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While celebrities like Ashlee Simpson easily morph through a rainbow of hair colors ranging from platinum blonde to deep ruby red, mere hair mortals often wonder what are the best hair colors for them.

Can everyone look good in every hair color? Absolutely not. So why can some celebs like Ashlee frolic through the garden of hair colors and come out looking great? Ashlee has some of the very best hair color experts in the world on her speed dial.

Ash also has a team of celeb hairdressers and stylists who can help her pick the best hair colors to work with her eyes, skin tone and current fashion goals.

Evaluating eye color, skin tone and natural hair color and personal style are the key tenets of finding the best hair color for you.

Can a hair consumer find the best hair color for herself at home? While it's not impossible, it can be a little trickier from us hair color novices to select the best color. Afterall, red doesn't come in just one color. The tonal possibilities for red range up and down a vast color scale.

While one person may look great as a redhead, the question becomes - what is the best red hair color? Is there a best hair color? And how do you find it?

Listed below are some of the key rules professional hair colorists follow when selecting the best hair colors for their clients. Apply these rules to your own quest for the best hair color for you.

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1. Start slowly - Identify Your Best Skin Tone Match

If you can't afford to visit a high priced professional hair colorist, start your journey to find your ideal hair color by doing your homework.

Create a celebrity cheat sheet to match your skin tone, eye color and ideal hair color shades. Once you find a range of hair colors you believe would look best for you, check into local cosmetology schools that offer hair coloring services for the budget minded.

Skin tones can be classified in the following way:

1. Light Skin - Anne Hathaway, Naomi Watts, Christina Applegate 2. Light/Medium Skin - Lindsay Lohan, Maria Bello 3. Medium/Dark Skin - Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes, Salma Hayek 4. Dark Skin - Queen Latifah, Eve,

If you have light skin like Anne, Naomi or Christina, you may want to avoid any extremes in hair colors. Either too light or too dark can leave you looking washed out. Coloring tresses too dark can make skin look sallow and can age you.

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A good option is to start with highlights, which is ideal for those with medium to longer hair lengths. Highlights give you a taste of new color without the total commitment of a full head of color.

Highlights around the face can also often lots of advantages while being flattering.

If you opt to start with highlights, while there are kits you can use at home, you may want to have your first treatment performed by a professional or a cosmo student who is supervised by a professional teacher.

2. Add Your Natural Eye Color To The Formula

In addition to skin tone, eye color must definitely be considered with selecting the best hair color.

Some hair color artists may, in some cases be able to take very dark hair to a much lighter color but this process may require more than one application of lighteners to achieve appropriate color removal.

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When done carefully an expert colorist can minimize hair damage and achieve a superior lightness.

Eye tones can be classified in the following way:

1. Light Eyes - Alison Sweeney, Christina Applegate, Kylie Bax, Pamela Anderson 2. Light/Medium Eyes - Keri Russel, Anne Hathaway 3. Medium/Dark Eyes - Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes, Salma Hayek 4. Dark Eyes - Nia Long, Toni Braxton,

Put the colors up to the skin and next to the eye to determine what will look best.

Should You Be A Blonde, Brunette, Redhead Or Other Color?

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It's human nature to want what someone else has. If you're blonde you may believe you would be taken more seriously as a brunette. or as a brunette you believe going blonde makes you an instant magnet for the opposite sex.

Is this true? Not necessarily.

If you don't select a new hair color wisely what is true is a lot of hair problems ranging from unwanted orange, grey or other yucky hues to breakage, split ends and even potential hair loss.

When done correctly hair color can be fabulous and add instant oomph to any hairstyle. When done in haste there can be some serious repenting.

What that said, what is the best hair color for you?

Going Blonde?

The color blonde encompasses a huge range of colors from white platinum to dark dishwater blonde. There are warm and cool shades of blonde as well.

Can anyone go blonde? Yes, but the results will definitely be different for each person. How can you tell if you would look as a blonde? If you have light skin and light colored eyes you are a great candidate. If you have dark skin and dark eyes you may need to go with a much darker hue of blonde.

Are You Cool Or Warm Color Type?

You're a cool color type if you have a skin tone with blue or pink tones. You also look great in clothing that is termed "jewel" tones such as emerald green, ruby red, or vibrant blues and purples. You also probably look great in rich black and bright whites but definitely not ivory. You fall into the Winter and Summer color groups. Ash and cool hair pigments are visible with no or very little red or gold hair pigments.

You're a warm color if you have a skin tone with yellow or golden tones. You look great in ivory but not bright whites. You also look fab in earth tones such as brown, orange reds, yellow greens, yellow and orange. You fall into the Spring and Fall color groups. Red and gold hair pigments are visible in the warm

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Going Brunette?

The color blonde encompasses a huge range of colors from white platinum to dark dishwater blonde. There are warm and cool shades of blonde as well.

Going Red?

Let's face it, not everyone can wear red, especially the Lindsay Lohen or Marcia Cross reds.

People with light to medium skin tones with a pink undertone can pull off reds better than those with the medium to darker skin tones. Skin tones with lots of gold or olive have to tread more carefully when selecting a red hue that will work best for them.

Even more problematic is the fact that red hues fade faster than any other hair color.

Going White, Silver Or Gray?

The color blonde encompasses a huge range of colors from white platinum to dark dishwater blonde. There are warm and cool shades of blonde as well.

Other Color Options?

Although blonde, brunette and red are the primary colors selected by hair consumers when coloring their tresses, the trend towards going white, silver or gray is increasing. Hot colors such as eggplant, purple, blue, pink or green also go through cycles of popularity.


Is there such a thing as a best hair color? Yes indeed. However, it may take some time and research to find the best hair color for you skin and eye tone and lifestyle. Can everyone be any hair color they want to be? It depends on whether you wish to follow standard hair color rules. If you want to be a rebel, select any hair color you wish to wear. However, if you want to follow more traditional rules of beauty, select a hair color based on what works best with your own color types.

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