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Birkin Bangs Are The Hottest New Hair Trend

Birkin Bangs Are The Hottest New Hair Trend Jane Birkin in 1970, (2022, August 23). In Wikipedia.

A Birkin Bag, simply known as Birkin, may be too rich for your blood ($11,000+ - $380,000+ US).

Who Is Jane Birkin?

The Internationally famed Birkin tote bag was introduced in 1984 by Hermès, the French luxury good maker.

Birkin bags are handmade from leather and are named after the iconic English-French model, actress, and singer Jane Birkin.

The good news?  Maybe a bag is out of your reach, but anyone who still has hair can afford Birkin bangs.

Even if you don't, you can buy wigs or hair pieces with the clip-in French style bangs.

What Are Birkin Bangs?

Birkin bangs, popularized by the eternally chic Jane Birkin in the 60s are famous for their eyebrow grazing length.

Birkin Bangs Are The Hottest New Hair Trend Sonny and Cher - 1960s Publicity - Tower Comics, photographer unknown. - - Wikipedia

The wispy, piecey fringe which is often tousled is cut with either a scissors or razor.  They are designed to fall between the eyebrows and the eyelashes.

Birkin Bangs Are Shorter Than Curtain Bangs

Birkin bangs are shorter than the popular trendy curtain bangs, which may stretch from mid-cheek to chin-length.

The light, airy bangs are the opposite of heavy. They can be cut sparse enough to expose the eyebrows, even if they are long enough to cover them.

The bang section base doesn't extend very far away from your hairline, only an inch or so, and then extends in sparse gaps to the lowest arc of the brows.

They are effortlessly cool, casual, and undone, not blunt or structured.

Sometimes they are described as breezy as if you just stepped out of a lovely soft wind.

How To Ask Your Hairstylist For Birkin Bangs

Cher on the set of the television series The Man from U.N.C.L.E., 1967 - Wikipedia

Ask your hairstylist for a textured fringe that can either be blow-dried with a round brush or easily air-dried and then finger tousled.

Just in case they aren't familiar with Birkin bangs, be sure to bring large photos of Jane Birkin as your ideal example.

Cher Wore Birkin Bangs In The 1960s

Birkin bangs look great when paired with long, stick-straight, one-length hairstyles.

Megan Fox At 2022 Billboard Awards - NBC

Think of Cher in some of her famous hairstyles in the 1960s.

Birkin Bangs In The 1960s

Any hair type, cuticle shape, length, and style can be inspired by the famous 1960s bangs.

Even people with fine or thin hair can easily wear Birkin bangs since the hairstyle is light, airy and super wispy.

Anyone can pull it off as long as the rest of the face-framing layers are well below the chin and don't connect to the bangs.

Straight Celebrity Birkin Bangs For 2022

Megan Fox combined Birkin bangs with her long stick straight strands for the 2022 Billboard Awards.  She looked stunning.

Heidi Klum With Birkin Bangs on NBC - America's Got Talent

Her hairstyle was a classic example of Birkin bangs worn with pin-straight hair for a sleek, sophisticated, and sexy vibe.

How To Style Birkin Bangs

How you style bangs largely depends on your hair type, cuticle shape (straight, wavy, curly, kinky), length, and overall condition of your hair.

  • Rough dry your fringe
  • Use a medium-sized round brush on the ends and bangs
  • Use a small bed flat iron on your bangs.  Pass it through quickly.
  • Remember, less is more.

Note:  A quick spritz of finishing spray will tame any rebel flyaways and give your fringe a

natural-looking hold. Complete the look with a touch of texturizing salt spray to the rest of

your strands for your perfect chic Parisian Girl Hair.

If Your Bangs Have Lots of Waves, Curls, Or Kinks, You Can Apply Chemicals

If your bangs tend to be wavy, curly, or a combination, you can use a light chemical relaxer on only your bangs.  Or ask your stylist to apply a light straightener to just that section of your hair.

If you don't want to make a commitment to bangs, there are some amazing clip-in bangs options in an array of 100% human hair or synthetic blends.

Megan Fox At 2022 Billboard Awards - NBC

Just pop one on, style it the way you want, and you instantly have a trendy fringe without the painful growing-out stage.

Different Hairstyle To Match With Birkin Bangs

The Birkin Bang helps to make your hair look fuller.

It can be paired with a lot of great hairstyles ranging from long straight strands to high ponytails, ballerina buns, chignons, undone twists, or with long, lush, edgy layers.

Part your Birkin bangs on the right, left, or center.  Or you can just let your bangs find their own edgy part.

The bangs can be worn choppy, soft, and blunt, with lots of volumes, pieced out or swept to the sides.

There is no end to ways to customize the hairstyle.  You can create a modernized 60’s style shag that provides a  sweet vintage look with a little hint of edge and toughness.

Or soften the look by adding light texture throughout the length of the hair.

Disadvantages To The Birkin Bangs

With every type of hairstyle or bang, there tend to be downsides.

While the Birkin bangs look great right after they're cut, some people don't like having newly trimmed hair hanging in their eyes.  It can be distracting or irritating.

America's Got Talent - Heidi Klum - Birkin Bangs - NBC

Since the Birkin bangs tend to grow out quickly, you will need to make sure you schedule regular trims with your hairstylist.

Or have your hairstylist teach you how to do tiny mini-trims at home in between salon visits.

Keep a good dry shampoo handy. Bangs can become oily quickly, thanks to sitting right on the skin.  Also, they tend to get flicked and ruffled throughout the day.

Dry shampoo is critical to keep Birkin bangs looking oil and grease free at all times.  It also gives the bangs a fresh and fluffy look.

Customize Your Birkin Bangs For Your Hair Type And Face Shape

Not sure about whether a Jane Birkin hairstyle is the right look for you?  Talk to your hairstylist about your best options.

Although the Birkin bangs look great and can be customized for just about every face shape, hair type, length, color, and age, they may not be the best choice for someone with naturally oily hair or skin.

Summary - Birkin Bangs Are The Hottest New Hair Trend

Birkin bangs are designed to reflect the subtle 60’s vibe that Jane Birkin, Cher, and other superstars rocked so well in the 60s.

The Jane Birkin hairdo is as timeless as the Birkin bag.

Best wishes to all.

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