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Big Bouncy Waves In An Instant


Scarlett Johansson

Big bouncy waves are back in hair fashion. In fact, they never really leave. Lush waves are always a beautiful style to create for any event whether it's daytime or evening. They're surprisingly easy and quick to create.

Whether your hair is straight, naturally wavy or curly, the method for creating big bouncy waves is similar.

Step By Step Instructions For Big Bouncy Waves

Follow the steps below to create your waves:

1. Shampoo your tresses with your normal products making sure to limit your use of overly slippery conditioners so that your hair is not too slick or soft. 2. Towel blot hair and detangle strands with a light conditioning spray or leave-in product like Phyto #7. Arrange hair into normal part, fringe or normal style. 3. Power blow dry hair until it is mostly dry with about 5% dampness. 4. Separate hair into 1" sections starting at the front of the head. Spray each individual section of hair with a good spray or gel which will enhance texture. 5. Roll each section with a rag roller available from local beauty stores or made at home from old clean dry rags. 6. Roll hair up and back towards the crown. Tie the roller into place against your scalp. Alternate individual sections to create a more balanced look. 7. When all your hair is rolled, use a blow dryer with a concentrator attachment and direct heat from dryer to each rolled section of hair. 8. After hair is 100% dry, let it cool down. 9. Carefully remove each roller being careful not touch each newly formed curl. 10. Gently shake your head to let the curls relax into waves. 11. Use your fingertips to carefully arrange curls into waves. If you must style, use a wide toothed pick to help separate curls into waves. 12. If your hair is too curly instead of wavy, use a paddle brush to gently deconstruct the curls. 13. For spot curling use a hot curling iron by Conair, Remington or Helen Of Troy. 14. Finish by spraying your new set with firm hold hairspray. 15. Add hair accessories as an optional last step.

Scarlett Johansson

Remember that the more you touch your curls or waves with your hands or styling tools, the more you risk frizz or losing the bounciness of the newly created waves.

Making Rag Rulers

  1. Use clean old cotton or flannel PJs, sheets or clothes.
  2. Be sure the material you use is soft, smooth and will not tear or rip hair.
  3. Use a sharp scissors and cut strips that are to 1 inch in width and 6 to 8 inches long depending on the thickness and current length of your hair.
  4. If you have short or medium length tresses you may want to keep the length to 6". If you have long locks you may want to extend the length up to 12 inches, depending on how tight you want the curls to be rolled.
  5. Experiment with one of two sample strips before you cut the entire amount.
  6. Make enough strips to roll your entire head separated into 1 inch sections.

Remember the smaller the roller and the least amount of hair that is rolled, the tighter and bouncier the waves and curls you'll produce. For softer or fuller curls, use more hair divided into bigger sections.

Original Publication Date: 03/2/2003 - Revised Date: 11/22/11

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