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Loniten Is A Form Of Oral Minoxidil

Loniten Is A Form Of Oral Minoxidil Loniten Is A Form Of Oral Minoxidil

Loniten® is one of the brand names for an oral Minoxidil tablet.  When many people think of Minoxidil, they think of topical formulations.  Originally Minoxidil was designed to be an oral tablet.

Unlike Minoxidil topicals which are available Over-The-Counter (OTC), Loniten is a prescription-only oral drug.

Loniten or oral Minoxidil is used off-label for both men and women for androgentic alopecia (AGA).  It can also be used in some cases for telogen effluvium (TE) traction alopecia and loose anagen syndrome.

Loniten Is A Form Of Oral Minoxidil

Some hair loss physicians believe that oral Minoxidil is better than topical Minoxidil because it stays in the body longer.  A common starting dosage is 2.5mg of oral minoxidil for a month.

Loniten is not designed to be taken as a sublingual unless it is specifically formulated that way.  Depending upon the patient's needs, some hair loss physicians might prescribe higher doses.

If you're just starting with Minoxidil, whether oral or topical, you may experience initial shedding.  It's only temporary.  If you continue to take Minoxidil, in most cases, the shedding will eventually stop.

The effective dosage range to address hair loss versus blood pressure needs to be closely monitored by your prescribing physician.  At least initially.

Dosage can be altered by doubling up on pills or cutting pills into smaller dosages.

Loniten Is A Form Of Oral Minoxidil Loniten Is A Form Of Oral Minoxidil

Some may take 5 mg of oral minoxidil a month.

Oral Minoxidil should only be taken under a hair loss physician's supervision since it can have serious side effects.

Minoxidil And Loniten Were Designed As Peripheral Vasodilators

Minoxidil and Loniten were initially designed to lower the body's blood pressure by acting as peripheral vasodilators.

The antihypertensive properties of the drugs help to increase the amount of blood flow throughout the body. Peripheral vasodilators are known to help to widen blood vessels in the body's limbs.

Minoxidil Extra Strength For Men Minoxidil Extra Strength For Men

This would include legs, feet, arms, and hands.  It can help to prevent blood clots from forming in the limbs, which could break loose and travel to the heart of the kidneys.

Although initially designed as an antihypertensive solution, a well-documented side effect of any of the drugs containing minoxidil as its stimulating effect on the roots and hair follicles.  In some people.  It was proven to help stimulate hair growth in some cases.

 Loniten Is A Lifelong Commitment

Unfortunately, the newly stimulated hair growth is not permanent.  The effect of Loniten or any other liquid Minoxidil only lasts as long as the medication is continuously used. Once the oral Loniten or Minoxidil is halted, the stimulating effects on the hair follicles cease.

There is often a major shedding.  Often after a period of weeks or months, the condition of the hair will return to the way it was before Loniten was started.

Any hair grown on the Loniten regime will most likely be lost.

Side Effects - Some People Should Not Take Loniten

Loniten Is A Form Of Oral Minoxidil Loniten Is A Form Of Oral Minoxidil

This medication should only be taken after consulting with your primary physician or hair restoration medical expert.

Loniten may not be safe for people with the following pre-existing conditions:

  • History of heart problems such as heart failure or heart attack.
  • Any chest pains (angina pectoris).
  • Chronic lung problems (pulmonary hypertension).
  • Pheochromocytoma – a genetic kidney disorder that causes the adrenal gland to release an abnormal level of hormones, causing high blood pressure.

Some physicians will prescribe a diuretic along with oral Loniten (either for hair loss or blood pressure) because of its tendency to trigger salt and water retention at much higher levels.

Other side effects may include:

Edema - Fluid retention in the face, eyes, hands or other areas of the body.  Those areas may become swollen or puffy.

Hepatojugular reflux – Increased liver pressure elevates pressure in the neck veins.   This is an early sign of congestive heart failure.

Other Side Effect Issues With Loniten

Other issues might include fluid leakage into the pericardium. This is known as a pericardial effusion. This can, in rare cases, lead to heart failure and death.  Loniten has a connection to this condition.

Medical Doctor - HB Media - All Rights Reserved Medical Doctor - HB Media - All Rights Reserved

Although Loniten may be effective with hair loss issues, the side effects may be too risky for some people.  This is why it's essential to work with your hair loss physician and to make sure your primary care physician or cardiologist is aware that you are taking Loniten.

Loniten may also trigger a progression of pericardial effusion in which the excess fluid causes the heart chambers to collapse.

This is an extremely dangerous condition because the heart will not be able to adequately pump enough blood for the body, which in turn lowers the overall oxygen supply.

Hypertrichosis And Loniten

In certain extreme instances, the rejuvenating effects of Minoxidil become especially invasive and turn into a condition known as hypertrichosis.

Physician Applied Low-Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT)

With hypertrichosis, hair on the face, body, and scalp grows much longer and thicker than normal. This side effect is typically spotted within a number of weeks after starting treatment and goes away within a number of months after discontinuation.

The side effects of Loniten are considered rare.  However, it is critical that if you have any potential heart or kidney issues, you work closely with your cardiologist or hair loss physician to ensure you are free of any potentially dangerous side effects.

Loniten May Work Best With Other Therapies

Loniten does not work for all people.  Sometimes Loniten or oral Minoxidil will work best with combined with other hair loss medication therapies, including, but not limited to, utilizing topicals in addition to the oral supplements.

Other hair loss physicians might recommend combining microneedling, PRP, Exosomes, and Low-Laser Light Therapies with a combination of oral Loniten/Minoxidil and topical Finasteride or similar formulations.

When in doubt, always do your research and consider your genetics and family history of heart and kidney health.

Is there going to be any issues with shedding that you're going to experience when you're switching from one formulation to another?

Probably not if Minoxidil has been used as a topical rather than an oral tablet.

Never say never, though.  Even with the best-laid plans for transitioning from a topical to an oral or vice versa, the boy may react by shedding.  The good news is that any shedding will be temporary.

Summary - Loniten Is A Form Of Oral Minoxidil

Even though Loniten or oral Minoxidil may not work for everyone, you have the best opportunity for success if you work closely with your hair transplant physician.

One of the biggest problems people taking Loniten off-label as a hair loss is that they don't see results fast enough for their peace of mind.

Make sure to give the Loniten or oral Minoxidil enough time to demonstrate results.

As a bare minimum, 5-6 months if recommended as a reasonable amount of time to wait to determine if the oral Minoxidil is working.

Best wishes to all.

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