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Carmen Carment Salon

Goldwell knows the inner secrets to sizzling shine and gorgoues haircolor.

Listed below are some of Goldwell's shiny hair tips:

House Of Style:

1. Maximize shine by building it in, starting from the moment you step out of the shower.

Note: For extra shimmer, use Goldwell Colorglow [IQ] Shampoo available in a variety of warm and cool shades.

Let hair dry 40% on its own before you start styling. This equals less heat time (and therefore more shine). It also means you avoid diluting shine boosting products with excess water in the hair.

Since it's heat and not moisture that creates style, you won't lose out on styling benefits by waiting. You'll even save time because you can be doing something else while your hair is drying.

2. Try KMS Hairstyle Styling Gel around the scalp and spray KMS - Hairplay - Paste Up Spray or KMS - Hairstay - Gel Wax through the mid-lengths and ends for framing the style. This builds the foundation of your house of style. Blow dry at the scalp first, then dry the rest of your hair 99%.

3. Use a round or flat brush, self adhesive rollers or whatever styling tool you prefer, and finish with the "root" such as KMS - Hairstay - Quick Finish Spray.

Downward Mobility

4. Blow dry so air goes only in the downward direction along the hair shaft. This helps stray and split ends lay flat, and keeps the cuticle smooth.

Tools Rule

Carmen Carment Salon

5. You can dramatically increase the shininess of your hair by using the right products. Hair swells and expands when it comes into contact with water and heat, which raises the hair's pH level.

Goldwell hair care and hair styling products are each formulated with AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and are targeted at a variety of hair types. The AHAs offset the swelling, returning hair to a more compact, tighter cuticle which is healthier, smoother and shinier.

The Layered Look

Do what the pros do on magazine photo shoots. That means layering lots of products, one on top of the other, for maximum shine.

If this sounds like too much product, remember that professional editorial stylists create the most beautiful looks this way.

Ask your stylist for pointers. With some good advice from a salon stylist, anyone can learn to use products correctly.

The Long & Short Of It

Get a cut with long layers or a blunt cut. The larger the unbroken surface, the shinier the look will be.


Goldwell is dedicated to developing intelligent and caring products and to the education and support of salon professionals.

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