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Hairstyles & Hair Style Articles

Hairstyling Don'ts - 10 Top Hairstyle Tips - What you don't know can impact your hairstyle as much as what you do know.

 Hair Quiffs From The 50s - Pile It On

Some fashionistas claim the quiff hairstyle first appeared in the mid 1940s around the time World War II ended.  Others link it back to the era of the 50s or the 60s.  Regardless of its origins, read about the hair quiff which popped back up in 2004.

Phyto Hair Care & Treatment
Articles: 1997-2007

Celebrities Who Love Phyto Products

Celebrities are made or broken by their looks.  This has been documented in the media in many ways forever.  Many famous celebities use the Phyto products.  The list is daunting and continues to grow. 

Steal Cameron Diaz's Sexy Messy Updo HairStyle.  Yes, it's prom time and you can look gorgeous with do-at-home celebrity styles. 

Hair Fix: Fine, Dry, Chemically Treated Hair -'s Brigid O'Connor shares her experiences with her fine, dry, chemically treated hair.

Hairstyles: Feel Comfortable In Your Own Hair - Ellen DeGeneres shunned a gown for her recent W Magazine cover while honoring her short signature hairstyle explaining she wanted to stay in her comfort hair zone.  Read how to establish your own zone.

Razor Sharp: Shredded, Chopped & Sliced Hair

A look at razored hair styles.

Hair Perms: What Can Go Wrong?

Perms can be a hair blessing and a curse.  This article looks at what can go wrong.

The Return Of Short Healthy Strands

Celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell predicts the return of short hair as the "next big thing" along with healthy strands.

Soft & Sensual Updo

Barbara Lhotan gives step-by-step instructions for an updo that is perfect for any dressy event or Wedding. Great for medium to longer lengths.

Hair Stencils

If you want a truly unusual hair look consider playing with your own custom designed hair stencils to get dramatic to edgy looks.  Karen tells you how in her latest article.

Headbands have been around since the time of the cavemen

They are both functional hair tools and can be used as an instant dressy hair accessory.

Hairstyle Blast From The Past - The Flip

If you  think that Mary Tyler Moore created the flip on the Dick Van Dyke show think again.  This article tells you about the famous hair flip that stared in the 30s and is still going strong in 2000.

Hair Styles From The Past

The Hair Boutique looks at the Dorothy Hamill "Wedge" created by Trevor Sorbie, which is becoming popular again.

Most Requested Hair Styles For 1997

Go back in time and check out what hairdressers said were the most requested styles for 1997.

Lenny Gets A Brand New Hairstyle

A Hair Boutique visitor gets a brand new hair style for her square shaped face. Read how Karen & Lenny came up with a whole new hairstyle.

Teen Hair Trends For Guys & Gals

Jane Bullock interviewed lots of teens to see what they had to say about hair styles  and hair care patterns.

Hair Resolutions For The New Year! 9

Not only has Karen made the resolution to get her ends trimmed more often, she is resolving not to trim her ends while driving her car at the same time. Read some great hair resolutions for The New Year.

Hair Styling Snippets - Hairstyles For Round Faces

If you have a round face, this article is a "must read".

52 Ways To Have More Fun With Your Hair Every Week Of The Year

Victoria Wurdinger again graces us with a visit and some wonderful ideas for having fun with your hair...long hair, short hair, curly hair or somewhere in between.

A Hot Updo Inspired by Jennifer Aniston

If you are looking for a hot way to wear your medium to long hair for a special Christmas party, check out this updo with step-by-step instructions.

Latest Looks In Dreadlocks

Yes, dreadlocks have made it to the International and European fashion runways.  Karen gives you some great photos and a little history on this hot new hair trend.

Updos For Curly Hair

If you have curly hair and want some new ideas of how to break out of your normal style, check out the latest article on updos from The Hair Boutique - "The Most Copied Hair Site on The Web". 

Seven Ways To Give Your Hair More Texture

Victoria Wurdinger tells you how to get "fat" hair through a variety of methods including perms, crimping, rolling and cutting.  Check out this great new article. 

Stunning Long Hair Styles For 1999 - Part One

Karen is starting a series on great long hair styles direct from the fashion runways of Italy and France.  In this first article Karen talks about multi-sections and multi-parts with beautiful ties.

Easy But Elegant Long Hair Styles

Karen will be the first to tell you that she is always searching for new long hair styles that are quick & easy but beautiful as well as elegant.

Trio Of Butterflies

Read Jane Bullock's article about the Trio of Butterflies hair jewelry which was recently introduced at the Hair Boutique Marketplace.

