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Anti-Dry Fat Hair Cocktail


Paulina Rubio

No matter what the climate is, celebrities always seem to look perfectly polished and perfected, even in cold, dry temps.

How do they do it? Celebs usually have the best hairstylists and colorists on their speed dial with access to the very best hair care products.

Mere hair consumers can follow a secret of celebs by creating their own anti-dry fat hair enhancing cocktail at home. This fat hair cocktail combats dryness while building in fullness and volume.

Anti-Dry Fat Hair Cocktail

Start by cleansing hair with a body building shampoo. Rinse and then apply a body building rinse-out conditioner. Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle in the shower. Finish with a water rinse.

Towel blot strands to remove excess drippage. If necessary apply a very light detangler to any remaining snarls or knots.

Apply a volumizing formula mixed with a drop or two of your favorite weightless shine serum or cream. Massage this combo through your towel blotted tresses starting near the roots and working towards the ends.

Note: If your hair is dripping wet a lot of the formula will drip off and not work as effectively. Make sure you blot excess water out before you rake the cocktail through your tresses.

Once the cocktail has been well distributed through strands separate hair into 4-6 equal sized sections with a pick or wide tooth comb.

Paulina Rubio 5th Annual Latin Grammy Awards Los Angeles, California 2004

Enhance Volume With 100% Boar Bristle Brush

Use a 100% boar bristle round brush and blow dry with the air flow directed up the hair shaft from the ends towards the roots to enhance volume.

The advantage of the 100% boar bristle brush is that it will easily glide through pre-conditioned strands eliminating frizz and harsh static electricity.

Use the brush to lift each section of hair at the roots to achieve maximum fatness. If you wish, once each section is dry you can roll around a large roller anchored against your scalp. Or you can roll the section into a big barrel curl and pin into place to set while you work on the rest of your hair.

Once you have dried the entire head unpin all the rollers or barrel curls and mist lightly with a soft styling spray to prevent frizz, flyaway or instant drooping.


To add even more fatness opt for using a thin or medium sized headband fortified with teeth. A popular option are the zig zag headbands or the expandables recently spotted on Pink as she frolicked at the beach.

Glide the headband onto the head a few inches from the hairline and use the band to act as a foundation to keep hair full and lush along the roots. This trick is a favorite of celebs like Kylie Minogue and Elisha Cuthbert.

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