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Bandeaus Beat Hair Blues!


Lord knows if you are like me, there are just some days that life is so crazy that hair styling goals take a back seat.

(Image of bandeau wearing model from the Jacquelyn Wigs 100% Human Hair Wig Collection)

In the past I would "cheat" the hair gods by deploying an array of jaws, claws and other hair clips that would allow me to wrap my naturally wavy, curly and very long strands up into a messy bun configuration.

While tousled buns are still very fashionable and I still use the "wet bun technique" when I shampoo and air dry my tresses, there are days that I just want to wear my hair down.

The Bandeau

L.Erickson USA - French Lycra Wide Bandeau Headband - Bright PinkRecently I rediscovered the very popular bandeau style of headbands and instantly fell back in love. In reality, I wore bandeaus growing up but had forgotten their fabulous advantages for my hair.

(Image above of L. Erickson French Lycra Wide Bandeau Headband - Bright Pink - available at

The bandeau style of headband was initially worn in the early 1920s by Wimbledon tennis pro Suzanne Lenglen. Not only did Ms. Lenglen shock the world by being the first to wear a short skirt, she ditched the traditional tennis hat for a sleek bandeau that allowed her to see what she was doing on the court. Gee, what a concept.

Since Suzanne wore the circular one-piece fabric headband, the bandeau has skipped in and out of fashion popularity over the decades.

Bandeau Advantages

L.Erickson USA - French Lycra Wide Bandeau Headband - Heather Blue DenimA bandeau headband generally consists of a piece of fabric folded in half and stitched together. Usually a bandeau consists of one vertical and one horizontal discreet seam. (Image of L. Erickson - French Lycra Wide Bandeau Headband - Heather Blue Denim - available at

I love bandeau headbands because of the many and varied advantages they offer. Some of the bandeau's advantages include:

1. Tames wild and wooly bangs. 2. Instantly adjusts to any head size or shape. 3. Provides a soft, silky, sensuous feel. 4. Painless, unlike some horseshoe headbands, that have irritating teeth. 5. Secures bangs during awkward growing out phases. 6. Easy to pack and tote around. Stick one or two in your purse for instant hair emergencies. 7. Holds your tresses back while lounging by the pool. 8. Contains your locks while working out at the health club. 9. Diverts attention on bad hair days. 10. Keeps wily strands out of eyes during driving, washing your face, applying face masks and applying makeup. 11. Doubles as an emergency hair elastic to secure a ponytail or tails. 12. Frames curls and waves to provide an instant border for cascading locks. 13. Adds an instant splash of flattering color to any skin tone. 14. Can be worn during the day or for some evening events.

My Growing Bandeau Addiction

L.Erickson USA - French Lycra Narrow Bandeau Headband - Mailiot SuedeI personally love the way that I can wear a bandeau to pull all the hair off my face, let my natural waves cascade over my shoulders, show off my chunky bangs or even wearing one combined with a sleek ballerina bun. (Image of L. Erickson French Lycra Narrow Bandeau Headband - Mailiot Suede - available at

Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex And The City Fame and Jessica Simpson of The Newlyweds have both been spotted wearing a variety of bandeaus in a range of chic hairstyles.

Unlike the scrunchie which has been banished to the back of the closet, bandeaus are sizzling. (Image of L. Erickson Bandeau Style Headband - Cotton Aqua Blue - available at Bandeaus are easy to slide over your head and they stay put.

L.Erickson USA - French Lycra Wide Bandeau Headband - WhiteI personally have started collecting bandeaus in every style from the practical cotton which works when I am working out or taking a long walk to the ultra chic bandeau bands designed in every possible color from pink to gorgeous green. (L. Erickson French Lycra Wide Bandeau Headband - White - available at Even though the L. Erickson bandeaus are made of Lycra, if you close your eyes you will swear, because they are so soft, that they are made of a silk inspired material.

Every Range Of Material, Price & Style

Karina - Cotton/Lycra Headwrap - Dk BlueI absolutely love the fact that bandeaus are functional while decorative. After all, a form of the bandeau in a thicker wool material is widely utilized on the slopes by smart ski bunnies. While skiers prefer the wider bandeaus that are made of a chilly weather repellent material such as wool or similar fabric. (Image above Karina - Cotton/Lycra Headwrap - Dk Blue - available at

And yes, bandeaus come in a dizzying array of sizes from very thin (1/4 to 1/2") to very thick (1" - 3"). They are available in stretchy Lycra which instantly adjusts to any head size, to velvet, suede, cotton and various fabric blends. I have even seen bandeaus made out of stretchy rubber and denim.


Karina - Cotton/Lycra Headwrap - GreyThe beauty of the bandeau is that they look fashionable, are easy to wear, stay firmly in place and can work in a variety of hair situations from growing out unruly bangs to showcasing curls and waves. Once you try a bandeau there is no turning back. Not only can they perform admirably as headbands, they can be doubled up into instant ponytail holders. (Image above of Karina Cotton/Lycra Headwrap - Grey - available at

What could be better than a hair accessory that works to control your tresses for you rather than you working to control it?

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