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Black Dahlia Flower Swarovski Crystal Hair Clip


Tarina Tarantino Black Dahlia Flower Swarovski Crystal Hair Clip Available at

One of jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino's recent eclectic collections was christened Black Dahlia. It's a subversive take on Victorian mourning jewelry with campy overtones. It's playful, uplifting and fun.

The Black Dahlia Flower Swarovski Crystal Hair Clip instantly caught my eye because I'm such a huge fan of hair accessories and Tarina's hair toys.

Although all of Tarina's designs are instant eye candy, the Black Dahlia Flower Swarovski Crystal Hair Clip caused an instant reaction when I saw it. Yes, I wanted it even when all I had was an image.

This hair flower was unlike any I had viewed in awhile. My eyes got wide, my mouth popped open and the only sounds I could make were cooing sounds.

I've been a fan of Tarina and her stunning hair and jewelry accessories since the very beginning of time, when she worked out of a small apartment in Los Angeles.

Her amazing collections always amuse, thrill and trigger an instant need to have the latest pieces. No wonder so many celebrities like Kelly Osbourne, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Beth Ditto, Lindsay Lohan and Cameron Diaz have been spotted rocking her hair and jewelry accessories over the years.

How To Wear Black Hair Accessories By Hair Color

Tarina Tarantino Black Dahlia - Lavinia - Victoria Swarovski Crystal Thorn Ruffled Brooch Pin Available at

The Black Dahlia Flower Swarovski Crystal Hair Clip looks best all by itself when worn in platinum hair as well as all the blondes from golden to honey to toasted almond.

The Black Dahlia Flower Hair Clips also rocks hard in every shade of red including pink hair, which is Tarina's signature hair color. Ditto for the electric blues, purples or greens.

If your hair is brunette, dark brown or raven black, the flower looks amazing with clipped onto a contrasting headband. My favorite combination is a skinny red headband with the Black Dahlia Flower clipped in any location on the band.

If you don't wish to combine it with a contrasting color you might experiment with wearing your hair pulled tightly back from your face and positioning the flower so that it pops against your skin.

Black Dahlia Flower Swarovski Crystal Hair Clip Description

A bustling piece from the Black Dahlia collection, this 3" hand crafted ruffled hair/anywhere clip features a beautiful black dahlia flower surrounded by orbiting onyx hued Swarovski crystals for a subtle yet elegant look!

The beautiful flower lays flat to the head and has a very polished look. Tarina took this hair accessory right to the edge.

More On The Black Dahlia

Tarina Tarantino Black Dahlia Temperance Couture Swarovski Crystal Thorn Choker with Velvet Closure Available at

"The Black Dahlia" was a nickname given to American Elizabeth Short (July 29, 1924 - January 15, 1947) who was the victim of a much-publicized murder in Los Angeles, which was as mysterious as it was grisly.

Newspapers nicknamed the crime "The Black Dahlia" because they found the crime particularly intriguing and colorful.

Short's unsolved murder has been the source of widespread speculation, leading to many suspects, along with several books and film adaptations of the story.

Tarina's Black Dahlia Inspiration

Tarina’s long-time obsession with the turn of the century is explored in this bristling presentation of high Victorian style.

Considered the grandest form of 19th century jewelry craft, jet pieces dominated the finest parlors and social gatherings with its opulent austerity.

Tarina was compelled to modernize and reinvent this legend and bring it back into the spotlight. When she was confronted with a complete lack of color, every element, ever bead and every crystal had to be chosen and composed to reflect maximum light, not an easy task for exclusively black components.

Tarina Tarantino Black Dahlia Susannah Swarovski Crystal Thorn Heart Pendant Necklace Available at

The result is a dazzling and completely new presentation of this mysterious and compelling material.


Although Tarina has said her inspiration for her Black Dahlia collection it's take on Victorian mourning jewelry dovetails perfectly with the public's awareness and fascination with The Black Dahlia murder case.

Afterall, any hard core Tarina hair or jewelry accessory collectors understand that Tarina's collections always are full of irony or nostalgic twists which thrill her customers.

While Tarina attracts a lot of fans in the 25-40 year old range, her collections are so beloved that they are worn by all ages from young girls to women in their 80s. Her designs are ageless and beyond unique.

Even the items in her collection are never the same. Since each piece is hand crafted no two every look exactly the same. There's no danger of a the cookie cutter effect taking over with Tarina's hair or jewelry designs.

Thank goodness for that.

Original Publication Date: 12/28/11 - Revised Publication Date: 01/05/12

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