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8 Best Hair Vitamin Flushing Tips

8 Best Hair Vitamin Flushing Tips

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Niacin (also known as vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid) is an organic compound with the formula C6H5NO2 and, depending on the definition used, one of the 20 to 80 essential human nutrients.

One of the primary nutrients for enhancing hair growth, when not taken appropriately can cause a serious uncomfortable reactions.

Listed below are the 8 best hair vitamin flushing tips to utilize when you experience reactions to ingesting niacin to assist with hair growth goals.

1. Consult An Expert - Always consult your primary physician before undertaking any type of new vitamin or supplementation regime.

2. Start Slow - When taking niacin, as either an integrated or standalone supplement. Flushing is most likely to occur when your daily allowance of niacin is exceeded.

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The recommended daily allowance can vary according to age, overall health and supplement needs.

3. Cut Daily Recommended Dosages -If you haven't actively been taking niacin for beautiful hair, skin or healthy red blood cells, start with 25% of the daily recommended dosage for your age category.

Daily recommended allowances of niacin for women is 14 milligrams (mg) per day, 16 mg/day for men and 18 mg/day for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

The recommended dosage for children ranges from 2 to 12 mg/day depending upon age.  Most physicians do not recommend taking more than 50 mg of niacin per day.

4. Know The Flushing Levels - Understand your tolerable upper Niacin intake levels (UL) to avoid crossing into the flushing zone.

For adult me and women the UL for niacin consumption to prevent flushing is generally considered to be 35/mg day. This UL is established by the Dietary Reference Instake system.

Niacin status is tested through urinary biomarkers which are considered more reliable then plasma levels.

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5. Recognize Flushing Symptoms - If you've experienced niacin flushing in the past, you most likely recognize the reaction.

For those who haven't had a niacin flush (rosy tingling) you can expect a range of symptoms.

Flushing symptoms include, but aren't limited to warmth and/or reddening of the face and skin, general nausea, stomach upset (which usually subsides quickly), headache or dizziness.

Skin irritation and stomach upset may persist.  They may also be accompanied by diarrhea.

In rare cases of  flushing there may be blurred vision, wheezing or a general tightness in the chest.

Although flushing is not life threatening in the majority of cases, when in doubt or if pre-existing medical conditions exist, call your primary health care provider or 911 for assistance.

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6. Switch To Flush Free Niacin - Although not all experts agree, many believe taking a low-flush or flush-free Niacin ingredient such as niacinamide will eliminate flushing.

Known also as nicotinamide, niacinamide does not have the same pharmacological and toxic effects of niacin, which occur incidental to niacin's conversion.

Thus niacinamide, in the majority of cases does not reduce cholesterol or cause flushing. Most adults should not consume more than 3 grams of niacinamide per day without medical intervention.

7. Reduce Flushing With NSAIDs - Studies have shown, over time, a tolerance to niacin will develop in most people.

Some health care providers recommending the use of large doses of niacin may recommend taking time-release prescription niacin formulations.

Niacin may also be taken with NSAIDs, aspirin, antihistamines or Benadryl to ease redness and sensitivity.

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8. Take Niacin On Full Stomach -  Taking niacin on an empty stomach can encourage the possibility of flushing symptoms.

To avoid the uncomfortable effects of rosy tingling, take niacin with food or on a full stomach.

Some niacin users have had success taking the vitamin after drinking milk which coats the stomach, slowing down the body's absorption of the niacin.

Summary - 8 Best Hair Vitamin Flushing Tips

Niacin is a key nutrient which is critical in hair vitamins.

At the low DRI doses, niacin is safe for most everyone.

However, at the higher amounts used to treat medical conditions, it can have risks.

Always consult your primary care physician before undertaking any niacin supplementation program to make sure there are no health issues you need to be aware of.

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