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Revised: 02/04/12

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Jordin Sparks Rocks Her Au Natural Curls With Donnie Walberg - American Idol winner Jordin Sparks showcases her gorgeous natural hair texture.

Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks Rocks Natural Curls In LA - Jordin Sparks rocks her beautiful natural curls, coils and kinks in LA.

Jordin Sparks Returns To Naturally Curly Haired Roots - Jordin Sparks bucks the trend to go straight and shows off her stunning natural texture.

Jordin Sparks – Hairstyles Gallery – - Check out all of the gorgeous Jordin Sparks hairstyles.

How To Achieve Stick Straight Strands - Whether your hair is long or short - if you want to get stick straight strands this article is for you.

Hair Vitamins & Hairstyling Tips: 8 Hair Growth Secrets - These tips will work for all types of hair from European to African American. 

A new play -  Dreams Of Sarah Breedlove aka Madame C.J. Walker - An African American hair pioneer & successful entrepreneur - opens in Chicago.

Check out this compelling article - Standards Of Attractiveness And Social Identity

Although is about ALL types of hair for all people, we do the best we can to represent as many different hair types as possible.  Since we are self-funded and have a limited budget we do the very best we can under those circumstance.

We do not have an opinion about the best styles for any hair type, race, age or sex. 

At we believe that everyone should wear their hair the way that they are most comfortable.  We are not in any way making a statement but only trying to provide as much information as we have available to us at the present.

We do not pretend to be experts on any type of hair, black or otherwise.  We are consumers hoping to help other consumers connect with others who share their particular interest in hair.

African American Galleries

Please note that all galleries listed in this section have been suggested to by visitors.  We are not endorsing any of the sites. We are just listing the links as a point of reference.

We are merely listing the galleries and links as a service and it is not a statement of our opinions or belief of the best black hair styles.

Hair is as personal and as political as many things in life.  Please make your own decisions and know that we encourage everyone to wear their hair in the style that is best for them.

African American Hair Galleries

Please check out the following galleries of styles:

Eric Von Lockhart Galleries - African American styles from one of America's most famous African American photographers.

African American Hairstyles - Variety of African American styles. Make your opinion know.  Vote for the styles you love and/or the styles that you hate.

Alicia Keys Gallery of Hairstyles - She's beautiful with a voice of gold.  Check out some of her hairstyles.

Amerie Rodgers - Just a few snippets of Amerie's hairstyles. - is a one stop digital hair magazine featuring Hip, Innovative, and Sophisticated hair style creations produced by some of the most talented and dedicated hair style professionals on the planet!  This site is part of the Hair Channel

Don Janelle's Photo Gallery - Don Janelle's Day Spa provides creative and exceptional styling.  Featured in Essence Magazine.

Genesis Hair Art Gallery - A site that caters to African American looks that are trendy, soft and sleek.

Check out the NappyHair Gallery of styles while you are visiting this great site. Check out the great styles from famous Khamit Kinks in New York.

African American Talk Forums

African American Talk Forum - Very active talk forum about African American hair topics & issues.

360 Waves African American Male Forum - Very active talk forum devoted to 360 Waves.

New African American Articles

Please check out the latest African American hair related articles:

3/29/06 Beyonce Knowles:  Pretty Ponytail.  Beyonce joined Destiny's Child for their Star on Hollywood's Walk coiffed in a pretty pony.

African American Related Hair & Celebrity Articles

Shondrella Avery - Girl Behaving Badly! - This rising star recently showed up her Afro style on the Red Carpet.  Read how to steal her style.

Curly Hair Style Star: Thandie Newton wins for natural curls worn in a chic but easy twisted updo.

Jennifer Freeman - Long & curly celebrity strands.

Hair Makeover:  America's Next Model Contestant Channels Tyra Banks.

Steal Beyonce's braid decorated updo with step by step instructions. (Image of Beyonce Knowles - - all rights reserved).

Ving Rhames - Bald Is Beautiful - Kojack Is Back

Ving Rhames takes on the famous police detective in a remake that premieres Friday, March 25 on USA Network (9-11 ET).

All About Eve

Eve is the gorgeous red-haired queen of the Rap world. has a report about Eve's hair preferences directly from her stylist, Suzette Boozer.  Read Kate Patterson's great article about Eve. 

Rusk's Anti-Curl Relaxer visiting curly haired consultant, Lisa Castillo tested Rusk's Anti-Curl Relaxer. Lisa like the results on her very curly, frizzy hair.  Read her great experience with this relaxing product.

Prom Dos For Medium Locks

This article explains how to create updos with curls pinned to the crown of the head.  This article contains photos of African American young women.

Long Hair Looks Straight From The Runways

This article explains shows the latest looks from the Fashion runways.

Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out

Tyra Banks is a famous model.  In her latest book she shares lots of hair and beauty scoops for African Americans.

Kelis (Kuh-LEASE)

Her name is Kelis, she has a hot voice, a head full of stunning curls and a hot debut album, Kaleidoscope. This lady is ready to shoot to the top.

Kelis Revisited

Her hair has been pink, platinum and now orange but her voice is what always gets the most attention.

Hairstyle News - Latest Looks In Dreadlocks

Yes, dreadlocks have made it to the International and European fashion runways.  Karen gives you some great photos and a little history on this hot new hair trend.  

Karen Interviewed The Knotty Boy Founders & Got The Inside Scoop on  Dreadlocks!

Karen spent time with co-founders Adrianna Hepper & Andrew Power & discovered how the Knotty Boy Dreadlock Wax came to be.  One of Karen's best interviews ever.  Check it out.  Are dreadlocks in your future?

If You Have Dreadlocks, Braids Or Related Hairstyles Read About Nubian Secrets Shampoo & Scalp cleaner

After many years of research a new product has been announced. Read about this amazing new product.

FishTail Braid Instructions

Photos & instructions on fishtail braids.

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