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Get Curly Hair With New GO Curling Rod From FHI Heat®

Get Curly Hair With New GO Curling Rod from FHI Heat®

The new GO Curling Rod by FHI Heat® makes it easy to create sassy spirals or fun flirty waves, as well as to add definition to already curly hair.  To prevent finger burns, it comes with a thermal resistant glove!

If you're going to pick just one beauty tool, this is it. This new styling iron is a powerhouse - it looks gorgeous, is available in a bunch of trendy colors, travels like a pro, and is actually good for your hair. Plus it's made by FHI Heat®, so you know it's top-notch hair care all the way.  And that's a sweet deal.

Also new from FHI Heat® for September/October is the GO Crush Styling Iron in a pink and black "shattered" design with $1 from each going to either Bright Pink or The Regis Foundation for breast cancer prevention/early detection.

What it is: A ceramic tourmaline curling rod with all the power you’d expect from FHI Heat®.

What it does: 1-inch barrel curls hair up to 50% faster than traditional curling irons.


• Advanced heater allows the GO™ Curling Rod to heat up quickly and maintain a constant, optimum temperature of 410º F/210º C.

• Ceramic tourmaline coated barrel seals in moisture for seamless curl and shine.

• Comes with a thermal resistant glove to prevent burns to the fingers.

• Dual voltage technology (110-240V) gives you the freedom to style wherever you go.

• Extra long swivel cord allows you to create your curls without any tangles.

The GO Curling Rod from FHI Heat also has

* Advanced adjustable heater

* Super fast heat recovery

* One swipe technology

* Beveled plates with round edges

* Creates multiple hairstyles

How to use it:

1. Start with clean dry hair.

2. Using FHI Heat T-Rex Clips, divide your hair into three sections—top, middle and bottom.

3. Wearing your GO Thermal Resistant Glove, place the curling rod near the root of the hair in a downward direction. Starting with the bottom layer, wrap tightly for  defined, sassy spirals or loosely for fun flirty waves.

4. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds.

5. Carefully release the hair, allowing it to drop as your slide the Curling Rod out.

6. Repeat with each section.

This great new hair styling tool will remain in the line indefinitely and is available at Regis and other salons (find one at and at

Costs: $79.99 suggested retail price.

Get it: At top salons and beauty stores. For one near you, visit

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