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Angelina Jolie's Hair Secrets


Angelina Jolie Mr. & Mrs. Smith World Premiere 06-07-05 All Rights Reserved

Angelina, or Angie to her friends and family, is an incredibly complex woman who lives her life to the fullest.

She is not afraid of controversy. Nor is she afraid to drastically alter her hair or appearance to honor her acting craft and portray a particular character.

As a result of her devotion to the characters she plays, Angelina has morphed from platinum bombshell blonde (for her role in Life, or Something Like It) to a very dark Goth look complete with Ink Black tresses.

It is hard to know if Angie colors her hair only for her characters or to reflect her mood of the moment. It could be a variety of reasons.

Breaking all the hair rules is just another thing Angie does so well. Leave it to Angie to look great in every hair color she adopts.

The ever gorgeous Gemini has also scaled the goddess heights with caramel infused milk chocolate locks that shimmer and sparkle.

Although her hair has been shorn short, for the majority of time she wears it long, lush and off her face.

Reporters have noted her milky while perfect complexion and tendency to appear at press junkets without make-up and still looking stunning.

In the look shown above she looks like the sexy vixen that she plays in Mr. & Mrs. Smith which of course was created with the help of stellar on set hairdressers who could make sure that the volume was intact regardless of the environment or weather conditions.

Angelina & Her Mohawk Styled Men

Angelina Jolie All Rights Reserved

When not visiting the states Angelina is known to visit celebrity hairdresser Ted Gibson who charges upwards of $900 for his hair services. Angie's son, Maddox is as famous as his mom for his Mohawk style. According to Gibson "Angelina insists on cutting Maddox's Mohawk herself".

In April of 2006 Star Magazine reported that Angie had cut Brad Pitt's hair into a Mohawk as well. Star reported:

"Brad, 42, sported his daring ’do while playing softball with Maddox in Namibia, Africa, where he and Angelina Jolie, 30, are awaiting the imminent birth of their baby, along with Maddox and his 15-month-old sister Zahara. So why the new ’do?"

An Appreciation For Natural Aging

In a recent interview discussing her work on The Good Shepard where she plays a blonde she commented to the media "I had to go quite WASP-y whereas I am more ethnic looking. It's easier for me to go darker than lighter and my character was quite light.".

As far as aging Angelina has said "in The Good Shepherd my character was such an interesting woman. I loved the challenge of how she broke down and aged. Personally, I like to see age on faces.".

Here, Angelina's trademark dark locks are long & wavy. Get this romantic look with hot rollers, styling spray (the secret to keeping a curl) & by teasing your roots at the crown. You'll want to brush hair back out of the face & spray with holding spray.

Notes On Angelina's Va Va Voom Hairstyles

Angelina Jolie Mr. & Mrs. Smith World Premiere 06-07-05 All Rights Reserved

In all fairness, Angelina more often than not has professional hair styling assistance to create her myriad of long lush sexy styles, updos and hair twists.

There is no denying her hair styles look absolutely fantastic on the gorgeous superstar and works perfecting with her halter style leather gown.

While it appears to be very natural, simple and tousled, the reality of recreating this style is a little different than how it might appear.

Does Angie wear hair extensions? While this fact has never been reported, it's possible that her celeb hairdresser utilized full or partial clip-ins to achieve that lush va-va voom volume that gently rises from her hairline and seductively curves back to the middle of her head.

It's also possible that the look was created by combing carefully carved layers with lots of volumizing products and root lifting enhancers along with hot rollers and back combing.

Never fear, with some careful thought and planning anyone can steal Angie's hairstyle, even if they have shoulder length or fine, thin tresses. And no, you don't have to invest in thousands of dollars of products or sewn in hair extensions.

Angelina's Face Shape & Other Details

Angelina Jolie All Rights Reserved

It is rare for anyone to have a perfect face shape that neatly fits into any one category.

This is the case with Angelina who could be described as having a cross between an oval and a square. Her chin has a well defined square ness that extends up towards the bottom of her cheek area. Her forehead and cheeks are more oval overall. Which explains the combo of oval and square.

The soft height that billows sleekly off her forehead and down towards the back of head is perfect for creating a balance.

When selecting a great hairstyle it is important to consider the shape of the head and the body in addition to the face shape. It is also advised to consider the type, texture and condition of the tresses.

With the easy availability of clip-in extensions it is no longer as important to consider hair texture or type. With clip-in extensions you can instantly go from fine to full lushes.

And speaking of hair type and texture, Angelina appears to have medium to full strands that have some bend or natural wave texture.


Angelina is an Oscar award winning actress and is just as famous for her personal life, loves and world crusades as she is for the roles she plays on the screen.

Besides living a crazy busy life with Brad Pitt and three children, she is constantly showing off an array of gorgeous hairstyles that range from perfectly finished to sexy and tousled. She looks great in every hairstyle she shows up in. Even when her hair is pulled back in a casual ponytail.

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