Men's Hairstyles & Related Articles
Men's Hairstyles & Related Articles

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Latest Men's Hair Care & Related Articles

Orlando Bloom

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Men's Hairstyles:
Hugh Laurie:  Classic Male Hairstyle

Men's Haircut & Hairstyles
A detailed listing of the most popular men's haircuts and hairstyles for men of all ages and races.

Saw Palmetto - For Men's Hair Loss Issues

Men's Celebrity Hair - Longer Tresses
A new hair and facial hair trend is evolving starting with male celebrities.

Men's Hair Poll

Men & Hair Accessories?
Why don't the majority of men wear hair accessories?  Read this article and check out the poll results.

Men's Face Shapes, Secrets & Tips
This article covers the basic male face shapes, but also provides suggested hairstyles.

Bald Men Are Hot
The title says it all.

Donald Sutherland
The legendary actor plays bad boy Nathan Templeton in the the sizzling new Commander in Chief.

Men's Hair Article Archives


A Guy's View Of Haircare Products 

Michael has come a long way from Pert Plus to Aveda.  Now he is experimenting with volumizing products. Read about his hair journey.

ARTec - Dave Decker Reviews ARTec
by Dave Decker


Bald Is Beautiful:  Ving Rhames

Ving Rhames stars as a new version of Kojak.

Balding Men & The Women Who Love Them

Dear men who have lost or may be losing your hair, this article, by Jane Bullock, is for you. If you think that your lack of hair is making you less desirable, please think again.  Jane's own survey, conducted over a five-year period with women ranging in ages from 17 to 75, yields some startling results.


Campaign Hair

George W. Bush in a blonde spike?  Believe it. Check out Karen's article on campaign hair and see George and Al Gore in their Ricky Martin makeovers.


Dallas Stars Grant Marshall Goes Platinum

Read how Grant is in the running for the newest Hockey Hair god with his new do. Also, check out Darryl Sydor in Hockey Hair .


Hair Snippets #2 - Male Hairstyles   

Karen looks at four currently popular styles for men from the "bad boy" curly look to the short moderately spiked look.  Check out the photos of the styles and the snippets of helpful hair care information.

How To Minimize Post-Shampoo Detangling Of Long Hair
by Dave Decker

"My hair is straight, so I have no idea how well this technique will work for those with curly hair. It works very very well for me, so Karen has graciously requested that I share this idea with all of you through the Hair Boutique.

Hockey Hair

Dallas Star Darryl Sydor shows that he is a hot new fashion leader with his new edgy blonde do.


John’s Hair Story
by John Vernier, Introduction by Karen M. Shelton


Meet John Weber - The Newest Member of Hair Boutique

John Weber has recently joined Team Hair Boutique. Read more about John (yes he just got married- and to a hairstylist - the lovely Maureen)

Mullets - As linked on CNN News - Is The Mullet Hairstyle Hot For Men in 1999? (10/12/99) The Hair Boutique thanks CNN News.

My Experiences With Propecia

Dave Decker relates his own personal experiences with Propecia.


Spencer Kobren Is Sued For Protecting Hair Loss Consumers

Two doctors have sued Spencer Kobren for sticking up for hair loss consumers and trying to warn unsuspecting men of the dangers of the practices of these doctors. Don't forget to visit Spencer's website for more details about hair loss.

Shout At The Mullet  by David Holthouse.  

Whether you love or hate will enjoy this great article, Don't forget to check out our Mullet Page.


Teen Hair Trends For Guys & Gals

A teen who knows gives opinions about the latest styles for guys & gals.  Karen adds photos and additional tips.

Tom Goes Blonde

Not only has Tom agreed to share his journey into blondeness with HairBoutique, he even let us take his photos.  Stay tuned as Tom goes Platinum.

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