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A Review: The Bombshell Curling Iron


The Bombshell Curling Iron


The Bombshell Curling Iron manufactured by Sultra is a clip free curling iron with a one-inch curling cylinder rod which creates luscious frizz-free curls and sassy shiny waves with great staying power.

Note: Sultra recently released a 3/4" version of The Bombshell.

The Bombshell Curling Iron is an extremely popular curling iron which reportedly curls your hair in about half the time of traditional curling irons while actually mending damaged strands.

Not all users acknowledge that their damaged strands have been mended but the other benefits are so noteworthy, most don't seem to care about this particular promise.

The Bombshell is also considered an exceptional curling iron because it delivers Japanese Kyocera Ceramic Technology, a durable iron of lightweight construction.

The Japanese Kyocera Ceramic Technology is also designed to protect hair while it is being hot styled into sassy, sultry curls.

The iron comes with a companion Safety Glove designed to protect fingertips from high heats during curl styling. This simple but powerful rod utilizes Universal Voltage (UV).

Ultimate Goal - Heat Styling Without Damage

The Bombshell With Glove


Hair styling manufacturers are constantly working on new innovations to status quo products.

The latest invention in the world of hot hair styling tools is the clamp free curling iron. With every styling tool modification, there are both positive and negative results.

The advantage to the clamp enhanced curling irons is that they help the hair in place during the curling process and minimized skin and finger exposures.

The disadvantage to irons with clamps is that they might leave unsightly lumps, bumps and ridges in the hair.

Professional stylists easily sidestepped iron clamping challenges by wrapping hair around the outside of the clamp, eliminating creases and crimps.

When the clamp free irons hit the hair care market, both professionals and consumers were thrilled with the option to completely avoid the clip in traditional models. To prevent finger and skin burns the new curling rods came equipped with special heat protective gloves.

Not all heat styling products are created equally, but one which receives a lot of attention and kudos is The Bombshell Curling Iron.

The Bombshell Curling Iron is another breakthrough hair styling product on the market.

Celebrities Love The Bombshell Curling Iron

Soft Curls From Goldwell Collection

The Bombshell Curling Iron


Celebrity hairstylist Guido is famous for his hair designs on the world's catwalks. His go-to curling iron of choice?

Guido has raved about The Bombshell because of how easy it is to create undone movement and texture.

Harper's BAZAAR has deemed the Bombshell the Best Iron For Curling Hair. Allure Magazine and others have also featured the iron.

Celebrities have been rumored to be obsessed with Sultra’s Bombshell curling iron and of course a large number of their hair stylists have used the iron on their famous heads.

The Bombshell Curling Iron Features

Besides being touted as one of the easiest curling irons to use, The Bombshell Curling Iron has the following features:

- ceramic heat technology - rapid heat up - auto shut off safety feature - durable, heat resistant, lightweight body - 9 ft, no tangle swivel cord - complimentary iron pad - complimentary styling glove - dual voltage (plug adapter may be necessary for travel outside the U.S.) - two year warranty - weighs 1.55 pounds

In addition, The Bombshell Curling Iron was designed to provide hair with the most gorgeous salon curls. Most users rave about how quick the iron heats up and even though pricey, it's worth every cent. (SRP $130.00 US).

The iron is known to deliver the very best, most efficient results possible plus it gets results in half the time of other styling tools thanks to constant and evenly distributed 360-degree heat.

Is The Bombshell Curling Iron Right For Everyone?

Cascade of Curls

Cascade Of Curls


One of the biggest advantages to The Bombshell Curling Iron over other similar clamp free irons is how fast the iron heats up.

The Bombshell Curling Iron has massive hype. It receives kudos for every imaginable hair type, texture, length and thickness.

Historically some hot irons have been better for thin/fine hair with those irons not always working as well on medium to thick hair. This does not seem to be the case with The Bombshell Curling Iron.

The kudos about the iron seem to come from people with all types, textures, lengths and condition of hair.

Benefits Of The Bombshell Curling Iron

Many users literally rave about how fantastic The Bombshell Curling Iron performs. The clip less wonder has been on the market for over two years.

In addition The Bombshell Curling Iron offers the following features:

1. Heats very quickly, in seconds versus minutes.

2. Multi-purpose options from loose waves to tighter curls.

3. Curls entire head of hair in much less time.

4. Long lasting results. In some cases curls last up to two days.

5. Easy to use after a few practice sessions.

6. Can be used at or near the roots which adds volume and doesn't weight down roots.

7 Works on layered or all one length of hair.

8 Won't pull hair or get tangled.

9 Creates exceptionally pretty curls and/or waves.

10. When newly formed curls are reformed and pinned to cool, tight curls can be created.

11. Better than using a flat iron to create curls.

12. Works on any type, texture or length of hair.

Directions For Use Of The Bombshell Curling Iron

Short Tight Curls & Long Sleepy Curls

Short Tight Curls & Long Sleepy Curls


The Bombshell Curling Iron may take some practice sessions before you feel 100% comfortable using it. This is to be expected.

Once you get the hang of the iron, just put on the pink heat resistant glove, separate hair into individual sections, wrap strands around the base, wait 10-15 seconds (depending on how large the desired curl or wave) and release.

There are a lot of additional options for creating different curl patterns, but with some practice, you should be able to get the curl or wave pattern you desire.

Not All Users Love The Bombshell Curling Iron

While it would be fabulous if every hot hair styling tool worked perfectly for the majority of the people who used them, this rarely happens.

Although some users are over the moon for The Bombshell Curling Iron, others have had encountered some of the following problems:

1. The heat safe glove is not completely heat safe and you can still feel the heat through the material. 2. When worn, the glove feels awkward and in some cases seems to impede the styling process. 3. Unless care is taken when using the iron, it's initially easy to get burns on the wrist or on the face. 4. Some users complain about the cost of the product in comparison to other clamp free curling rods before becoming comfortable with it's use. 5. There is no separate heat or temperature controls on the iron. 6. This iron does not heat up like traditional irons and doesn't exceed 360 degrees. 7. The curls created tend to be loose or sleepy style curls. Note: This challenge can be managed through a number of curling and styling techniques. 8. Although hair can be wrapped to size curls and waves similar to a 1 1/2" wand, The Bombshell Curling Iron is currently only available in a 1" rod.

Although I talked to many different users, gave The Bombshell a whirl on my own hair, and interviewed some stylists who are using it, I could find almost not dirt about this iron. I actually loved the curls it created on my own shoulder length fine hair. It did an amazing job. Stylists raved to me about it as did many uses. The iron really seems to be a miracle product.

Don't take my word for it, remember to do your homework before you buy The Bombshell Curling Iron or any other hot tools. Remember to weigh all your known hair needs.

The Bombshell Curling Iron Price Range

Cascade Of Tight Ringlet Curls

Lot Of Curls


Depending upon where you shop and whether or not you get free shipping or pay taxes The Bombshell Curling Iron ranges in price (in the US) in the $120-130 price range. The official Suggested Retail Price (SRP) is $130.00.

The Bombshell Curling Iron is sold through a wide number of online hair retail outlets and in some drug and grocery stores.


Instead of clamping your hair and curling it, this iron is a simple rod. Just wrap loose sections around it, and you’ll end up with crease-free naturally tousled waves in about half the time of other similar curling irons due to the application of constant and evenly distributed 360-degree heat.

The product is often found in the top spots of editor and professional hairstylists lists for great curling irons. The Bombshell Curling Iron has many fans and the number is growing rapidly.

- Revised Publication Date: 08/06/12

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