Updo Hairstyles For Special Events

Updo Hairstyles For Special Events

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Please keep in mind that although some updos are specifically designated as for Prom or for Weddings, any dressy updo can be worn for any special hair event including cocktail parties, Spring formals or even to the ballet.  

This Updo Hairstyles Page features the following topics:

Prom Hairstyles & Updos

  Edgy Pony Prom Updo - How To - The Edgy Pony shown to the right was first showcased both backstage and on the runway by Balmain Paris at the HRH Sirivannavari Nariratana show in Paris.

  Holly Montag’s Cute Messy Stacked Ponytail - The older honey blonde sister of Heidi Montag rocked a sizzling hot messy stacked ponytail wrapped into a loose updo style.

  Quick Messy Updo - How To - Anyone can create a messy updo in a matter of a few minutes if the goal is a casual messy style.  If you want a more formal dressy updo, you may need to invest a little more time to get a more formal style.

 2009 Messy Updo - HowTo - The Messy Updo will continue to be hot for 2009.  Check out the basic steps and then change them up to suit your needs.

Prom 2009 Hair - Simply Elegant - This updo is simple, elegant and involves splayed hair twists that are fanned around a ponytail hair loop.  Perfect for chin to shoulder length tresses.  

Prom 2009 Hair: Pinned Up Ringlets - This updo works best on naturally curly or wavy hair that is shoulder length or a little bit longer.  When it is all pinned the style is a glorious cascade of ringlets, curls and waves. 

Prom 2004 Hair - Ballerina Bun Hairstyle - This updo is simple, elegant Always in style.  Ballerina buns work great for hair that is chin to below shoulder length.

Prom 2004 Hair - Prom Up/Down Elegant Hairstyle - This up/down do is simple and beautifully elegant.  Works great for hair that is chin to below shoulder length. 

Prom 2004 - Prom 2004 Hair Countdown - This article gives you a step by step guide to everything you need to do to have an absolutely fabulous prom.

Prom 2004 - 5 Styles For Long Locks - If you want to wear your hair long and straight, check out these five Prom hair styling options.

Prom 2004 - Hairstyles On A Budget - This article gives you a step by step guide to everything you need to do to have an absolutely fabulous prom.

Prom 2004 - Prom Hair Accessories -

Prom 2004 - Prom Hairstyles: French Twist - Look at a updated version for Prom 2004.  You may not recognize it.

Prom 2004 - An Easy Sassy Updo - Whether you decide to let your hair down or go with an updo style, this article gives you ideas for a sassy updo that is ideal for medium to long hair that is coarse or medium to thick.  Accessorize with gorgeous barrettes or hair gems.

Prom 2004 - Easy Knotted Style Updo - This knotted style can be created quickly and easily on just about any type or length of hair with some modifications. Go ahead and do the twist.

Elegant Curled Updo - March 22, 2003 - This dressy hairstyle is an elegant updo that combines a sleek front with chic curls and loops that are carefully sculpted and pinned close to the head to give a sleek but elegant look. Perfect for medium to longer locks.

Jeweled Crown Twist Style - March 22, 2003- This style is easy to create and works great for just about length of hair or texture from short to long, thin/fine to thick hair.  Great way to instantly dress up short hair or enhance a softly curled longer style. 

25 Ways To Jazz Up Short Hair - March 3, 2003 - Check out some helpful tips on how to dress up short hair for any event from Prom to a Wedding.

Uneven Loop Braid - March 2, 2003 - This style is elegant, beautiful and different. Work for medium to longer locks. Perfect for Prom. 

Put Your Best Updo Forward - March 2, 2003 -Information with photos of various dressy Prom styles for medium to longer locks.

Elegant Up/Down Dressy style - March 2, 2003 - Check out our latest updo for Prom 2003. It combines elegant hair rolls topped off w/ beautiful hair jewels. Great for medium to long hair.

Perfect Ponytail - February 14, 2003 - Many of the more elegant updo styles start or finish with a ponytail.  Read this article to get ideas for your Prom style.  Ponytails are hot for 2003 and can be worn as the ultimate dress-up style for any hair.

String Pulled Braided Chignon - January 5, 2003 - This hot string pulled chignon can work for short, medium or long hair.  Created by the Paul Mitchell artistic hair team it is a great style that can work for just about any dressy hair event.

Twisted Elegance - January 5, 2003 - This gorgeous twisted style can work on hair that is short to long and most textures.

