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Heidi Klum Buzzed Off Hair Of Sons

Heidi Klum With Curly Haired Son

Heidi Klum Buzzed Off Hair Of Sons

Heidi Klum was a guest on Ellen this past week.  During her chat with the blonde host the former supermodel talked about cutting the hair of both of her sons.  Heidi actually cut the hair herself.

Heidi and her husband, singer Seal Samuel, have three biological children together.  Son Henry Gunther (born September 12, 2005) and Johan Riley (born November 22, 2006).  They also have daughter Lou Samuel (born October 9, 2009).

Heidi showed a photo of the back of Johan's hair who is biracial and has a very big mop of curls, coils and kinks.

Heidi said "that's Johan, he's turning five now.  For five years I've been taking care of his hair.  For five years I've been grooming and combing and conditioning his hair - and poor boy - because mama loved the long hair.  But all of a sudden they have their own mind and their own point of view about things."

She told Ellen "and they both wanted it (the hair) off.  So I just took the clippers and bzzzzzzzzz, I sheared it all off.  It was like shearing a sheep You know.  It was, it really was because it was like."

Saving Buzzed Hair For Arts & Crafts

Heidi held her hands way out from her head to demonstrate how big their hair had grown.  Ellen said "you could have made a throw rug with the hair."

The supermodel laughed and said "well we didn't throw the hair away.  We make arts and crafts with it."

Ellen asked what type of arts and crafts.  Heidi said "Well we paint a lot.  So they painted their faces and then kinda glued the hair around it.  Yeah."

Ellen said "that's hilarious"  Heidi agreed "it's really sweet."

And speaking of hair, Ellen showed a photo of Heidi wearing a perm. Heidi explained that her mom "was a hairdresser".  She said, "if you see me there you think I have curly hair, but my hair is dead straight."

The supermodel ran her fingers through her curled hairstyle and said to the audience "it took many many hours to get my hair curled like this.  My mom always gave me perms."

Ellen said "oh you had them a lot?" Heidi said "oh no, no.  I had perms, my dad had a perm, my mom had a perm.   That was really fashionable in the day."
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