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How To Re-Create JLo's Explosion Of Chunky Curls

Jennifer Lopez - World Of Dance - NBC - 08/04/20

Jennifer Lopez has magical hair. It's always glam, regardless of whether she's headling at The SuperBowl in 2020, judging on American Idol in 2011, or performing Joe Biden's inauguration in 2021.

As someone obsessed 24/7 with hair since the beginning of in the mid-1990s, I have a list of great JLo hairstyles I absolutely adore.

When Jennifer Lopez appeared on NBC's World of Dance (2017-2021) as a judge (and executive producer), I was beyond thrilled at her stunning rotation of gorgeous hairstyles and picture-perfect makeup.  This is one of my favorite JLo hairstyles.

Jennifer rotates her base hair color from rich honey to a warm golden blonde with lighter, brighter blonde highlights. Her blonde strands suit her skin and eye tone.

She ditched her naturally dark brown hair more than 20 years ago in favor of her current blonde base and highlights.

Her highlights and lowlights fire up her hair when she wears it in a cascade of chunky curls like she did at various times for the World of Dance show on NBC.

Jennifer Lopez Co-Judges World Of Dance - NBC - 08/04/20

She also wore it in a similar style for Season 10 of American Idol on Fox/TV in 2011.

The Hairstyle

Jennifer's gorgeous hairstyle is based on tons of cascading spiral and chunky curls with light and dark shades of blonde.

Copy Jennifer's Hairstyle

This hairstyle is best for medium to long hair that is medium to thick in volume with naturally wavy, curly, coily, or kinky-shaped cuticles.

If you have naturally textured hair, it would be ideal for you to start with a long layered (dry or similar) curl-by-curl haircut from a curl expert, preferably with someone who studied with one of the major curl training systems such as Devachan or Ouidad.

Every Head Of Hair Is Completely Unique

Whether your hair is wavy or super curly, every head of hair is unique, and every curl is like a jigsaw puzzle. A curl expert will cut, carve and slice each and every curl and wave to fit together perfectly with the surrounding strands and pieces around it.

To create the most waves, curls, coils, and kinks, keep the layers as long as possible to add weight to the curls.

Jennifer Lopez 2020 - World Of Dance 2020

If you don't have naturally wavy, curly, or coily hair, this look can still be achieved.  Start with a shoulder-length haircut etched with lots of layers in various lengths to encourage easy curl and wave formation.

Detangling, Wet Washing And Conditioning Tricks

Start by wet washing your previously detangled hair in lukewarm (not hot) water. Either wash in the shower or use pre-filled gallons of distilled water. Make sure to douse your hair thoroughly with water.

Use a hydrating formula. Apply a dime-sized amount in the palms of your hands and mix with water to form suds. Pat into the roots of your hair and let the suds flow down to your ends.

Or use a diluted formula of 1/8th teaspoon of hydrating shampoo mixed with 1 quart of distilled water and shaken to form suds.

Rinse shampoo entirely out of hair. Perform an accordion squeeze to remove excess water. Apply a rinse-out conditioner avoiding the roots unless you especially need hydration there.

Separate conditioner doused strands into small sections. Starting at the ends, detangle from with a wide tooth comb up to the roots.

Jennifer Lopez With Short Dark Hair in 2002

After hair has been wholly conditioned and detangled, rinse well with lukewarm water. Blot excess moisture with a hair-shamy or 100% clean cotton towel. Perform a final accordion squeeze. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse.

Styling Tips

For wavy hair detangle damp strands one last time. Apply a baseball-sized amount of mousse from roots to ends. Blowdry hair on the slowest, cooling, setting, with a long finger diffuser attachment. Don't use a brush or comb.

When hair is completely dry, divide it into two-inch sections and curl each with a 1 1/2" curling iron. Do not brush or tousle hair.

For curly, coily or kinky hair apply a leave-in conditioner to damp strands. Detangle again. Then distribute curl-defining styling cream or gel evenly through the hair.

As hair airdries, shape curls into spirals by taking one-inch sections of hair from all over your head and wrapping them around your index fingers. Pin them into place if you wish. When hair is dry, apply a little shine-enhancing spray.

Special Notes

American Idol - Season 10 - Fox/TV

The less natural wave, curl, coil, or kink you have, the longer it'll take to achieve JLo's luscious chunky spiral. Make sure to allow plenty of time to work your way around your head with a curling iron if you need to use one.

For different curl forms, use a smaller barrel iron first (1"), curling away from the face.  Work around the head from side to side creating curls.

Pin each finished curl in place to allow it to cool and set.

After the entire head of hair has been curled, pinned, and cooled, unpin all of the coils.  Start at the beginning of the head, working from side to side.  Use a larger curling iron to curl and spin pre-curled coils.  Clip into the hair for 15 minutes.

When hair is completely recurled with a larger iron, leave it pinned for as long as possible.  Spritz with hairspray.  Then unpin the curls all around the head.  Bend over at the waist and lightly tousle hair.  Spray with setting or hairspray again.

Summary - How To Re-Create JLo's Explosion Of Chunky Curls

Regardless of your starting hair type and cuticle shape, it's possible to re-create Jennifer Lopez's gorgeous explosion of chunky curls.

If you're struggling to find the best haircut and styling techniques, be sure to chat with your favorite hairstylist.  They can also recommend some great products to utilize.

Also, remember that practice makes perfect.

Best wishes to all.

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