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Alicia Silverstone: Blonde Matchmaker


Alicia Silverstone (A-lee-see-ah) is no longer Clueless. She is also no longer a teenager. The 27 year old bubbly blonde beauty has her life totally together. Things can only get better for this new sweetheart of NBC's Friday night television schedule.

Not only does Alicia have the promising new NBC series on her hands but all indications point to a recent engagement with her longtime squeeze, singer Chris Jarecki. As if a great love and career life weren't enough, the ambitious Alicia, according to very reliable sources. recently shot a new Cosmo cover in the LA area, which will be on the stands in the next few months.

Being a Cosmo cover girls is just one of many accomplishments that Alicia is adding to her list of growing successes.

When it comes to her hair, Alicia is definitely blessed with great hair. Her gorgeous blonde tresses were hotly copied during her years ago movie reign on Clueless.

In her current TV role, Alicia has adopted a shorter, more contemporary style, befitting her attorney, matchmaking character. Maybe Alicia got some great hair tips from her past hairdresser beau (Mozie Chabbouth) before settling down with Jarecki. Or maybe she just has a special talent for making her hair look great. Whatever the reason, she wins top honors for her hair both off and on the MISS Match set.

(Image from MISS MATCH -- NBC Series -- "Who's Your Daddy?" -- Pictured: Alicia Silverstone as Kate Fox -- NBC Photo: Justin Lubin -- all rights reserved).

Alicia is famous for her funny, bubbly persona. She loves to make others in her life happy. Alicia is reported to be a bit of a homebody, when she is not focused on her stellar career. According to media reports she also adores her canine friend, Sampson, whom she rescued some years ago when she was filming True Crime.

It is common knowledge by those in the know that although Alicia is spending a lot of time in Santa Monica on the Miss Match set she is fundamentally an extremely family-oriented person.

Rumor has it that Alicia and Jarecki are rapidly transitioning from two years of living together bliss to the alter.

(Image of Alicia on MISS MATCH -- NBC Series -- Pictured: Alicia Silverstone as Kate Fox -- NBC Photo: Glenn Campbell -- all rights reserved).

It is expected that Alicia and Jarecki will marry very soon. Close sources speculate that Alicia has hopes of adding the mom title to her resume very soon.

And speaking of great matches, Alicia is not playing the role of Kate Fox, a divorce lawyer by day, matchmaker by night. Although critics applauded the show with a round of skyward thumbs, the viewers are not showing up as quickly as it was hoped. However, NBC is not giving up the show and have pledged support to give it time to find its audience. To show their commitment to the show, NBC recently changed the show's time to allow for a little racier format than the original earlier time prevented.

When it comes to hair, Libran Alicia is known for having sultry, sensual great strands.

Bursting onto the scene so many years ago as a gorgeous teen beauty in the Aerosmith video, Alicia's second act was the beautiful blonde princess in Clueless. From there is was on to other movies including the much talked about BatGirl.

Even though her role as BatGirl was controversial, her hair was worthy of the best of the crimefighting crowd. (Image of Alicia from MISS MATCH -- NBC Series -- "Pilot" -- Pictured: Alicia Silverstone as Kate Fox -- NBC Photo: Justin Lubin -- all rights reserved).

When Alicia returned to the small screen this Fall her hair color was cranked up several notches giving her a radiant sunkissed hue.

Combining a hot multi-layered style with her new ultra blonde color, Alicia is the perfect blonde bombshell. The newly crafted layers give her heavy, thick, straight hair some well-defined sassy movement and style. (MISS MATCH -- NBC Series -- "The Price of Love" -- Pictured: (l-r) Alicia Silverstone as Kate Fox -- NBC Photo: Chris Haston)

Alicia's shoulder skimming style is also very versatile. She can instantly change it around with a variety of different partings. Or she can crank up or tone down the body and movement by the type of styling she does after each shampoo.

(Photo of Alicia from MISS MATCH -- NBC Series -- "Who's Your Daddy?" -- Pictured: Alicia Silverstone as Kate Fox -- NBC Photo: Justin Lubin -- all rights reserved.)

If you watch the show on a regular basis (and you should because it is good) you will notice that Alicia's hairstyles are constantly changing and morphing into different looks. Since her new style is long enough to pull back, she has appeared in chic half up/half down styles and messy but polished ponytails. She also alternates between polished straighter looks and messier but sultry waves and curls.

Whether MISSMatch sticks around long term or not, Alicia Silverstone is one beautiful blonde actress whose star is definitely on the rise.

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