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Why Hair Products Disappear

Why Hair Products Disappear

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Have you ever run out of your favorite hair product only to discover it's vanished from the face of the Earth?

Maybe you wondered why hair products disappear without any forewarning, rhyme or reason?

Although you may have loved and used your favorite hair product for years, there are often a variety of efficiency-oriented reasons why brands are dropped by brick and mortar or online retailers.

Reasons Why Hair Products Disappear

Some of the reasons include, but aren't limited to:

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1.  Manufacturers stop producing a hair product for a variety of reasons ranging from inability to locate viable ingredients to rapidly increasing packaging costs.

2.  Loss of viable and/or sustainable profit margins due to shrinkage, rising overhead costs or similar challenges.

3.  Introduction of new products (thousands of new hair care products are introduced each year) which grab the target product's original market share.

4.  Aggressive competition from other on-line retailers or big box stores.

5.  Declining sales.  Many companies discontinue the slowest moving products in specific categories.

6.  Loss of coveted retail shelf space due to rising demand for new and/or organic and/or more natural products.

7.  Nearly-identical products in the same category may result in consumer confusion and loss of interest.

8.  Change in consumer market trends which make a hair product less viable for the long term.

9.  Companies go out of business and/or they're acquired.  The new owners may reformulate and/or shelve some or all of the pre-existing products.

What Stays Or Goes Depends Upon Customers

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What stays and what goes in any brick and mortar or in online stores is ultimately in the hands of the customers, who literally 'vote' for or against a product every time they buy it or pass it by.

Most retailers try to maintain a balance between offering the best quality products and those which offer the very best value for their shoppers.

Ultimately retailers understand that some shoppers will be disappointed with the decision to discontinue various hair care brands for whatever reason.

Retailers also understand that if the customers don't like discontinuation of their favorite products they will shop elsewhere where the products they seek are offered.

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If a hair care product is discontinued by the manufacturer, retailers have no option to provide the product short of manufacturing their own version of an alternative.

Retailer's Reduced Assortment Issues

Reduced assortments will always be the fact of life for any retailer including in all hair product categories.  If you have specific hair care products you love, be sure to let your retailer of choice know your likes and ask them to keep the product in their inventory.

If retailers are informed by customers that a hair care product is key to their loyalty, when possible, they will try to keep it available.

Improved customer experience and greater profitability are always important to all retailers.

Summary - Why Hair Products Disappear

There are many reasons why hair products disappear included discontinuation by the manufacturer or stocking decisions made by retailers.

If you have a favorite hair product you love, be sure to let your retailer know your desires to make it available, if it hasn't been discontinued.

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