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Bachelor 4: Hairy Happenings


It's been a long time coming but Bob Guiney is back as Bachelor 4 and the rumor mill is working overtime. Did he find love? The gossips say that Bob did find someone on the fourth installment of this Reality Love show classic.

The 5 million dollar question is who. As I explained in a recent article after my talk with Bachelorette/Bachelor hairstylist, Jen Negrette everything you see on the shows is 100% real. Even the hair styles of the bachelor contestants is 100% their own. The only time that the bachelorettes have hair and make-up assistance, according to Jen Negrette, is "during the formal rose ceremonies".

The True Reality of The Bachelor Shows?

Once Jen Negrette explained to me that the hair and makeup for the bachelorettes on all the Bachelor shows was only professionally applied for the Rose Ceremonies, I thought back to the transformation of the various finalists. It made sense. I told Jen that while I thought Trista was very beautiful, she seemed to have become even more gorgeous for her full time stint on the Bachelorette.

With Jen Negrette doing all her makeup and hair for every Bachelorette episode, of course Trista would look her very best.

The same hair and makeup transformations can be noted for Helen Eksterowicz and Brooke at the final Rose Ceremony with Aaron Buerge, Bachelor 2 and Jen and Kirsten for Bachelor 3.

While Jen Negrette assured me that the shows are 100% real and that for example Trista and Ryan and truly in love as are Andrew (Bachelor 3) and Jen, what about the cadlike behaviors displayed by Bachelor 1, Alex Michael and Bachelors 2, Aaron Buerge?

Although Alex had the good sense to "stop talking about his relationship with Amanda" that was only because he probably didn't want the Smoking Gun to find out that he was attempting to rethink his final choice and get back together with Trista Rehn.

Everything does happen for a reason and luckily for Trista, Alex chose Amanda, opening the door for dumped Trista to appear as the first Bachelorette. Not only did the lovely Ms. Rehn win the hearts of the fans, she won the heart of Ryan Sutter and true love.

The Current Reality of Helen Eksterowicz

So what about the long tressed beauty, Helene Eksterowicz who was dumped at a Starbucks by cad Aaron Buerge who wanted to "explore other romantic opportunities?"

Ms. Eksterowicz is doing just great. She will be writing a regular column with Bob as a special commentary on the Bachelor 4 show as it unfolds and she is writing a book about the realities of Reality TV.

So what is the reality factor? It all boils down to the people that are involved. While Alex and Aaron may not have been as sincere about finding true love, Andrew Firestone and Trista Rehn were. And they did find that special someone.

Will Bob be a cad or a love hero? The reality is that Bob agreed to do Bachelor 4 only if he was not required to propose marriage. Bob made it clear that he would go into the show with the best of intentions but not promise anything. Now that is a good reality plan. Of course this is another reason why the women in America went crazy over Bob Guiney. He seems like such a sincere nice guy. You go Bob.

Bob Guiney's Hair On Bachelor 4

Did Bob have full time professional hair and makeup for his star turn on Bachelor 4? According to Jen, he did have hair and makeup available. Although Jen did admit that she did some work on the Bachelor 4 show and that she got to know Bob well on The Bachelorette, she did not elaborate on how much hair and makeup she did for Bachelor 4. Of course she couldn't since she is not allowed to talk about anything regarding the who until after the last episode airs.

We do know though that all of the new Bachelorettes had professional buffing and puffing for the official Rose Ceremonies. So keep an eagle eye on the bachelorette's hair when they go on the group dates and are filmed just hanging around the lovely mansion.

Bob Guiney's Perfect Tousled Do

Bob Guiney has that perfect tousled do that looks like he shampoos, towel dries and then applies a little gel or wax before finger fluffing and crunching. So will we notice a big change in Bob's appearance on Bachelor 4?

Well yes it is true that Bob lost a reported 40 pounds since he appeared on the Bachelorette and his life is going great, but will we see any change to his hair?

Probably not. Although expect Bob to have a much more dashing appearance since he was dressed and made up for all the episodes that he appears in.

Also expect the host to look dashing and well coiffed. According to Jen Negrette the host has his own dedicated makeup and hair person that keeps him looking just right for the camera.

So are there any other hair tidbits or surprises in store for Bachelor4? Well according to the rumor mill one of the bachelorettes sports a "big Texas" do for one of the episodes. Also, there are a set of fraternal twin bachelorettes (Samantha & Leona) that may make Bob see double. And then of course there is the rumor of hairy rodents and black widow spiders roaming free through the set. But do we care? Nah. Big Texas hair wins any day of the week.

Stay tuned. I'm sure Bachelor 4 will not disappoint and all sorts of hairy things will be happening.

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