks.

Adding highlights and/or lowlights to thin, fine hair can instantly plump them up, adding softness.

Festive Bangs

Besides adding highlights or lowlight to your bangs, you can add tiny beads, feathers or other adornments.

You can also add the new tiny clips, barrettes (also known as slides) or be creative with gels, mousses or sprays.

If you limit your creativity with hair products to your bangs you have the added benefit of not risking any damage to the rest of your hair.

Wild Bangs

Paris Hilton (in a winged bang style) & Kimberly Stewart The Young Hot Hollywood Style Awards April 13, 2005

Turn up the heat on your look with mix and match textures.

Models are often captured on camera combining wild curly bangs with sleek, slicked back ponytails and braids or stick straight bangs with wild curly hair that flows to their shoulders.

Bangs can be a combination of very short on one side and long, angled and even wavy on the other side.

Or they can flow into the sides in a Farrah winged do.

Nothing can stop you and your hairdresser from creating just the right type of bangs for your face shape, hairstyle and texture but your creativity.


Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson With 2003 Version of Heavy Mall Bangs at 2003 Billboard Music Awards Anniversary Annual Dinner December 10, 2003

Whether you go with a traditional blunt or side swept fringe style or go with a 2005 versions of anything-does-for-hair, you can instantly spice up your current hairstyle with bangs.


Mall bangs are a term bestowed on heavy bangs that were very popular in the 60s.

They were cut so that they would site very high up on the head. Although mostly worn by women in the 60s, some men did wear them as well.

Natalie Maines of The Dixie Chicks has made it a point to comment on the fact that she had her own set of Mall Bangs in 1988.

She has stated publicly during her live stage shows that Mall Bangs are still a problem in "Las Vegas".

Celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves is totally against Mall Bangs which are also known as Rat-Mall Bangs.

Paves has been quoted in the press and media as saying "there is no excuse for mall bangs," "I am a licensed hairdresser, and if I see that on the street, I will arrest you."

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