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Jimmy Kimmel And Sarah Silverman Heartbreak Part II

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and his long time love Sarah Silverman had entered for another round of Heartbreak Hotel.  If you are a fan of either Jimmy or Sarah you may know that the funny couple who had been together for five years ended their relationship in July of 2008.  At the time it was a shock since they seemed well suited to each other and a strong couple.

(Image of Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman - 2008 GQ 'Men of the Year' Party - 11-18-08 - - All Rights Reserved). 

Eventually they made their way back to each other and recently attended some of the Hollywood parties and events tied to the recent award shows.  It appeared all was well and they had worked out whatever differences which caused the first split in 2008.

This time is seems to be final with Sarah Silverman initiating the split.  Inside sources for both camps believe the relationship is really over and there will be not further attempts to reunite.

Regardless of the reasons for the split it is still sad to see anyone go through the heartbreak of losing a long time love.

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