Curly Hairstyles - Pics of Curly Hair Styles

Curly Hairstyles - Pics of Curly Hair Styles

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Ouidad Creates Curls on the Catwalk - This season, Ouidad was the official sponsor of two high profile shows – Rebecca Minkoff and Tara Subkoff for IMITATION.

Curly Hair Talk Forum - Stop by and share your naturally curly tips, secrets, questions and issues.

Is No Poo Politically Correct? - No Poo is a popular technique, but people who don't understand No Poo may find it distasteful.

Curly Hair:  To Poo Or Not To Poo? Should you or shouldn't you use shampoo on your tresses?

Curl Hair Hints - Banishing frizz caused by hair styling product buildup

 Director of Hair:  Louis Hechter
Color:  Roch-Lemay

Dallas Curl And Color Stylist Rose Zuniga Shares Secrets For Coloring And Styling Fine Curly Hair In the world of natural curls one of the most challenging ringlet types (thin/fine, medium, thick, super thick) to color, chemically treat or style is thin, fine strands.

Rusk Radical Anticurl provides texturizing treatments for male and female strands - This product is extremely popular for people with natural curls because it's much milder than other similar products which are classified as relaxers or chemical straighteners.

(Image to the side of corckscrew curls symbolizing a carefree outlook on life.  Sponteaneous color placements accentuate a brilliant red - the hairstyle has a playful touch - Color by Goldwell Topchic - hair color 9KG + 7 KR, Colorance Acid Color 6KR and creative color R.  - Please see a Goldwell Professional To achieve the look shown to the side)

Curly Celebrity Girl - Rebecca Romijn - Hollywood Hair - How To Style - Copy Her Style - Rebecca Romijn wears gorgeous curls on ABC's new Witches of Eastwick show.  Check out the Rebecca Romijn hairstyle gallery at

How to create a rock star curly hairstyle - Elie Elie curl expert Barbara Lhotan designed this curlicious rock princess faux hawk half up/half down hairstyle which can be dressed up or down depending on the hair occasion.

Curly hairstyle - Vintage barrel curled and waved hairstyle with step by step instructions - A beautiful curly hairstyle.

Curly Wigs - Melissa McCarthy Owns 100 Wigs & Has Beautiful Brunette Waves & Curls - Beautiful brunette Melissa McCarthy is famous for her portrayal of Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls and Dena on Samantha Who.

Curly Hair Helper - New Pro Elements - Keratin System From Rusk - Who doesn't want a personal trainer for their natural curls and waves?  

 Director of Hair:  Louis Hechter
Color:  Roch-Lemay

 Director of Hair:  Louis Hechter
Color:  Roch-Lemay

(Goldwell Image to the side - get the style - be progressive.  Honor your natural textures while being dramatic.  Flat roots combined with curls are not always a bad thing.  This hairstyle which consists of Goldwell Topchic Hair Color 4G and 7 KR consist of Goldwell Elumen RVALL - The style is a bold coupling of straight and curly hair creating a glam look - two different looks which create a signature style).

Mya Fought Natural Curls, Unibrow, Low Self Esteem Growing Up - Although she often wears her hair bone straight in a series of edgy hairstyles, twists and extensions, Mıa was born with natural curls which she fought growing up.

Curly Hair Repair - Repair Fried Frizzy Summer Hair With Pro-Elements By Rusk - As the summer winds down and our beach vacations are over, it’s time to start gearing back up for Fall. Summer means sun, sand, and surf, but it also means fried, frizzy, beach-worn hair.

From Relaxed To Natural Hair: Design Essentials Facebook Chat Offers Tips for Transitioning Women - Design Essentials recently hosted its second live Chat for Fans of their Facebook page.  The “Relaxed to Natural Chat” was a real-time discussion allowing fans of the brand to have their questions answered on transitioning out of the use of relaxers.

Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Cream Breakthrough Curly Hair Product Which Enlivens And Defines Curls

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith at the 2005 BET Awards -
Arrivals, Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, CA, June 28, 2005

Hair by Kimberly Rothamen
Make-up by Steve Moore for Bob Steele Salon
Atlanta, GA

Taylor Swift’s 2009 Grammy Naturally Curly Updo Hairstyle - The beautiful Country singer was charming with her natural curls pulled up into a gorgeous updo.

Rachel McAdamas Naturally Curly Hair Goddess - What you may not know about Rachel is that she has naturally curly hair.  Really, I promise.  Back in 2006 Teen People found a photo of Rachel in her high school days in the early 1990s back in Ontario, Canada.  Her naturally brown hair was pulled back from her face and cascaded into a thick sheet of tightly curled ringlets.

Curly Hairstyles - Connie Britton - How To - Copy Friday Night Light's star naturally curly hairstyle.

Prom Hair: Pinned Up Ringlets - Check out this gorgeous upsweep.

Short Curly Hairstyle Tips  - Check out steps to create sizzling curls and waves on short strands.

