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Miss Guam At Miss Universe 2009 Pageant & Tweeting Her Experiences

Racine Manley is the current Miss Guam 2009.  She is gorgeous with lush chocolate brown hair.  Even more importantly,  she is also Social Media Savvy and is Tweeting on Twitter about her experiences while she is in the Bahamas at the competition.

I am thrilled she is sharing what she is going through in "real time" for her fans and supporters.

(Image of the stunning Miss Guam 2009 from her Twitter Site - All Rights Reserved)

I am also actively following Racine - Miss Guam - and rooting for her because she is on my Twitter network of Followers.  I hope you will also root for this lovely young women and follow her on Twitter for her updates.

You can also follow her by going to Racine.  Her Twitter address is:  @OfficialRacine.

Yesterday, on August 14th Racine tweeted "Wow it's so close now...I am anxious, I must admit--but no matter the outcome the experience has been a great one!"

Hey Racine, all of us at are pulling for you and hope you win.  You look gorgeous!

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