Sassy Updo - January 5, 2003 - This style is ideal for medium to long hair that is coarse or medium to thick. Accessorize with glittery hair gems, elegant filigree barrettes or glitter gel.

Easy Knotted Style - 12/16/02 - Our fav stylist, Barbara Lhotan, has released a new book - 5 Minute Fun Finishes.  She has graciously shared one of her latest knotted styles just in time for the Holidays and 2003 Prom Season.

Twist & Shout Updo - 5/02/02 - Revised 3/2/03 - Barbara Lhotan designed an updo that is fabulous for Prom, Weddings or any fancy evening event.  Take this look to your stylist for a spectacular new style.

Easy Updo For Medium To Long Locks For Any Special Hair Event - 8/04/02 - Check out this easy style that works for weddings, proms, pageants or any special hair event. 

Updo or Updon't 2/24/02 -Get the scoop on how to get the right updo for you.  

Holiday Updo 12/20/00 - Revised 8/4/02 -Karen Shelton looks at various Holiday updo options that are easy to create.  If you have medium length to longer hair and can make a ponytail you are almost there with these great updos.  These updos can be worn any time of the year, for Proms, for Weddings or for a fabulous Holiday event.

A Beautiful Updo For Any Event 11/18/00  -This great half up, half down, party style can be jazzed up with curls or worn straight and sexy.  Check out this updo to get detailed step-by-step instructions. 

Runaway bride or Runway Bride for 2000 (9/25/00) -Read Wedding Hair Expert, Gretchen Maurer's great article about the trends in bridal hair care....

A Hot Updo Inspired by Jennifer Aniston (12/16/99) -If you are looking for a hot way to wear your medium to long hair for a special Christmas party, check out this updo with step-by-step instructions.

Updos For Curly Hair (12/09/99)  - If you have curly hair and want some new ideas of how to break out of your normal style, check out the latest article on updos from The Hair Boutique - "The Most Copied Hair Site on The Web". 

Hair Snippets #1 - Updos 1999 Style (10/13/99) - New updos for medium to long hair are highlighted.  One of the updos is a beautiful cascade of ringlets while another style is a masterpiece of crooked parts and messy splayed ends.

Warrior & Goddess Braids Hit The Fashion Runaways  - An unusual type of updo can be created from the warrior & goddess braids.  Check out some stunning new photos of the hottest braids from the  fashion shows. Check out why they are called warrior or goddess braids.

Gorgeous Heidi & Tiara Braids Are Hot For 1999  - The recent 1999 Autumn fashion runways had lots of evidence of the renewed popularity of braids, especially the Heidi and Tiara braids.  Learn how to do this newly hot braid in this article and turn it into a great updo.

Stars In Your Hair  - Jane Bullock tests the Hair Boutique's jeweled floating magnetic stars.  She includes some photos that show how the stars can be worn for high fashion looks including unusual braids and updos.

You Can Create A Stunning Updo or Bun For Homecoming - Karen tells you how easy it is to create a simple but elegant bun for any formal event.  If you can make a ponytail you can make this style.

Easy But Elegant Long Hair Styles  - Karen will be the first to tell you that she is always searching for new long hair styles that are quick & easy but beautiful and elegant.

A Two Strand Overlap Braid  - "Karen Shelton explains in step by step detail how to create a Two Strand Overlap braid with a fishtail bottom.   It looks stunning and would work for long to super long hair and is perfect for any special style. This style could be worn up or down.

Three Updos From Patrick Cameron
Karen M. Shelton

"Patrick Cameron's Book - Dressing Long Hair includes many gorgeous updos.  The Hair Boutique have "borrowed" three of his most stunning updo styles to show our visitors some of Patrick's stunning work.." More...

Knots Are Hot 
Karen M. Shelton

"Uma Thurman looked stunning in hers. Knots are perfect for either dressing up or messing up the perfect  look.  Karen provides lots of examples & details.  Great for medium length hair.." More...

Dressy Hair Styles - Part #1: The Classic Updo - French Twist

"Every year during Fall Homecoming, Christmas and Prom time I receive lots of email from females of all ages who want to "do something different" with their hair. They want to wear their hair up, they want to add special touches (like flowers or jewelry) or they want to try something completely new. I can relate. I usually wear my "below the waist" naturally thick, wavy hair down in a "nothing special" loose look. However, I do get moments where I yearn for a cool "updo" or something new. Especially for a formal party, wedding or Christmas event. Recently I spent a couple of hours with my hairstylist, Shelley Pryor (of Salon Michelle in Plano, Texas) experimenting with some updos, braids and new looks. 


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