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Ponytail & Related Hairstyles 2011 -  Beautiful New Articles & Styles 

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All of the articles below are being updated for 2012 - 2013.  Come back and visit us on a regular basis so that you can get all the latest hairstyling tips for Ponytails in  2012 - 2013. 

Hottest Hair Accessory For 2012 Is The Ponytail 

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A Classic Prom Side Updo - Start with a side ponytail and create a banded loop for a unique and gorgeous hairstyle for Prom, wedding or similar.

4 Steps To Easy Prom Updo - Take a ponytail, separate it into sections and twist to transform a top pony into a gorgeous twisted updo.

Classic Dress Up Hairstyle For Nape Level Ponytails

Christina Aquilera's Hairstyle - Sleek Updo - Channel Christina's gorgeous updo which stars with a ponytail.

Edgy Pony Prom Updo - How To - The Edgy Pony was first showcased both backstage and on the runway by Balmain Paris at the HRH Sirivannavari Nariratana show in Paris.

Ponytail Facts - Some basic facts, tips, dos and don's.

Holly Montag’s Cute Messy Stacked Ponytail - Holly looked adorable with her perfectly highlight tresses pulled back into a soft, shiny, sassy pony that was anchored to one side with a “stacked” effect where one pony was stacked on top of another.

Christian Serrato’s Celebrity Hairstyle - Braided Messy Side Pony Updo - Christian plays Angela - Bella's best friend in Twilight.  Check out her latest Red Carpet messy braided side pony updo.

Summer Hair - Brilliant Sexy Sassy Hair - Ponytails are sizzling hot.  Check out this new article.

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Steal Mandy Moore's Sizzling Pony Loop - Mandy shows off a fabulous looped pony hairstyle.

How To Tease Hair!  Want a big beehive or just a nice big front quiff?  This article gives you step by step instructions.

Easy Steps - Perfect Hair Ponies! Step by step instructions to make a perfect ponytail.

Prom Pony Hairstyles: Dos & Don'ts Check out this article with great ways to wear a sophisticated pony for your Prom.

17 Ponytail Tips Check out this article with 17 tips, myths and facts about ponytails.

Jennifer Aniston:  Stacked Pony Hairstyle  Jennifer Aniston dumped her long wavy strands and appeared at The Friends With Money Premiere in a sizzling stacked pony.

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Mini Ponytails For Short Hair.  Even if you have short strands you can wear the hottest ponytail styles.  Go for a Mini Ponytail like Cameron Diaz wears.

Beyonce Knowles - Pretty Ponytail.  Steal this look worn by Beyonce at the recent celebration awarding Destiny's Child their walk on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Detailed steps included.

Celebrity Hairdresser's Tips: Blow Drying Your Hair! Many ponytails require stick straight strands.  Read the blow drying tips in this article as your blow dry your way to a perfect ponytail.

Secrets Of Instant Long Hair.  Steal Anna Kournikova's Long Pony.

The Perfect Add-on Pony  - Tips for an instant ponytail.

Ponytails: Easy Hairstyles - Lots of details about ponytails.

A Hairstyle Catalog:  Looped Ponytails

25 Ways To Jazz Up Your Ponytail

Easy But Elegant Long Haired Styles: Start With The Ponytail

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