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Things Not To Do During Mercury Retrograde

Things Not To Do During Mercury Retrograde

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Anything hidden before Mercury goes Retrograde will almost certainly rear it's ugly head when it Mercury is Retrograde.

For your peace of mind, which is ruled by Mercury, I've provided a general checklist of things not to do during Mercury Retrograde.

My Own History With Mercury Retrograde

Foolishly, when I was young, I used to believe if I ignored Mercury Retrograde, it would good away.

Even worse, I incorrectly thought if I use affirmations, positive thinking and visualized great outcomes, I would be immune to Mercury Retrograde.

I wish I could tell you my efforts to ignore or overcome Mercury Retrograde periods with my mind were successful.

Ignoring Mercury Retrograde Does Not Make It Go Away

MercuryWingedWarrior-15_350hUnfortunately ignoring Mercury Retrograde does not make it go away.  Regardless of my desired to avoid dealing with it, the planet makes it way in front of the Sun three or more times a year.

Maybe I'm delusional about Mercury Retrograde because my natal Mercury is located in Gemini which just so happens to be be ruled by Mercury.

I've learned, the hard way, from direct suffering during Mercury Retrogrades, to respect the time period.

Not only do I not start anything new that I don't absolutely have to do, I use the period to finish in harmony with Mercury Retrograde.

I focus on pre-existing projects, look for missing documents, take people out for drinks who I know will spill their guts and write about astrological topics.

Minimize Mercury Retrograde Suffering

To minimize suffering the known Mercury Retrograde universal recall effect, whenever possible, avoid the following activities listed below.

Yes, life happens and sometimes you just can't wait a few weeks to get your car repaired, take a trip to visit a sick relative or start a new job.

When you can postpone your life for a few weeks seriously consider avoiding the following actions:

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1. Written agreements, contracts or related legal documents - When undertaken during Mercury regrade official documents may need to be completely redone after Mercury goes direct.

Anything written during Mercury Retrograde may require serious revision after Mercury goes direct.  Even when you believe you've covered every possible detail, during Mercury Retrograde things will fall through the cracks.

2.  Making serious decisions with long term or life changing consequences - Serious changes should be postponed until after Mercury goes direct. Facts or details you aren't aware of will most likely reveal themselves after Mercury goes direct.

3.  Major job or career changes - Avoid quitting a job, starting a new one or changing your career in a major way.

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Note:  I quit a job I loved many years ago during a Mercury Retrograde due to the fact I was offered, accepted and started a new job with the promise of a big raise and more benefits.   Not only did I always regret quitting the first job, the new job never paid exactly what I was promised.

The benefits never quite materialized while the job  kept changing scope.  It was a very frustrating experience.  When I managed to return to the previous job, it was not the same.   I could never get back into the happiness zone and wound up leaving again at the next Mercury Retrograde period.

4.  Making any partnership commitments - This includes moving in with another person, getting engaged, married or divorced.  Pre-nuptial agreements should never be drawn up, signed or negotiated during Mercury Retrograde. Partnership commitments also includes starting business partnerships.

5.  Making major purchases - Buying or selling land, a house, a business, vehicles or other property should be avoided until Mercury goes direct.

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6.  Closing sales or deals - When Mercury is retrograde there is a high probability there were be major delays or setbacks.  In many cases the sale or deal will fall through completely.

7.  Starting a new educational program - When possible avoid starting a new school, college or other training programs with Mercury retrograde which will result in delays or other long term problems.

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8.  Dealing With Communication Devices - Phones or similar devices, The Internet, Wireless devices, computers or any other communication devices may never quite work right when acquired during Mercury Retrograde.

9.  Scheduling Surgery - Surgeries scheduled or undertaken during Mercury Retrograde have a higher risk of complications or the need for follow-up surgeries.

10.   Scheduling and/or Attending First Appointments With Professionals - Making a new appointment with an attorney, physician, dentist, counselor, hair, skin or nail professionals may not work out well in the long term.

Summary - Things Not To Do During Mercury Retrograde

If you believe in Mercury Retrograde and have suffered through Mercury Retrograde consequences in the past, when possible, consider avoiding life changing decisions and actions until Mercury goes direct.

Or, if you can prefer, you can ignore it.  Of course, don't say I didn't warn you if ignoring Mercury Retrograde doesn't quite work out like you planned.

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