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ABC Bachelorette: Jen Schefft's Tresses


In the past I have openly acknowledged my addiction to reality TV. I've waxed poetically, if not a bit excessively, over the first few Bachelor series featuring the A boys, Alex, Aaron and Andrew.

(Image of Jen Schefft - ABC/Bob D'Amico on Bachelorette #3 Season Premiere - Monday, January 10, 2005 - all rights reserved).

Note: To read an update about Jennifer, read Jen Schefft Marries In Love Match

I was thrilled when Trista, dumped by Alex on Bachelor #1 became Bachelorette #1. Not only was I completely addicted, imagine my delight when Trista's choice, Ryan, answered my hair related email.

Of course it was nice to see Trista given a chance to overcome the public rejection by Alex. Never mind that he continued to pursue her in private after he selected Amanda Marsh.

A Snag With Bachelor Bob

My fascination with the world of reality romance hit a major snag with Bachelor Bob. Like many viewers, Bob Guiney caught my attention with his on-screen jig and related fun-loving, real person antics. Along with many of the fans, I was disappointed when Trista didn't select him.

When ABC made the unlikely Bob their official Bachelor #4, I was convinced that he would beat the previous bad boy Bachelor karma and sincerely pick a mate to marry. Although a trend was emerging with previous bachelors - loving and leaving "the girl of their dreams", I thought Mr. Guiney was different. Who could have known that Bob was like all the other scoundrel bachelors and dumped his pick, Estella Gardinier, in a heartbeat?

Well Duh! It was reality romance. Who could have known? I was beginning to believe what everyone was telling me - reality romance never lasts and it's only a fantasy.

At least Bob, or maybe the Bachelor producers had the good taste to have Bob and Estella wait for their official break-up until after the much touted and ratings favorite, The Bachelorette #1 Wedding. My zest for the Bachelor franchise hit rock bottom when it was revealed that Bob, while romancing Estella was secretly dallying with actress Rebecca Budig, whom he married less than one year later.

Again, I was on the same page with the viewers who reacted by deleting the Bachelor from their Tivos. Ratings started to spiral downward in response.

Yes, I watched Meredith on Bachelorette #2 but I really wasn't that "in to it". I did root halfheartedly for Mary on the most recent Bachelor #6. But none of the Bachelor shows got me excited enough to harness my interest in writing about them.

Great Hair Wins

So why, you may wonder, am I willing to invest time and attention to the latest Bachelorette? Especially since I have been disappointed in past Bachelor series?

My reasons for a renewed interest are actually quite simple. Even though Jen does seem like a genuinely sweet and caring person who deserves a happy ending, that isn't my primary viewing motivation. Nor am I motivated by the coincidence that Jen and I share a link to the Alpha Xi Delta community or that supposedly a "drunken hairstylist" is one of the bachelors.

What I really care about is the amazing opportunity to watch the on-set Bachelorette #3 hairdresser transform the stunning blonde beauty into an array of interesting and spectacular hairstyles. Even better, it appears that Jen has grown her hair out longer and had it lightened from her Bachelor #3 days. This provides an abundance of styling options.

If Trista Rehn's dizzying array of stunning gowns and matching updos from Bachelorette #1 is any indication of how Jen will be coiffed, I am thrilled by the possibilities. And you can bet that I will be taking lots of hair related styling notes to feed by ongoing hair fascination.


Jen Schefft has fabulous tresses. The possibilities are endless for the on-set hairdressers to coif the beautiful blonde in an amazing array of bachelor enticing hairstyles. For me, the chance to witness creative hairdressing in the making, erases all the other downsides to the flagging Bachelorette franchise.

Reality romance may suck, but reality hair definitely has a lot to offer.

- Revised Date: 1/10/2009

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