Curl Your Hair Secrets - Whether your hair is straight, wavy or curly you can transform your tresses into gorgeous curls.

Joss Stone Long Curly Haired Celebrity.  She is a woman of soul with gorgeous long curly and wavy locks.

Curly Hair Style Star: Thandie Newton Thandie Newton wins for natural curls worn in a chic but easy twisted updo.

Jennifer Freeman - Long & curly celebrity strands.

Hair by Danny DuBose
Make-up by Steve Moore
for Bob Steele Salon

Elie Noufal Gerdak  -Elie Noufal Gerdak, hair maestro, is the Proprietor and Creative Director of Elie.Elie Salon in Tysons Corner, Virginia (703-893-2711).  The Elie. Elie salon brings out the celebrity in everyone.  Read more about Elie and Elie.Elie Salon.  Please tell Elie that sent ya by.

Elie Elie Salon - Bringing Out The Celebrity In Your At the Elie.Elie Salon in Virgina, every client is treated like a celebrity.

Elie Gerdak - Hair Guru Elie is brilliant, talented, charming and can transform any head of hair he tou ches into a virtual work of hair art.

Curls Were Wild At 2005 BET Awards  Many of the female celebrities at the 2005 BET awards gave validity to the current trend for soft waves, tight bouncy curls and sassy ringlets.  Check out the looks.

Jennifer Aniston Straight Hair Tips Jennifer Aniston has naturally wavy hair with some curl pattern.  Yet, she usually wears her hair straight.  Find out some of her tricks.

Paulina Rubio  This award winning Mexican pop star has natural curls.  Even better she hangs out with Jessica Simpson.  Read the scoop on her tresses.

Christina Applegate Tousled curls making a splash on Broadway.

Evangeline Lilly  ABC's Lost girl with gorgeous waves and curls.

Kelis  Her hair has been pink, platinum and now orange but her voice is what always gets the most attention.

Everything you wanted to know about Hair Mousse but are afraid to ask.

Air-dry your curly strands or combine air-drying with the new ionic blow dryers to have healthy tresses.

Rusk's Anti-Curl Relaxer visiting curly haired consultant, Lisa Castillo tested Rusk's Anti-Curl Relaxer. Lisa like the results on her very curly, frizzy hair.  Read her great experience with this relaxing product.

Nexxus Versastyler For Curlyheads
Hair Boutique's former stylist Shelley Pryor shares her appreciation for this great styling product. 

Updos For Curly Hair If you have curly hair and want some new ideas of how to break out of your normal style, check out the latest article on updos.  Also see: Hair Snippets #1 - Updos 1999 Style

Paula Abdul
Read this great article about Paula, brought to you from the Hair Boutique, "the most copied hair site on the Web".

Climate Control Help For Curly & Wavy Hair Suffering From Heat & Humidity
If you have curly hair or hair that suffers in summer heat or humidity you need to read this article about a great new product.

Coloring FAQ's For CurlyHair
Karen examines the common problems that people with naturally curly hair face with using hair color.  Sometimes the color is darker & duller, sometimes it fades and sometimes it just doesn't turn out anything like you would expect. Read this article for the reasons why people with curly hair experience difficulties with hair coloring.

Meet The Hair Boutique's Former Stylist - Curly Hair Specialist Shelley Pryor
Karen and Jeff have been going to Shelley for years for her long hair expertise.  However, Shelley also specializes in naturally curly hair since she has had to deal with her own all of her life.  Read this great review about's Dallas Hairstylist.

A Review Of Fudge For Hair's curly haired advisor, Sherry, is back with a very detailed review of several of the Fudge products for curly hair.  Thanks Sherry for a great article.

ARTec's Control Gel
Sherry, a Hair Talk favorite, returns with her second hair product review.  This time Sherry had some very interesting results with ARTec's Control Gel. The ARTec Control Gel is most definitely worth a try, especially for those gals and guys with curls.

Sherry Gives An Inside Scoop On The Paul Brown Hair Care line
Sherry has naturally curly hair and is on a mission to achieve smooth, frizz-free curls or a sleek, straight surface.  The Paul Brown Hawaii products fit her bill.  Read what she has discovered.

ARTec's Texturesmooth
ARTec has recently introduced their new textureline texturesmooth -- for people who don't like curls and frizz! texturesmooth is unlike traditional straightening formulas, which remove curl and frizz but leave hair limp and lifeless. Check it out.

A Review Of KMS Flat Out
Gigi has curly hair and has spent some time testing the famous KMS Flat out.  Read her detailed review of this temporary straightening product for curly hair.

Phytodefrisant Review
By Nichole Carrillo

PhytoMousse S88 Review
By Nichole Carrillo

Hair Boutique's Hair Link of The Week - Ouidad
by Karen Shelton

The Hair Boutique Interviews Ouidad
by Karen Shelton

Lori Shares Her Experience With Ouidad Products For Curly Hair

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