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10 Ten Celebrity Hairstyling Secrets


Image Jennifer Aniston 2009 Academy Awards All Rights Reserved.

Do you ever wonder how Lady GaGa, Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Aniston, Fergie, Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria and Kate Hudson always have the very best hairstyles?

In fact, if you think of the top 10 celebrities in the news today and their hair, you probably won't find a bad hairstyle in the bunch.

What are the hairstyling secrets of the top celebrities? Listed below are their top 10 secrets:

1. Add-on hair. Yes, even though many won't talk about it, the majority of celebrities wear a wide range of extensions ranging from temporary clip-ins like those from Jessica Simpson and Jon Reneau to a variety of semi-perm fusion extensions. Celebrities have a huge range of add-on hair options including add-on twists and ponytails.

Twilight's Ashley Greene recently made news with her fusion style hair extensions.

2. Clip-in fringes. It used to be that making the decision to have a forehead fringe was a multi-month proposition.

With the many new innovations in add-on fringes which look and feel like real hair, celebrities can play with a wide range of forehead looks from side-swept to blunt cut.

Image Ashley Greene All Rights Reserved.

3. Lace front wigs. Although some celebrities limit their add-on hair to clip-in extensions to add volume, length, texture or color, others may not have enough length to be viable to clip-ins or fusion style hair.

Those celebrities will turn to lace front wigs which have evolved to the point of looking amazingly natural. In fact, if you don't look close you might not even be able to tell.

4. Finding a great celebrity hairstylist. While this may sound easy in theory, in principle it can be more difficult. The top celebrity hairdressers often have a stable of longtime celebrity clients who have top priority on their time.

Since many of the top celeb hairdressers like Laurent D, Ted Gibson, Ken Paves and Robert Hallowell travel around the world with their clients, they may be hard to reach without proper planning.

Most celebrities have a long term celebrity hairdresser that make sure their clients look perfectly coiffed for every imaginable occasion.

Sometimes they have a list of hairdressers they can use in emergencies when their favorite mane man or woman is not available.

Image Britney Spears Courtesy of Candies

Hair By George Papnikolas All Rights Reserved.

5. Locating a top hair color wizard. While some celebrity hairstylists will weave magical hairstyles and color for their clients, most will only deliver styles. Color is a key accessory for any celebrity and most will have a celebrity hair colorist like New York's Rita Hazan or LA's George Papanikolas or Tracey Cunningham.

6. Adopting a trademark hairstyle. Rihanna is famous for her short sassy trend setting chops, crops and pixies which she her celeb hairdresser Ursula Stephen has created. Jennifer Aniston is famous for her long lush California girl blonde waves, as is Lauren Conrad.

While celebrities may temporarily change their hairstyle for a film or TV part, most adopt a trademark hairstyle which sets them apart and adds to their hair hype.

7. Enhancing natural texture. Many celebrities have learned to enhance their natural texture and with the help of their famous hairdressers have won fan approval in the process.

Jennifer Aniston is famous for her beachy waves which are actually created based on her own natural texture. Sophina Brown of Numbers embraces her natural curls as does Taylor Swift.

8. Utilizing top hair care products. Jennifer Aniston is not only famous for her Rachel haircut and her gorgeous waves, she is known for using only the very best hair care products on the market.

Image Fergie All Rights Reserved.

Britney Spears is also known for pampering her tresses with top of the line hair care products. Celebrities are already paying a pretty penny for their celebrity hairdressers, it would be folly to waste all that top talent on hair damaged by inferior products.

9. Growing Healthy Hair. Although many celebrities depend on clip-in or other type of add-on hair pieces to give them a range of hairstyles for Red Carpet or other events, many celebrities cultivate healthy hair by maintaining their hair with regular trims and ongoing at-home care.

10. Hair accessories. Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad and The Gossip Girls all know that the right hair accessory can take a beautiful hairstyle and make it great.

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