Pantene Hair Spray - Say Goodbye To Helmet Head

Hair Boutique guest writer Marie Gerard gave up the hairspray when someone called her "cotton candy head".  She has since discovered Pantene's Pro-V Flexible Hold and loves the new way to have the hold on her hair.

French Braids:  A Classic Look For Long To Medium Hair

Patricia Coen's classic books, Beautiful Braids and More Beautiful Braids has just recently been re-issued. 

Hair Snoods:  Beautiful Hair Adornments From The Middle Ages

Karen reviews the beauty and styles of various hair snoods.  She discovered that there are several places right on the Internet where you can look at a large collection of beautiful snoods.   She also discovered that they made beautiful wedding headpieces.

Hair Manners

Hair Boutique's Jane Bullock whips out her wit and explains how NOT to offend people with bad hair manners.  This article combines humor with practical advice.  And yes, please don't try the underwear on your head trick. Move over Miss Manners.

The Short Hair Variety Show
by Jane Bullock

"Hair Boutique's short hair feature writer Jane Bullock covers all the essential things you need to know to have great looking short hair.

Prom Hair Countdown - Great tips for awesome Prom hair!

"Whether you are a Prom bound male or female, these Prom hair tips will help guarantee the look you want.  Karen provides a countdown of what you should do when you want to have hot Prom hair.." More...

Prom Styles #2- Knots Are Hot (3/21/99)

"Uma Thurman looked stunning in hers. Knots are perfect for etiehr dressing up or messing up the perfect Prom look.  Karen provides lots of examples & details.  Great for medium length hair.." More...

Prom Styles #1

Karen explains in step by step detail how to create a Two Strand Overlap braid with a fishtail bottom.   It looks stunning and would work for long to super long hair and is perfect for a prom style. Stay tuned for Karen's future prom hair articles.." More...

Dressy Styles - Part #3: Styles For Short, Medium & Long Hair

"Hair of any length, style or texture can be dressed up for the Holidays. Sometimes all that is required is a little imagination and some great hair accessories like ribbons, jeweled clips, hairsticks, butterfly pins or jeweled headbands."

"Some of my Karen's best ideas on how to dress up hair come from all the hair magazines that I read on a monthly basis. I also get great ideas from just messing with my own hair in front of a mirror. Try it on your own hair. You will be amazed at the styles that can evolve after a few sessions "playing" with your hair." More...

Dressy Hair Styles - Part #2: Hairline Braids (Dutch, Elizabethan & Braided Face Frame)

"Dressy Hair Styles - Part #1 covered The Classic Formal Updo, the French Twist. As I mentioned in Part #1, if you can do a basic French Twist you can dress it, dress it down, add jewelry, flowers, feathers or just about anything you can think of. The French Twist can work for any hair length that is medium to long.

Even exceptionally long hair can be put into a full Twist or a half up/half down Twist. For more details on the Twist, refer to Dressy Hair Styles - Part #1. More...

Dressy Hair Styles - Part #1: The Classic Updo - French Twist
by Karen M. Shelton

"Every year during Fall Homecoming, Christmas and Prom time I receive lots of email from females of all ages who want to "do something different" with their hair. They want to wear their hair up, they want to add special touches (like flowers or jewelry) or they want to try something completely new." More...

Shop Till You Drop
by Karen M. Shelton

"This article was written on the Day After Thanksgiving (1998). This infamous day is known as "Black Friday" to many shoppers who avoid the overcrowded, frenzied malls like the plaque. To retailers, the Day After Thanksgiving is considered the starting bell of their biggest season of the year.  More...

Romantic Updos
By Karen M. Shelton

"Fall is the season of year for Homecoming dances, Fall Flings, Thanksgiving parties and lots of romantic weddings. Fall ushers in the winter months with formal Christmas balls, formals and parties. Nothing is more frustrating than to have a hot new gown and no clues on how to wear your hair. Updos are always a good solution to jazz up any dress or gown. Updos can be worn standalone or adorned with everything from diamond pins to glittery butterfly clips or seasonal flowers." More...

Bridal Hairstyles & Headpieces Past & Present
by Karen M. Shelton

"I have to admit that I first started out to write a new article about bridal hairstyles and the appropriate headpiece to guarantee major headturning at your weddings. More...

John’s Hair Story
by John Vernier, Introduction by Karen M. Shelton

"A number of years ago, when comedian Jack Benny was first starting out, he began his very first radio broadcast with the words "Hello, my name is Jack which you reply ..Who Cares?" Well, my name is John Vernier....." More...

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