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What Is Mercury Retrograde?

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What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Like clockwork the planet Mercury goes retrograde, or backwards, three or four times every single year.  2015 is no exception to Mercury's antics.

What is Mercury Retrograde and how does it impact our lives?

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Some of the most common symptoms of Mercury retrograde include, but aren't limited to the following:

- mail and related package delivery slowdowns

- telephone or similar communication device breakdowns

- all types of transportation (air, auto, rail, train) delays or problems

- misprints of all types

- late shipments in industry (Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, etc.,) which frequently result in production delays and similar

Mercury Retrograde Periods For 2015

During 2015 Mercury will be retrograde only in the Air signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

Mercury will be retrograde on the following periods during 2015:

1.  Thursday, January 22, 2015 until Thursday, February 12, 2015 - Mercury transits from 17 Aquarius 01 to Mercury 01 Aquarius 21 

2.  Tuesday, May 19, 2015 until Friday, June, 12, 2015 - Mercury transits from 13 Gemini 08 to Mercury 04 Gemini 34

3.  Friday, September 18, 2015 until Saturday October 10, 2015 - Mercury transit from 15 Libra 53 to Mercury 00 Libra 58

How Mercury Punks Us During Its Retrograde Periods

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Mercury retrograde occurs during a three-week celestial punking in which Mercury, the astrological planet of the mind, cleverly messes with our minds by appearing to travel backwards in the sky.

Of course it doesn't really move backwards.  It only appears to do so.

Secrets Of Mercury

Listed below are some of the secrets of Mercury which is shown as the symbol Mercury with a capitol R behind it:

1.  Mercury is the ruling planet of the air sign Gemini and the earth sign Virgo.

2.  Ancient astronomers  referred to Mercury as the winged messenger of the gods.

3.  The Primary keywords for Mercury cover all forms of thought process, communication, information, networking and related.

4.  Mercury and the Sun are BFFs since Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.

5.  Mercury has the shortest orbit in the solar system taking only 88 days to make one complete trip around the Sun.

6.  21 days out of every 88-day orbit Mercury appears to move backwards and is deemed retrograde.

Secrets Of Mercury Retrograde

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Many astrologers who value Mercury Retrograde understand that it's a great time to get people to spill secrets they normally would never consider sharing.

Listed below are some of the secrets of Mercury Retrograde:

1.  Mercury Retrograde is a cosmic optical illusion.

2.  Those ancient  astronomers who referred to Mercury as the god's winged messenger made note of how Mercury zooms by the earth twice during every orbit.

3.  The first pass  is a Mercury/Sun selfie, the second one we can't see from Earth because Mercury is buzzing by on the opposite side of the Sun.

4.  When Mercury is winging its way on the other side of the solar system (where we can't see it), that's when it receives it's retrograde label.   When Mercury skips ahead of the Earth in the solar system, it's not visible from an angle where we can see it.  Mercury appears to start moving backwards, even though it's not really doing so.

5.  Even though Mercury doesn't really move in a backward motion, the retrograde period has been proven over the centuries to create an extremely powerful astrological influence.

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6.  All of the planets (even the Moon in some circumstances), except the Sun, have retrograde periods. Mercury's retrograde period is the most well-known and most feared.

7.  Mercury retrograde primarily forces us to revisit, retrieve, and reveal anything we've managed to consciously or subconsciously avoid dealing with in the preceding 88 days.

8.  In addition, the Mercury retrograde periods are full of unforeseen delays, unknown defects, annoying inconveniences and unlimited do-over, especially in any areas of communication, travel, information sharing or networking.

Anything hidden before Mercury goes Retrograde will almost certainly rear it's ugly head when it Mercury is Retrograde.

Advantages Of Mercury Retrograde

Although Mercury Retrograde can bring all sorts of unexpected snafus andor delays, when embraced and utilized properly, it can provide the following benefits:

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1.  Fact Finding - Mercury Retrograde periods offer us the chance to find the true facts, after the fact.

2.  Developing Super Hero Powers - Used properly Mercury Retrograde can become our own person superpower of energy conversion.

3.  Super Seeing Powers - With the right attitude all of us can convert the perceived chaotic energy of Mercury Retrograde into the ability to have Super Seeing.  In other words, we can see things outside the normal range and get all types of answers.  We can uncover concepts that were previously escaping us.

4.  Success In Lost And Found - Mercury Retrograde can not only uncover lots of elusive information you really need to know, it can help find lost articles including discovering hidden resources unknown to all of us.

Things To Avoid During Mercury Retrograde - Even Those With Superpowers

When Mercury proceeds to a retrograde motion, historically, there is a noteworthy slowing of communications.  Mercury Retrograde periods are often accompanied by sudden confusion, unexpected changes of plans, general indecisiveness and an array of unexpected factors which tend to make work and communication challenging to navigate.

It's best, whenever possible, to avoid any major life changes during Mercury Retrograde.

Summary - What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde invariably brings a range of frustrations we're forced to deal with, especially in the area of written and spoken communications.

Often Mercury Retrograde reveals hidden or concealed information.  If we pay attention to what is revealed to us, we all have the opportunity to come out a little bit wiser and stronger.  When viewed as an advantage, Mercury Retrograde can provide new intellectual power to all of us.

 Blog Dedication:  This blog is dedicated to all my Girls - Lindy, Michelle, Tracy, Sarah, Daria, Wendy, Joanne, Sharon whom inspired me to develop my own super powers when fighting the good fight with Mercury Retrograde.

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